Help feed kids in need during the Oklahoma teacher strike!

For: Democratic Socialists of America
Oklahoma City, OK
Organizer: Xavier Doolittle, Co-Chair Green Country DSA
Help feed kids in need during the Oklahoma teacher strike! (Democratic Socialists of America)
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The Story

Plans are in motion for a statewide Oklahoma teachers strike on April 2 if the Oklahoma legislature does not meet the demands put forward by the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) and the teachers of the state. The Democratic Socialists of America stand in solidarity with Oklahoma teachers and their right to strike for better pay, affordable healthcare, and more funding for our schools. We would like to help support these efforts in any way we can. One concern that we’ve heard repeatedly from our teachers is for their students who receive free or reduced priced meals at school—well over 400,000 students statewide.

The Green County and Oklahoma City chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are coordinating on a project to meet this concern. We are in touch with mutual aid disaster relief networks, connecting volunteers with local organizations, and looking to take in-kind donations. We are now also asking for a nationwide solidarity campaign aimed to show the support of our national organization and sympathizers with both the cause of worker’s liberation in the teachers strike, and the end of hunger in our schools. In addition to raising funds for these food insecure students, the time is now to demand universal and free access to breakfast and lunch in our schools, without any class stigma attached. The fact that nutritional meals are not a guaranteed right in our society is one of the worst iniquities of capitalism.

Where is the money going?
Any funds raised by this campaign will be directed to our respective food banks, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, which will handle purchasing the food and their distribution through their existing agencies. We have direct contacts with both organizations and will also be handling volunteer and in-kind donations efforts within the state.

How will the money be disbursed?
Due to the different regions each represent, we have agreed to split the funds 35%/65% between the Community Food Bank and the Regional Food Bank, respectively. The funds will be collected through Green Country DSA, an incorporated 501c4 non-profit, with the process open to accountability between the leadership of both chapters.

On March 26th, the first checks will be cut a week in advance of the April 2nd date and coordinated with our contacts in both organizations to make sure the funds are earmarked for the programs aimed at covering for school lunches. Any further donations after March 26th will be donated each week. The fund will remain open until the strike is over.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 29, 2018


Posted on March 29, 2018

The checks were issued and put into the mail today! We've been in touch with both the organizations to make sure the funds will be earmarked to cover for the children most at risk during the early stages of the teacher walkout.

But we're not done here! Our next step is to raise money for teachers going out to the capitol. If we can raise a more modest goal of $3,500, we can provide an $80 per day stipend for up to 7 days, for five teachers! We are already well on our way, but need help getting the word out, as well as getting teachers who could use the help in contact with us!

More information can be found here:

Posted on March 27, 2018


Posted on March 27, 2018

Howdy, folks!

Today was the scheduled day for cutting the checks, and I wanted to give everyone an update on the fundraiser. There was some discussion between our chapters about the future of fundraising for the future teacher's action, and without reaching a consensus, I hesitated on taking action.

As well, there was some issues with the payment from YouCaring due to me missing I needed to provide documentation proving we were, in fact, a non-profit, which has been corrected but will delay the intended date of donation. That is entirely on me as the person accountable for this project and I wanted to give open transparency.

As soon as the checks are cut, which should be within the week, I will notify everyone. As of tonight, however, as we experience our first real flood rains of the spring season, I wanted to announce that the fundraiser will be closing, just short of our goal but still certainly an incredible amount!

Both OKC DSA and Green Country DSA will seek out next steps, but we have today, with the raised money, secured meals for thousands of food insecure children. Now the work must continue, and we have been in coordination with folks nationwide to take it to the next phase.

This is not going to be like West Virginia. Oklahoma faces unique challenges and a specter of a terrible trauma from its last teacher strike in the 1990's, as well as seemingly insurmountable legislative hurdles and a constitutional amendment that makes any revenue increase require a supermajority. All signs point towards our action needing to be set for the long hall, to the end of the school year and beyond.

This was a shot in the arm of the infrastructure that has been built by civic institutions. Unknowingly, the crisis of capitalism has created some means by which we have had to band together. There is an opportunity here, in the reddest of states, to expand the horizon of what is possible. There is still compassion in this state, and we have to shelter that kindling flame through the rainstorm.

It's all that keeps us warm, these nights.


Xavier Doolittle
Co-Chair, Green Country DSA

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Help feed kids in need during the Oklahoma teacher strike!

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