***RAISED***Dogs & Cats rescued by Edina Pasic: March Costs

For: Edina Pasic's rescued dogs and cats
Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Organizer: Andjeo Sarajevo, Edina Pasic's Charity & Friends
***RAISED***Dogs & Cats rescued by Edina Pasic: March Costs (Edina Pasic's rescued dogs and cats)
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The Story

It's April already... and once again we still need your support to keep these sweet rescues of Edina Pasic's safe... please help. ANY amount helps, no matter how little, thank you so so so much. You all know how hard she struggles and works to take care of so many desperate cases, and she can't do any of this without your support and encouragement.

Please share this fundraiser, and you can go to Edina Pasic's Facebook profileand share her photos and albums, or maybe you have a place in your heart and home for one of her rescues? Or if you see a picture of an animal on this YouCaring that you want to give a home to, please contact Edina Pasic on her Facebook profileor you can send an email to [email protected]

Also there are always supporters begging for a specific animal to be saved. But once they are saved their costs are forgotten and Edina faces another hard task of keeping them fed, safe and sheltered. Please don't forget the ones you asked to be saved. Please, lets do our part to help Edina by raising the funds for the pension costs of her rescues.

Please share this YouCaring on your Facebook wall or with your friends, every share helps!

You can also donate directly via PayPal  to [email protected] and make sure it’s marked “APRIL FEES”


1. Nelson-80e 
2. Bonny-120e
3. Clyde- 120
4. Sophie - 130e with food and demodex therapy
5. Scarlet - 130e with food and demodex therapy
6. Evie - 130e with food and demodex therapy
7. Sara - 75 plus 55e for therapy
08. Perdita - 75 plus 26 for food
9. Waldemar- 105 - also must check when Anna-Maija leave 🙂
10. Petra - 105e
11. Ben - 80
12. Maxweel- 65e because he has sponsor for 15e
13. Willa- 105
14. Bruce- 105
16.Harper- he has debt of 3 months now 😞 i forgot to add him last months 😞 3x80 he need 😞
18. Lulu- 86e ( she need 100e for foster and 26e for food and only Adela Debuse is her sponsor for 40e monthly so she need more only has one sponsor )
19.Cara- 80e
20.Olivia- 80e

Dogs total needed: 2.088 EUROS

1. Leo - 65 e
2. Lucas - 65e
3. Zeus - 65e
4. Zoro - 65e
5. Tabby kitten- 65e
6. Leona - 65e
7. Bjelko - 65e
8. Sunny - 65e
9. Emma - 65e
10. Sue - 65e
11-12 - red orphans kittens 55x2 for pension
13. Luka- 65e
14. Lina- 65e
15. Missy- 55e
16. Kitten from slaughter house- 55e
17. Cat with allergy- 65e
18. Black boy- 65e
19.Amy - 55e
21.Beauty - 65
22.Neo- 55e
23.Betty- 65

For cats in total: 1490

Sub total:
+ 5% Paypal fee:


YOUCARING FEES: You can adjust the fee given to YouCaring to zero, just click on the "suggested amount', find the drop down arrow, click on OTHER then delete the pre-filled amount by backspacing, and type "0". You will be redirected back to the page where you "send money", and confirm that the total is now correct, before sending. Please do not forget to confirm the total is correct!


NOTE: There are many rescues Edina is responsible for in addition to this list, but they are lucky enough to have sponsors.

Edina Pasic of Andjeo Sarajevo is a dedicated rescuer in Sarajevo who helps countless of the cities strays and needy animals. Andjeo means 'angel' and she is a true angel to all those lives she touches.

As a child Edina's parents loved and helped animals, as Edina grew older she began bringing strays home. This love for animals comes from her family, her upbringing and this is what she is teaching her own beloved son. This sweet boy will grow up to be an animal advocate in the future, he will teach his friends and he will be their voice. What a truly amazing woman and we are honoured to know her.

Edina is passionate about being a voice for the voiceless, and cannot turn her back on animals in need, that's why many love her dearly (human and furry friends alike). You may have followed many of her rescue missions, seen the animals get emergency treatment, being spayed or neutered or seen a post begging help to save them and remove them from their dangerous situation. Many of you may have rushed in to help, and promised to donate to their care, but a sad fact is that many forgot about these furry friends, once they were safe in pension and off the harsh streets.These animals still need YOU!

Edina simply cannot continue without financial support to keep her furry family safe in pension, and in order to allow her to help the emergencies and animals in desperate need. She is responsible for many lives which is a huge strain on her, and each month it is a huge worry about how she will raise a huge pension fee for them.

Each month a few animals are re-homed and leave their pasts behind them, but in order to allow them this happy ever after we must keep them safe in pension until that day comes. Seeing these furry friends leave Bosnia and be welcomed into homes around the world is why she continues, this is her reward for saving them. Knowing that they will be loved, fed and happy, that's all she hopes for.


This fundraiser is run by friends and supporters of Edina Pasic and her charity, Andjeo Sarajevo

More about 
Edina Pasic
More about Andjeo Sarajevo

And to find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to

In Memory of Vucko

Please consider a donation today. Please share and Tweet. Thank you for your support! Together we can make a difference! 

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***RAISED***Dogs & Cats rescued by Edina Pasic: March Costs

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