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Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit whose mission is to recreate healthy forest systems that restore hope, alleviate suffering, empower people, and build local economies in impoverished communities. Our team in Madagascar needs your help. In order to achieve the goal of planting over 42 million trees in 2018 we are asking for donations to purchase these specific items. If you prefer to purchase the items directly please contact [email protected].    

March 31st will be an exciting day as all your contributions/donations leave the U.S. and head out for Madagascar in a large shipping container. We can only imagine the joy of our Malagasy team when the container arrives.   

1)  50,000 Reusable forestry “Cells” and Trays  The current planting tubes used can only be used once, purchasing reusable planting seed tubes like these will create less waste in the process something Eden strives towards every day.     

2) 3000 Nursery Container pots total (1,000 each size – 1 gallon/3 gallon/5 gallon) Nursery Containers allow the seedlings to remain in the nursery for a longer period, which increases the changes of survival for the tree when it is transplanted. Please donate towards the purchase of these trays 1,000 of each size is needed for a total of 3,000.  

3) 100 to 500 sets - Trays and flats  These trays will allow the managing and transportation of seedlings to be more efficient so that we can plant even more trees at our nurseries.      

4) 1 - Vacuum Sealer Currently seeds are collected year-round. A vacuum sealer will allow employees to protect and preserve more seeds so there are more to plant when the planting seasons begin.       

5) 15-20 boxes of large sized bags or rolls - Vacuum Sealer Bags  These would be used with the vacuum sealer to help preserve seeds.     

6) 2- Dehumidifiers Temperature control is a key component of keeping seeds viable for planting season these dehumidifiers will allow more seeds to be preserved and result in planting more trees.       

7) 4 - Temp/humidity sensors  Temperature control is a key component of keeping seeds viable for planting season these dehumidifiers will allow more seeds to be preserved and result in planting more trees.   

8) 1 - Cool Bot Temperature control is a key component of keeping seeds viable for planting season these dehumidifiers will allow more seeds to be preserved and result in planting more trees.       

9) 30 - Bicycles  These bicycles allow for a quicker way for employees to get around towns and sites. They also help employees guard and patrol the planting sites more efficiently      

10) 3-5 Motorcycles  These are needed to help leaders to remote sites in a more efficient manner.   

11) 2 Quads  These tools help crews at nurseries and reforestation sites. They offer a more stable option to carry items – they will also eventually allow trailers to be hitched onto carts vs. the current use of ox carts.       

12) Any Amount Generators Electricity is not reliable, but it is very necessary to run the tools employees need to plant. Generators are also a huge asset in the more remote villages     

13) 100-250 Seedling Carriers Milk carton crates or shopping baskets will allow for a more robust method to carry seedlings out to the planting sites making this process more efficient      

14) 5 gas powered weed eaters This will help clear more space and will allow the team to quickly prepare a site to be planted       

15) 10-15 tents and 10-15 sleeping pads Planting sites are out in the middle of nowhere. There is a need for employees to travel and stay at sites, these tents and sleeping pads will give the employees a place to stay while out visiting more remote sites     

16) Boat Outboard motors Outboard motor boats equip the mangrove planting team the ability to plant, move, and guard safely the coastal sites. These also help the team move out of harms way from storms and rough water faster when compared to paddling to and from sites that are hours away.      

17) 1,000 Forest Tags (2-3 boxes) These tags allow the team to tag location boarders, study sites, to better understand and identify the location.      

18) 100- Nursery Metal Signs These signs will help in the identification, education and training at the nurseries and gallery forest sites. 

19) 1 Small Tractor This tractor will help efficiently haul items at the nursery sites        

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 12, 2018


Posted on April 12, 2018

We are excited to share with you that today is the day that the 40 foot shipping container went off to Madagascar.   We wanted to thank you for your generosity, the container has been filled with the donated items and those purchased as a result of your donations!  

These items will be an integral part in planting over 42 million trees this year in Madagascar along with helping the Malagasy people restore their environment as they are lifted out of extreme poverty.  

On behalf of everyone at Eden Reforestation Projects we thank you!

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