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The Story

Derek lives in the Briar Forest/Memorial area in Houston, Texas. Or at least, they were living there until Hurricane Harvey hit. The last time they saw their apartment in person was on August 24, 2017. As of September 4th, they have still not been able to return to the area because of continued flooding.

Derek is safe and is temporarily living with friends and relatives. They will be applying for disaster unemployment assistance (as one of their two workplaces is still closed for at least another week due to damages), and they are researching the process to apply for FEMA as well.

However, in the short term Derek needs financial assistance for: clothing (especially work appropriate attire and rebuilding their famed multi-colored sock collection), grocery money, and gas for their now-increased travel time to work.

In the near future, they will also need money for: replacing household items, kitchen staples, cleaning supplies, and furniture. It is also possible that they may soon need funds for moving expenses and a rental deposit.

Every donation counts! If you already use Venmo or Paypal, please consider sending your donation via the following links (which avoid a percentage of the donation going to processing fees):

Venmo for Derek
Paypal for Derek

Note: On Paypal you will see the name Dallas Dickey - don't worry, this account goes to the right place.

For those more inclined to donate in the form of items, keep an eye on this page. Derek will put together a wishlist when they are more certain of their specific losses and needs.

Please consider contributing via one of the above links, or here on YouCaring. Remember that you are also welcome to share the donation link with others who may be able to give. Thank you so, so much!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 10, 2017

Posted on September 10, 2017

The Not So Good News:

Derek has finally been able to access their apartment. The outlook is not good. The water level in the apartment was apparently only about ankle deep, and there is no way of telling how long that water sat. What we do know is that even after the water receded, the apartment had days to sit at a high level of humidity… the perfect environment for mold. When Derek was able to enter their home for a short time, the mold problem was already evident. Wet, squishy carpets, furniture growing things, clothes damp or worse. 

What this means: Functionally, the apartment is a total loss. They managed to salvage a few things on the initial visit such as art on the walls, some of their underwear, and their ukulele. They are planning another trip back for their dishes and glasses and a few other kitchen essentials. They can’t trust any of their clothing or stuffed animals. Much of their furniture took water. Their books are probably highly suspect in terms of mold spores. 

They'll be starting almost completely over in a new place.

The Good News:

Derek's apartment complex has notified them that they will be released from their lease and they will recover their entire security deposit. Plus, Derek applied for FEMA to help cover immediate post-disaster needs, and they have been approved for a small sum of money for that purpose.

Thank you again to everyone who has already donated to and shared this fundraiser! Your help is deeply appreciated, and is making a difference. 

Posted on September 9, 2017

Posted on September 9, 2017

Since we started this fundraiser, Derek has received donations here on YouCaring and via the alternate links we listed (Paypal, Venmo). Thank you to every person who has helped, whether through donating or by sharing the fundraiser with their networks. Please know that your involvement is making a difference. 

On the same thankful note, here's a quick message for you, directly from Derek:

"I want to say a big thank you! Thank you all for your quick response, and your willingness to help out. This is a really tough situation, but I’m so grateful for the love and support you all have shown me. It matters so much."

Another update is coming soon, with news about Derek's apartment. Stay tuned.

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