Help Dogbeard the Rescue Pug with his liver shunt!

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Help Dogbeard the Rescue Pug with his liver shunt! (Dogbeard Surles)
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The Story

This little guy is Dogbeard. He was discovered living in a garbage pile in an alley and was rescued by a lady named Jeane. He was emaciated and starving, not just for food, but for love. Out of nearly a hundred people who offered to take him, she chose our family.

Dogbeard was taken to the vet, where he spent nine days being loved on, fed, kept warm, and given tests. The tests were based on a strange behavior he was having which presented not long after his first real meal.

After a week, it has been determined that, while he is young, he is blind in one eye, damaged in the other eye, has some scarring on his legs that could be from abuse, suffers from Stenotic Nares, and has what is suspected to be a Portosystemic Shunt, which is a faulty liver set up that can sometimes be treated with diet, but should be treated with surgery. We brought him home tonight.

Shunt surgery is his most pressing issue, and is very expensive, and by the time the condition was discovered, he was already greatly loved. With the vet and Jeane's help, we have created a plan for him which includes taking him to the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine for evaluation and treatment, but we need to raise the funds for the surgery and testing. It is several thousand dollars, but before he can even get it, we have to get him healthy enough to withstand it first, so we have a little time. *Please read the updates on this as his situation evolves at times*

So please help Dogbeard to get his liver surgery! He has had a really rough start to life, and I want to show him how great life with a family in a home can be! So far tonight, he has cuddled with kids, gone outside, cuddled on a lap, had some food, hugged for a while, met the neighbors, had some meds, more snuggles, water, outside again, sat on a lap, and wandered around, making snorty sounds. He likes to be kissed on the forehead and he perks up when he hears my voice (so he already knows who the mama is). He's asleep now in his house with a fluffy blanket and we will have our first full day tomorrow.

I hope that people will come together for this sweet dog. Just because he was found in a trash pile doesn't mean that he should be thrown away.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 25, 2016

Posted on April 25, 2016

It's been just over a month since Dogbeard came to live with us and he's gained a pound and a half! He is lively and peppy and is acclimating to home life just fine. He's taking classes at Petsmart to learn how to have good dog manners. He loves being outside, which will be a problem with our hot Alabama summers.

This week, I'm going to call and schedule some diagnostics locally. As this journey progresses, and more people offer advice, support, and involvement, I'm noticing it has had a tendency to evolve. In the beginning, I truly thought we only had a few choices, but it turns out we have lots of options as far as taking care of DB and getting him what he needs. After a few days of discussing the latest with my husband, and sleeping on it, I think we are going to try to go with having his needs managed locally instead of at one of the schools. One of the reasons for this is that Dogbeard doesn't travel well at all. We are working on it, but if he ends up needing surgery, when I think of his reaction to being in the car and think of him in a post-op situation,  the closer we are to home, the better. 

There is also a chance that DB's shunt may be inoperable, so please understand that I may be editing the title to this fundraiser as I don't want to potentially mislead anyone. In the event that it is, we will continue to feed him a special diet, give him daily medications, and have regular bloodwork for the rest of his life, all of which are costly. Regardless of the outcome of his diagnostics, there are no really inexpensive options. But as he snores on my leg right now, curled up in a little doggy ball of drooling goodness, my heart tells me how much he deserves it and is worthy. You get out of life what you put into it.

I want to thank all of you for your support. It means the world to our family. It means the world to DB, because while I'm not a dog rescuer, I am *this* dog's rescuer.

Thanks, and I love you guys.

Don't forget to check his fb page for daily updates, pics, and funnies.

Posted on April 7, 2016

Posted on April 7, 2016

This week marks our two week doggiversary since bringing Dogbeard home! He had his first checkup with the vet. He's gained one pound! That was a big deal, because one pound on such a tiny body makes a big difference! Regular food and proper medical treatment has really helped. That, and love.

A lady in the vet office called him the skinniest,  most pitiful looking pug she had ever seen in her life. He really is skinny, starvation strips away your muscles, but he's building them back up. I should get the results of his blood work sometime today. The vet said he looks good, his coat is good, the swelling in his blind eye is receding  (yay! No immediate surgery there!), and that he wants to see him back in a month.

We changed over to Royal Canin Hepatic dog food. It is recommended for liver dogs by the vet school and he seems to like it so far. 

Through both public and private donations, we have almost met our first fundraising goal of $1500! Please keep sharing! His life depends on it.

That we have come this far in such a short time gives me so much hope. I know we can do this! We are this little guy's village, and it will be so great to see him when he is finally as healthy as he can be.

Don't forget to follow his page on Facebook, Dogbeard the Rescue Pug, for daily pics and progress updates. 

Thanks. I am one of those people who freely gives love, and I love you all.

Posted on March 28, 2016

Posted on March 28, 2016


As of tonight, we have reached $565 in both public and private donations. We are $35 from being able to do the ultrasound on his liver. Jon and I just discussed it and tomorrow I'm going to call the vet and see about getting it scheduled. We will put the $35 in, ourselves, if necessary.

The ultrasound will tell us how his liver is sized and also if he has the shunt that is easier to repair or the one that is more difficult, requiring exploratory surgery.

In the meantime, please share! He is a great, funny, and smart little guy and deserves a blessed life! Together, we can all give him that. It takes a village to raise up a dog.

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Help Dogbeard the Rescue Pug with his liver shunt!

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