Help 11-year-old Doron Coldwell beat cancer #Dory'sFaith

For: Doron Coldwell
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Organizer: Doron's Aunts, Colene Coldwell, Candy Murnion, Lavonne MacDonald
Help 11-year-old Doron Coldwell beat cancer #Dory'sFaith (Doron Coldwell)
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The Story

THE CAUSE:  This fundraiser is to help 11-year old Doron Coldwell fight Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Money raised will be used for expenses related to his illness.

:  Until 2 years ago, Doron was a typical boy, living in Las Vegas, Nevada with his blended family, and spending his summers in Montana with extended family. Around that time he started experiencing frequent high fevers, unusual tiredness, and a general lack of energy. He also began struggled to do the things that he previously took for granted--play football, throw a baseball, or chase the dog. Eventually doctors determined that the symptoms were a result of Epstein Barr Virus (EPV), the virus that causes mononucleosis.

Then in late September 2017, he was diagnosed with advanced HODGKINS LYMPHOMA.  It turns out that this unwelcome disease was directly related to his two-year battle with the EBV.  Despite continuous medical care, this insidious virus refused to leave his little body.  And it had now led to Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Within days of his cancer diagnosis, Doron was admitted to the hospital for his first chemotherapy treatment. After a few days he was allowed to go home but right after the second weekly treatment, he was readmitted with a slight fever; his white blood count was critical low, leaving him susceptible to infection. Doron spent the next 9 days in an isolation room in the children’s oncology ward. Then the prayers of many were answered and Doron returned home (Oct. 15). Still, on Friday it’s back to the hospital for his tri-weekly “heavy” chemo treatment.

This happy, much-loved, empathetic “kid” makes friends easily and is very loyal.  Doron has a mature and wise attitude about his illness.  His deep faith in God has allowed him to accept the disease and all of its possible effects without question. Still, he is a child and he wants to return to his pre-cancer life, get well, be able to throw a ball and climb a tree. He misses his friends, his dog and even school. 

THE NEED:  Doron has a long road of chemotherapy ahead and his body is already weakened from the struggle with EBV.  Doron’s aunts invite you to join them, his larger family and his friends to help him with his battle.

Your help can take two forms.  First, any financial contribution to this cause would be greatly appreciated. There are many direct and indirect expenses related to Doron's planned treatments and he has already been under medical care for more than two years.  Second, we ask that you lift him and his family up in prayer and ask God for peace and healing (Psalm 107:19-20. James 5:16).

NOTE:  If you donate to Doron’s medical care, it is not required that you donate to YouCaring—this is optional and can be edited to $0 (while the site does not charge the fees that crowdfunding sites typical charge, it incurs operating costs—thus the option to give).

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 28, 2018


Posted on January 28, 2018

Jan. 26, 2018:  First day of the Sixth Round. We are on the home stretch!!

Off to the hospital in the morning to get checked in for what we hope is his last hospital room (Although, if Doron's history of crashing after the second treatment, there may be one more).  Yeah!  This room even has a toilet. It is definitely the small things that bring joy. Now if only the food was edible.  Even if it was fine dining, it probably wouldn't temp him to eat; it has been a challenge to get Doron to eat---nothing tastes good.

If all goes as planned, Doron will stay through the weekend and go home Monday. 

Posted on January 22, 2018


Posted on January 22, 2018

January 15-19, 2018: Day 113 and its been a grind. After going through the first 2 treatments of Round 5, in the first two weeks of the new year, Doron is at home.  Around midnight on this Sunday night, Doron  woke up his dad around midnight. "I have a fever daddy."  At this point everyone is well versed in the possible danger that this represents to someone with a compromised immune system. Into the car and off to ER.  With no WBC, Doron is admitted to Pediatric ICU.  Back in isolation! 

By the 19th, his blood levels finally reached a level sufficient for his doctors to release weekend at home before Round 6 begins on Tuesday. In this picture, we see him in a "safe space" under the little chair/sleeper in the hospital room. Sometimes we all need some time alone. 

His school has encouraged him to keep up with his studies and under the circumstances, he has done really well. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep focused on school (and this is not only related to the cancer.  Eleven year old boys often have this problem!)

Posted on January 5, 2018


Posted on January 5, 2018

January 4, 2018:  It has been awhile since I posted here (I will save the excuses for another use).  I know that some friends and family like to read the updates and I apologize for this lapse.  Still, the treatments and life that it has created for all involved goes on. Going through cancer, even at a distance, takes an emotional toll.  It definitely carries with it an emotional life cycle with periods of great joy and great sadness.    We ask that you continue to remember not just Doron in your prayer but also his mother, father, stepdad, stepmom, and siblings. Thank you for all who have so generously given with your dollars, your prayers and your words of encouragement. The battle continues and we are optimistic about victory whatever than might mean. 

December 31: We have reached the end of the year. Doron is so touched by the donations and prayers that he has received. His sense of humor has only been dampened for short periods of time. Most of the time he is just a fun-loving, typical 11-year old boy trying to just be “normal”. Recently he called one of his aunts and said, “Aunt Colene, you are a YouTube sensation. That video you posted [of me] has gone viral. You have one like.” 

December 26 : Another bone marrow biopsy. It will take a while to get the final results so Round 5 begins on January 2. 

December 2: Bone marrow biopsy results are back. Chemo is extended out 1 or 2 more cycles from the original 4; there are still abnormal cells. Not the news that we wanted but there is always cause for optimism. Doron continues to deal with this better than “his” adults. He has inspired all of us with his attitude.  

November 28: A second fun trip to the see the Las Vegas Golden Knights (New NHL hockey team) sponsored by the Nevada Children’s Cancer Society. It is inspiring to see how many people go out of their way to work with pediatric oncology patients. 

November 27: After a wonderful Thanksgiving, it is time for blood tests. Not good news unfortunately: Virtually no white blood cells and very low hemoglobin. Time for a transfusion but at least he gets to go home. Has some of the other side effects—mouth sores, fevers. He’s a tough guy though. 

November 22: Two chemo drugs administered in outpatient then home. 

November 18: Waiting for the bone marrow biopsy result.  

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