Standing against exploitation of Thais

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The Story

Hi Friends, 

Here's a little update on the work in Bangkok! We are STILL the only non-profit in Bangkok focused on helping young guys and transgendered walk away from prostitution. Sadly, there are about 10,000 transgendered working in sex work just in BKK and we are still collecting numbers on the young guys also working in the city. The young guys are a mixture of Thai, but also many are from Laos, Burma, Cambodia and other surrounding areas. It's crazy but incredibly worth the effort of helping these guys and transgendered have chances of a better life. The harsh reality that 1 in 3 have HIV is a huge drive for us to do more and attempt to connect with them BEFORE they've spent years being exploited. We are currently short in funding due to the growing program but also unexpected cut backs in grants and donations earlier this year. You can help us change that. You can help us change lives. You can be part of their healing process in such a tangible way!

We help them walk away by offering a safe space where their lives can be rebuilt holistically through education, healthcare, therapy and job training. We need to raise about $20,000 USD quickly to help us finish this year well. This helps us keep the recovery & job training program running, while providing us time to apply for those tedious grants too! :) We are definitely searching for more monthly partners too, so here's a basic break-down of the program: 

1. DtonNaam Team (7 paid; others volunteer or raise own funds)-  170,000 (TBH) 5,312.50 (USD) 
2. Rent and utilities for the 5-floor building where recovery, job training, office space and classes happen daily.  52,000 (TBH) 1,563 (USD)
3. "Student" support for up to 15-20 students at a time. This includes monthly stipends, medical needs, travel reimbursements and education. The boys & transgendered that enter our program are called "students."- 192,000 (TBH) 6,000 (USD) *** Currently, we have less than 10 students, so this is our ideal goal as funding & grants increase.
4. Our Admin & Outreach Fees: This includes legal fees, taxes, accounting, visas. It also includes OUTREACH in the red light districts, where we consistently build relationships with the sex workers and offer help.
16,000 (TBH) about 500 (USD) 

As you can see, we are a small group and even a dollar makes a huge impact. We really want to help as many as these young ones as possible! Would you like to be part of their recovery and new chances? Help us raise $20,000 by August 17th! It's worth it. They are worth it! AND- thank you so much already! We are excited!

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 12, 2017

Posted on August 12, 2017

Five more days to reach our goal! We've been blown away, humbled by friends' generosity and care from all over! Just this week, a great friend from my seminary days...that I haven't seen in years, saw the need and sent $2,000 (knowing how hard it is as he raises funds too for his family to work in Peru). A fellow non-profit founder that is trying to raise an even greater amount for Ugandan kids to go to school gave too... and another mentor/non-profit founder sent $4,000. This list could continue as friends from high school days and previous co-workers share the need and have given graciously. It makes me weep and want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart! You are helping these young sex workers have a chance and helping to keep the recovery program running! It's amazing! We still need about $6,000 USD to reach our goal for the year.

Posted on August 1, 2017

Posted on August 1, 2017

Many people are sending in checks and we have tried to enter all the donations here (both in US and Thailand) so you can track the progress! THANK YOU EVERYONE! The way people are sharing and responding is such an encouragement to our team.

During June & July, we have been building relationships with several young males working in the sex industry. Many are from Laos; a few from Burma. Several of these young guys are looking for other options, not knowing what else they can legally do to make income for their families. We've also met several new ladyboys in two different red light districts and about five are already wanting to leave prostitution. We have 17 more days to raise funds. By becoming a monthly partner, you can tangibly help one of these walk away from a life of prostitution and receive a chance (healing, education & job skills) for something more life-giving. 

Posted on July 22, 2017

Posted on July 22, 2017

A friend in Bangkok created this latest video inspired by our summer intern Laura's powerful script. We aired it for the first time last night at a small fund-raiser event in Bangkok. Less than 50 people came, and most of the crowd are currently serving in non-profits all over Bangkok! (We have such a great community and network here) Over 11,000 baht (about $340 USD) was donated to help the young guys and ladyboys in the Dton Naam program. We have another event tonight.

Would you partner with us today and help us reach $20,000 USD by August 17th? This amount will help us finish the year with our current students and staff; helping each one have a brighter and healthier future.

Hope . Healing . Whole  

Thank you!

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Standing against exploitation of Thais

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