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The Story

This fundraiser is to help cover the rehabilitation and recovery expenses for Dylan Escobar. The sponsors are his aunt, Liz Escobar, his grandfather, Charlie Wirtz, and his foster dad, Christopher Sabec. Dylan will receive 100% of the money to defray any uncovered medical expenses as described below.

Dylan was hit by a bus in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early morning hours of January 24, 2018 apparently due to driver error. The poor kid never saw it coming. Dylan suffered severe injuries, including a broken right femur, a fractured pelvis, and a severely lacerated left knee, shin, and ankle. As bad as it all sounds, we know that it could have been much, much worse. For that tender mercy, we are grateful.

Dylan had emergency surgery to repair the damage on Friday morning, which included inserting a rod into his femur. We are not sure if the rod is temporary or permanent at this time. The surgery was deemed successful by his doctors and now Dylan begins a long, tough road to full recovery. It will be hard to accomplish, but we all know he can! 

While it is still early for a prognosis, the doctors are confident he will recover well, albeit slowly. They predict a recovery time of 12+ weeks, with the first eight weeks the most difficult as he will have zero weight bearing ability in the right leg. 

Dylan wants to remain in Argentina for his recovery and rehabilitation. He is in Argentina for the last half of a one-year study abroad program with Pepperdine University. The accident occurred on the second day of his spring semester. Dylan hopes he can recover and rehabilitate, while at the same time continuing his studies.

Of course, if Dylan came back to Marin, he would have family who could step in and help him heal and manage his recovery. He understands this, but his choice is to do this on his own in Argentina. We want to honor his choice. 

His Aunt Liz (a nurse) feels this is achievable, but feels Dylan will have to hire medical assistance for a few hours per day (at least the first 8 weeks) in the morning to help him with getting dressed, getting to school, and getting situated for school. Then in the evening getting him home and transitioned to bed. During the school day, Dylan may also need some help initially, but should become more independent as he heals, plus he will have a lot of students around to help him with small tasks.

Because of Dylan's medical insurance situation, he was not covered for medical insurance for this accident, but a catastrophic care policy kicked in and is paying for his surgery and hospital stay. The costs of the rehabilitation and any hired medical assistance will most likely have to be paid for by Dylan. We are conservatively estimating $500 per week for 8 weeks to cover a few hours per day of hired medical care assistance, Ubers to-and-from his homestay, and incidentals.

We know you have all generously supported Dylan as he broke free of his challenging childhood, explored the world around him, and stepped boldly into adulthood, and we hesitated to come to the well again. But these are extenuating circumstances for an extraordinary young man. Please help if you can. 

Finally, above all else, we believe in the supernatural power of prayer. We welcome and encourage you to pray for Dylan and his healing as he navigates this life-altering event.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 14, 2018


Posted on June 14, 2018

Hello everyone. I have another update on Dylan and it is very positive. Dylan has been in Malibu since early May taking classes. He went off the crutches and onto a cane over Memorial Day weekend. He came home to Marin this weekend for an early Father’s Day celebration and to have his post April surgery follow up appointment. Dylan saw his Surgeon, Dr Goltz, last Friday for an x-ray and an exam. After reviewing Dylan’s images, Dr. Goltz told him that the the April surgery appears to be a success and that the new bone growth at the site of the femur break is significant and that he is no longer concerned about a non-unioned healing.    

Dylan and I both noticed a chance in Dr. Goltz’s demeanor with this visit. He was less cautious, more optimistic, and commented that Dylan was now right where he needed to be as far as for a prognosis for healing. Even before the doctor came into the exam room Dylan and I could see the x-rays on the computer and it was noticeable event to our untrained eyes that the femur had significant regrowth at the fracture.    

As far as pain went, Dylan told Dr. Goltz that his pain was down significantly and he has ceased taking all pain medication. This was welcomed news because during May, Dylan reported significant pain and had been taking the pain medication regularly to tolerate the discomfort. Dylan even made an emergency room visit at one point in Mid May because he had been having severe pain (worse than after his first surgery he thought) and he felt something was moving inside his leg that indicated a potential problem. For Dylan to want to go to the ER says a lot about how uncomfortable he must have been. It turned out that the pain was to be expected since he now had bone on bone friction due to the nail removal. And what he sensed moving in his leg was the titanium rod moving slightly like a piston as he walked since it was no longer anchored at the top and bottom (only being anchored at the knee). All this was normal according to Dr. Goltz part of his strategy to stimulate the bone growth.    

Now that the pain was almost negligible and the bone had begun regeneration, Dr. Goltz said it was only a matter of time until Dylan could lose his cane was back at hiking and other appropriate activities. One other determination made by Dr. Goltz is that titanium rod will have to come out. Factors that contributed to that decision are that it is moving, which is uncomfortable and due to Dylan’s size, the tip can be seen pressing outwardly near his pelvis so it appears to be slightly too big to remain. We discussed a scenario where the goal would be to remove the rod right after finals in December, giving Dylan a full 3 weeks to get back on his feet before Spring 2019.    

This timing is important because Dylan needs a full 3 months after the removal of the rod for his femur to be in full recovery from the removal and he wants to lead backpacking trips in Pt. Reyes next summer. Of course, this plan all depends on how far along the healing is at that point, but by the looks of this current update, Dylan is on the road to accomplishing that goal.    

On the personal front, Dylan was here over the weekend for the medical appointment and also got to see some hi friends at the Fairfax Festival. Those of you who ran into him hobbling around on his cane know that he is in very good spirits and looks happy and healthy. Dylan finished his May ceramics class. A photo of his father's ay gift to me is attached. Now, he is taking a history class focused on Slavery and Racism in America. He is enjoying this provocative course. He plans on being home for the 4th of July and will be in Marin until he returns to Malibu on August 5th. 

By the way, this site (YouCaring) has been bought by GoFundMe I am not sure if the YouCaring brand will remain or if these campaigns will be ended. I will try to find out post a final update if the site will be closed.    

That is it for now, but for it seems that Dylan has truly turned the corner on his recovery and it will just be a matter of letting the bone finally do what it supposed to do and HEAL!    

Posted on April 30, 2018

Posted on April 30, 2018

Today was Dylan's one--week post surgery follow-up and he had some good news from the orthopedic surgeon. Looking at the x-ray, the two ends of bone at the break, which had been separated by a few millimeters prior to last weeks surgery, were now adjacent and touching. Dr. Goltz said everything looks exactly as he hoped it would at this point and wants to see another set of pictures of Dylan's femur in 3 weeks. 

Dylan is still in some pain, actually more than berfor the surgery, but the MD explained that was for two reasons. One, surgery hurts! They literally unscrewed a big screw out of his femur and hip and that's not going to feel good, and unlike the IV meds during the stint in the hospital in Argentina, they were just treating him with oral pain meds. So some pain would be expected, diminishing over the next week or so. Two, the removed screw was bearing a lot of Dylan's weight from his femur before the surgery. Now that it has been removed, Dylan is bearing his full weight on the fracture and week muscles, thus the increased pain. To get through the pain, Dylan has had to return to crutches from his week or so on a cane. The MD wants him to be being weight as tolerated with the crutches until he can use the cane without pain. 

All in all, it was a very positive visit to the MD and we are back in the mode of waiting for the healing to occur. 

Dylan starts his ceramics class at Pepperdine next week. He finished his online Spanish class on Friday. This week are going to visit a friend in Boulder for a couple days, then the weekend in the foothills of the Rockies for a retreat. This was an event I had planned to go the first weekend in February, but that plan was laid to waste by Dylan's accident. Not only do I get to take the trip after all, but Dylan will join me. 

I'll update you again at least after his next X-Ray. Thanks for everyone's strong support. It means the world to Dylan and his family.

Posted on April 24, 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018

He's home and resting now. Groggy from the surgery and in some pain from the incision, which is too be expected. He is back on crutches for a bit but MD says to get back to full weight as soon as he can tolerate. I'll update again soon.

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