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Organizer: Hannah Volmer
Derek Guy's Emergency Hysterectomy Fund! (Derek Guy & Family)
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The Story

Hey Everyone! 

Hannah here! Many of you know Derek. He's always smiling, always willing to help, and always such an advocate for any and everybody. This past year he's been struggling with serious and complicated health issues and we have come to a point where we are no longer able to do this alone and we need help. His body has been fighting, fighting really hard, but unfortunately he can't fight any longer and we must go the surgery route to save him from a significant amount of pain in the long run.

On Thursday, July 13th, 2017, the day after his 26th birthday we found out Derek has to have an emergency bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy hysterectomy. He is scheduled for surgery Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:30AM. This is soon. A lot sooner than we expected or planned for. 

UPDATE: We have spent two weeks fighting the insurance company to find out that we have to go through the 15-20 days appeal process. That being said...they have rescheduled my surgery. It is tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 1, 2017 at 8:30 AM. That being said...we will continue the fundraiser. We just have a longer time to raise the money we will need while I am off. Thank you all for your support and continue to share and send this out! I love you all!!! (8.4.2017)

Unfortunately Derek is fairly new with SAFY & doesn't have enough time to take the 2-4 weeks off that he will need to recover. He will be able to take FMLA & retain his job but unfortunately he won't be paid for that time. We need help. He doesn't like to ask but he's the first to speak, march, comfort, and advocate for others...So I'm advocating for him. 

We did the math and it will take roughly $3000 to pay all of our bills for the September and half of October. This is including food & Aidyn oriented expenses.  We both have not so great credit (young & not credit-worthy) and we have tried all the loans we could apply for, unfortunately we were unable to obtain one. Every donation counts & helps and we are so appreciative of any shares or ability to give.

Derek is stubborn so he insist on being able to show his appreciation through hand written cards to everyone who is able and willing to participate. This also gives him something to do while he's healing. (As many of you know, he's not much for staying still and doing nothing.)

Derek has a lot on his mind right now and his anxiety is significantly high with everything. This is new territory for him, and unfortunately many of the men he knows have never had this surgery or don't intend to have this surgery. I am asking his friends, acquaintances, and loved ones, to help give him peace in an area of life he is always worried about. Being able to raise these funds will offer him solace and he will be able to rest & recuperate.

Thank you all so much and let's help Derek #takethegirlsout! #dgtakesthegirlsout #outwithcc #nomorepain

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 1, 2017


Posted on September 1, 2017

Hello Everyone! 

Derek Here! 

As I try very hard not to scratch the strips on my throat holding together my neck from my newly taken thyroid, I feel so at peace. At peace, due to this fundraiser. I asked for help...something I rarely feel comfortable doing, and my family was so blessed with a stability to pay our bills this month, and commute, and pay for Aidyn's education, and get groceries. We were able to successfully live this month due to the kindness of so many other people. We have crossed over the first big hump (no pun intended), and we have gotten through it. 

Monday Hannah was not able to be with me as they rolled me back to take out the left Thyroid, but she was there in spirit. My best friend was there beside me as they bandaged me up, and she's a nurse so I was protected. I am unable to work from home during this recovery time, but my job has done a fantastic job of making sure I am covered and let it be known that I am missed. I will go back on Wednesday after my check up and my spinal shot for my herniated disk. I will also find out on Tuesday when my hysterectomy is and then I should be in the clear. I also find out this week how my iron levels are holding up. After next week and the hysterectomy I legit NEVER WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AGAIN. I have officially met my deductible AND SOME. 

Current Medical Expenses: 

TOTAL BILLED $58,466.64

Health Plan Discount $49,178.79

Health Plan Pays $3,727.82

Patient Responsibility $5,560.03

SO SO SO SO SO MUCH MONEY!!!! That's not even including the surgery from Monday yet. I can only imagine what that is going to kick me up to. 

Nevertheless, I am blessed. I have love. I have friends. I have family. I have support. I have so so so much support. I have stability. And I am going to eventually get my health together. 

Thank you all for all of your support and love during this time. Thank you for your donations. I will keep the page up so that I can update you all on my health! And I can not even continue to say how much it means to me that you all put your faith in my family to provide us with stability during this tough time! We have been so blessed and I will never forget how amazing you all have been to us. Thank you so much!

Derek & Hannah! 

Posted on August 18, 2017


Posted on August 18, 2017

Derek Here! 

Life...has been a....struggle here lately. 

I am scheduled to have the benign mass on my thyroid that they have decided to remove. Apparently the mass is about 5 centimeters large. They initially scheduled it for this upcoming Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 1:30 PM, but now they have rescheduled it to Monday,  August 28, 2017 at 1:30 PM...which is not the best due to Hannah starting her job next Wednesday and me needing someone to transport me. I will continue to reach out to people to see if I can get some help. Plus they said they don't know how long I will be out of work until they are in there. Also I have some anxiety about the procedure and the concerns with them taking out the entire left thyroid and what they will find and if they will mess anything else up. I am very anxious. 

I still haven't heard anything about my appeal for the hysterectomy. I have started the medicine for the stomach ulcers and for a while I was really sick but I am feeling a little better here lately. My energy is still super low and I have finished my iron infusions until next Friday to see if I need to continue them...I don't know. I am just tired. 

Things have really hit a wall here lately and it has been messing with my emotions, my energy, my strength...and it's continuing to mess with my health. I need peace...and prayers...

Anyways please continue to share and donate. We are continuing to need assistance and we are over half way there. I really want to make our goal before the surgery which could be any day now! I really appreciate all of the support, love, prayers, and donations. I really can't express what you all mean to me and everyone else. I love you all so much! 


Posted on August 14, 2017


Posted on August 14, 2017

Today we marched. Today we stood up and said that we do not stand for the discrimination and the violence displayed in Charlottesville. That we will not stand for hate or white supremecy. 

While Derek was not able to walk as far as he would have liked, we followed right behind the police cars that drove beind the marchers. We did not want to leave the marchers without friendly support or witnesses should things have escalated more that they did.  I am so incredibly proud to see some many of my white neighbors come out and show BLM and the black community that they are willing to bodily stand up. Let us keep showing up and marching. 

With all this going on Derek has a rough afternoon. We did really well and got put of bed, went to church, and lunch with friends afterwards.  But after standing in the heat for over an hour Derel started to feel sick. We took a break to go cool off, before making it back in time for the March to start. We made it about 4 blocks, with Aidyn on my shoulders yelling his little heart out that "Black Lives Matter", before Derek stared getting dizzy and I made him go back to the car.  After the the anxiety and craziness of the March, didn't feel much better. 

So we are now safe at home, Aidyn is in bed, Derek is resting, and I am taking some time to process things and do some self care. I am incredibly blessed to have both my husband and son home safe with me, where there are many prayers who cannot say the same for their families. 

For now, I wish you all a restful night, to be prepared to keep standing up tomorrow. Thank you for all your continued support and donations!

Peace and love, 


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