Rescue these poor animals from cruel wildlife trafficking!

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Each day thousands of endangered animals are killed or captured by serious criminal networks that operate on an industrial scale to destroy the world's precious biodiversity. It is a highly lucrative illegal enterprise that is worth an estimated $10 to $20 billion annually.

More than 1000 rhinos are killed annually in South Africa to service demand for rhino horn in Asia, mostly inVietnam and China. Without swift action to protect rhinos, the few remaining populations will soon be wiped out, consigned to the history books, like the dodo, for future generations.

The iconic tiger, meanwhile, is another victim of human greed. Tigers are killed or farmed for their bones which are used in traditional Chinese medicine as many Asian people still believe tiger glue can cure bone related problems. Tiger farms in Vietnam are well-known to be a thinly disguised means of laundering tigers from the wild.

More than 4,500 bears in Vietnam and more than 20,000 bears in China have been kept at farms and milked for their bile. Most captive bears in Vietnam came from the wild. Hunters often kill the mother and capture her cubs which are then sold to bear farms where they spend the rest of their lives in tiny cramped cages, being sedated, and having bile painfully extracted by syringe. It is truly medieval.

No animal, it seems, is safe from poachers.The enigmatic pangolin, for example, is burdened with the dubious title of being the world's most illegally trafficked mammal. The scaly anteater is unique in the animal world, but is under threat due to demand for its meat and scales. It is estimated that more than 100,000 pangolins are traded each year, a figure that is unsustainable and propelling this endangered animal towards extinction.

ENV's team works night and day to save animals from the illegal wildlife trade, and our successes arealmost daily.

Below is a list of examples of our recent successes:

·       We have received more than 10,700 wildlife crime cases since 2005 resulting in thousands of wildlife being rescued or confiscated such as tigers, bears, turtles, primates, otters, and pangolins.

·       We worked with authorities and raided six warehouses of the leader of the biggest marine turtle trade network in Vietnam and confiscated more than 10 tonnes of marine turtles.

·       We brought down the most notorious internet wildlife trader who later received a five-year prison sentence for trafficking endangered wildlife.

·       Ten years of intensive campaigns by ENV and our partners has resulted in more than a 70%reduction in bear bile farming and 60% reduction in the use of bear bile in Vietnam.

·       We shutdown the bear bile tourism industry in Ha Long, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

We are fighting back against the illegal wildlife trade and we are making great progress. But together we could do more. So please join forces with us to help save more animals and release them back into the wild where they belong. Your donation will have a lasting impact by giving a second chance to traded animals, and help tip the balance in favor of wildlife.

Act now. Donate today before it is too late!

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Rescue these poor animals from cruel wildlife trafficking!

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