Brie's Birthday with Divine Canines 2017!

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Brie's Birthday with Divine Canines 2017! (Divine Canines)
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Come to 4th Tap Brewing Co-op on Sat, Aug 5th, 2017 4-7pm for an amazing time! Free tickets at Eventbrite. See the FaceBook Event Page linkor go to for all the details. 

Once again we are raising funds for Divine Canines on Aubrie's behalf. Let me tell you a little bit about them...

I am so blessed to have been accepted into this organization as their training and new graduates Photographic Historian (fancy, right? I just made it up. :)). Not only do they give to their respective clients, but they also give to all those who witness them on the job, spreading joy, acceptance, confidence and safety. What these animal-human teams provide is almost impossible to describe in a short post. I have heard stories of first words, first intentional gaze, emotional release and peace of the soul. 

What you fund, when you donate, is a lifeline. People, just like our Aubrie, look forward to their visits with immense anticipation and somehow the magic of these dogs can create an atmosphere where folks normally closed off to the world can feel able to open themselves up and reach out in their own unique ways. It is such beautiful thing. I have witnessed similar moments with Aubrie. I'm talking about those moments of such small consequence to the layman, but awesome in the eyes of those who love and care for that person. When you see the light switch go on in their spirit, even if it is a flicker on and then off again, it is a gift. It is a gift of such magnitude to not only that person, but to those around them. Divine Canines serves not only state hospitals, but nursing homes, children's hospitals, general community hospitals, schools and veterans hospitals/organizations, among others.

There are so many bad and unexplainable people in the world, but there are scores and scores more of people who want to do good things and be better every day. Horrible things happen every day, we see it in the news or witness in our communities, but if you take the time look, you can see beautiful and magical things happen all around you. Seek out those moments. Created them yourself. Smile at folks that you lock eyes with. Talk to people like Aubrie Jean or just flash them a smile and nod if don't know what to say. "All you need is love. All you need is love. Love is all you need"-the Beatles and all truth. 

If you feel compelled to do more, donate or volunteer your time to making a mark in the hearts of others. Make them glow, give them peace, or motivate someone to just make it through the day. If you feel you have a canine who may be "divine", go to Divine Caninesand check out the volunteer section. Paul, Divine Canines fabulous training guru, is so intuitive with these dogs and says that dogs are always looking for work. They look to please and to have a job pleasing others, fulfilling themselves simultaneously. I would imagine it is the best job ever. 

I have such reverence for the people at Divine Canines and pure love for all the dogs I have met. I cannot be in a team at present, but my heart goes with them on every job. I shoot for another organization, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, in part because of my work with Divine Canines, and nearly every time I have been at a hospital at whatever hour, I see Divine Canines teams coming or going right by me. Sometimes they recognize me, sometimes they don't, but I light up when I see them in their vests and uniforms and I know that even though I am there for the opposite type of visit, that there is joy and hope being spread there at the same time.

Please give whatever you are comfortable giving to this amazing, hope-filled organization.

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Brie's Birthday with Divine Canines 2017!

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