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The Story

DrugStory will be an anonymous, interactive database of drug experiences that will serve as a continuously living study on public health. With your tax-deductible donation, we will build one of the best harm reduction tools available for drug users on the web.

We can’t wait to build DrugStory and see it change the way we think about drug use-- but we can’t do it without your support. Will you make a gift today to help launch DrugStory?

The Problem
Factual information about drugs and drug consumers has been greatly stifled because of global drug prohibition. Though there are existing websites that have collected trip reports and drug safety information, there isn’t a practical, simple, and widely used application for drug users to share information anonymously about their experiences in a way that promotes public health.  This paints an unclear picture of the experience of the average user and contributes to the misconception that drugs aren’t and can’t be used responsibly.

Our Solution
DrugStory will be a mobile-friendly web application that invites users to submit short stories of their experiences, which are tagged and submitted to a searchable database of all stories (except those tagged “violent,’ which are hidden from view unless the reader chooses) and visible to all users. Each story must be short to promote concise content that is useful and interests users. Stories can be searched by data, such as the type of drug, the quality rating of the experience, or demographic information about the consumer. All data is aggregated into a continuously living study that reflects drug users’ experiences across the globe. 

How will DrugStory work?
Story submission - Fill out a quick survey and tell a short story about your experience. You can link to longer stories elsewhere on the web.
Story searches - Search through all stories by keyword, demographic data, or information about the drug experience itself.
Optional account creation - account holders get additional permissions. You can up-vote your favorite stories, hold all your stories in an account, and send private messages to other users. You also won’t have to re-enter your demographic information each time you submit a new story.

After we have a functioning beta, we will create additional features, including visual reports of custom data searches. 

DrugStory will not collect or store IP addresses. Admitting to drug use on the internet is not a crime. However, providing incriminating information about yourself, other people, or places and events can result in investigation. If you admit to committing a crime, DrugStory may be required to turn over information to authorities. We require all posts omit proper nouns of people, places, and events to protect the anonymity of all involved.

So who’s behind this project?

We are grateful to Students for Sensible Drug Policy for fiscally sponsoring DrugStory as we work toward becoming an independent nonprofit organization. 

Meet our dream team!

Mikayla Hellwich has been a drug policy reform activist since 2010. She has a B.S. in Plant Sciences from the University of Maryland, where she was a chapter leader for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She helps coordinate camping trips, fundraisers, and other events as the President of the Mid-Atlantic Regional SSDP Alumni Association. She’s currently the media relations associate for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of police and other criminal justice professionals working to end the War on Drugs. Mikayla lives in the D.C. area and supports local efforts to reduce homelessness and improve access to family planning services for young women. She loves friendship, cats, and justice.

Rachelle Yeung is an alumni of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP); former government affairs manager for Vicente Sederberg, the nation's foremost marijuana business law firm; and a co-host of This Week in Drugs, the leading podcast on all things drugs and drug policy. As a legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Rachelle played a leading role in the decriminalization of marijuana in Maryland, and supported efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Rachelle is a 2013 graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, where she served as President of the Student Bar Association.

Sam Tracy is a long-time drug policy activist currently working in the legal marijuana industry. He got his start in activism while studying at the University of Connecticut, where he was involved with chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). After a stint in DC fighting for digital civil liberties, he moved to Boston to join 4Front Ventures, a firm that helps people across the country open and operate medical marijuana dispensaries. He also serves on the board of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance and co-hosts the podcast This Week in Drugs.

Drew Stromberg is a multidisciplinary web developer and creative who is highly skilled in concept development and all things front-end. Previous notable projects include the SSDP Chapter Activity Tracker, a custom phonebank for the 2012 election, and WVUsedbooks (like Kayak.com for textbooks). Loves include cats, ice hockey, fresh powder, and bagels. Hates include prohibition, crowded restaurants, and people who say "robust."

Emily Stevenson is a nonprofit marketer and copywriter with seven years' experience working for nonprofit organizations. She is currently the Manager, Online CRM Fundraising at Environmental Defense Fund, and previously fundraised for marijuana policy reform at the Marijuana Policy Project. Trained as a social scientist, she seeks to apply the science of decision-making and choice architecture to nonprofit marketing. She believes that everyone should have access to reliable, accurate information that can keep them safe from harm when using drugs. 

Lauren Padgett is the Development Officer at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), where she works with the executive team to raise funds that make SSDP's work possible. SSDP is an international network of student activists dedicated to ending the War on Drugs through policy change on campus, at the ballot box, and on the international stage. Lauren spent her early career as a mental health counselor before becoming a conference planner at the National Council for Behavioral Health, and then worked for Marijuana Policy Project before joining the SSDP staff in 2014. Lauren is a Washington, DC native and plays catcher for the One Hitters softball team.

Your donation today will fund web development, graphic design, project management, nonprofit filing fees, legal counsel, and advertising. We will provide a few awesome gifts in exchange for your generous investment in DrugStory. If you wish to have a receipt for tax purposes, please contact us at the bottom of the page. 

Platinum Sponsor - $2500+
You can have a starring role in our phase II crowdfunding video. You will be famous! Your company, organization, or foundation’s logo or your name will be placed on our Sponsor’s page. Your generosity will also be mentioned during any interviews we have with the press for one year.

Gold Sponsor - $1000+
We'll add your name or your organization, foundation, or company’s logo to our Sponsor’s page. Plus, you’ll have the chance to be in our phase II crowdfunding video.

Silver Sponsor! - $500+
You'll get a DrugStory T-shirt, a dopamine charm, and we will add your name or your organization, foundation, or company’s logo to our Sponsor’s page.

Bronze Sponsor - $100
You'll get a DrugStory t-shirt, and your name (or “anonymous,” if you prefer) will be added to our Sponsor’s page!

We’ll send you a dopamine molecule charm and a sticker pack!

We’ll send you a DrugStory sticker pack!

We’ll give you a shout-out on social media, thanking you for your support.

We’ll give you a shout-out on social media, thanking you for your support.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 30, 2016

Posted on September 30, 2016

You did it! This afternoon, we reached our goal of $5,500. We're aiming to release the beta version of DrugStory within 6 months. Keep track of our happenings on Facebook to find out about the release and other opportunities to help with the project.  
- Facebook.com/DrugStory.me - 

All our gratitude,
~The DrugStory Team

Posted on September 30, 2016

Posted on September 30, 2016

Today is the last day of our fundraiser, and we are SO CLOSE!

In the last 27 days, the beautiful video Side Pocket Images made for us has been viewed over 10,050 times. Our Facebook posts have been seen more than 54,500 times all over the world. I can’t say this enough - the love you’ve shown us has been incredible.

We're optimistic we'll reach our goal, but we still need your help! Please consider making another gift today to push us over the finish line. 

~The DrugStory Team

Posted on September 15, 2016

Posted on September 15, 2016

We are absolutely humbled by the amazing support you've shown us! 

Here's a quick glance the progress we've made since we launched one week ago:

- Our Facebook posts have reached more than 25,000 people in countries all over the world
- We had an op-ed published in The Influence
- You've gifted more than half our goal! 

Please consider sharing our Facebook posts and telling your friends about the project so we can get to the finish line before the end of the month. 

Thank you so much for your support, everyone!

~The DrugStory Team

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