2017 Capital Campaign

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Dallas, TX
Organizer: Allison Crawford
2017 Capital Campaign (DASH Dog Rescue)
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The Story

DASH Dog Rescue needs YOUR SUPPORT; we are asking all the folks whose dogs we helped, whose new furry friends we found, whose strays we placed & whose support we gave to PLEASE "pay it forward"

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Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM DASH! As usual we are behind on posting our year-end fundraiser BUT, this one is REALLY SPECIAL. Many of you saw the post about Lexi & Sadie, two bonded "sisters" who needed a home together. Well, we found them a wonderful home, and I was inspired by their story to write a poem about a change in rescue over the past few years that's become a very important part of what we do at DASH; helping ease the pain and sadness of families faced with having to rehome their beloved dogs. We hope that you will go to our NEW website, www.dashdog.org, and read their story on our "Tails of Triumph" page. Meanwhile, please read the poem and try to remember that while we ALL hope we will never find ourselves in a place where our fur-family members might need new homes & families, if that day ever comes we would want an organization as kind & compassionate as DASH, where YOUR SUPPORT helps us help dogs AND the humans who love them! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Rescue Circle of Saving Lives
Sara Shepperd, December 2016

When you think of “Dog Rescue” what comes to mind?
A dog, scared and lonely? A pup left behind?
A litter just dumped by the side of the road?
An old, injured mongrel alone in the cold?
It's true these are ALL the most prevalent thoughts,
Images played on mass-media spots.
And dogs are the beings I first thought I'd save –
They were the ones toward whose "rescue" I gave.

But over the years there is something I've learned –
It’s something I'm not sure that all can discern.
While we save the dogs' lives in the literal sense,
We also save PEOPLE in ways much more immense.
We're contacted daily, the calls never end,
The emails, the letters by texts and pm's.
Each one has a story, a crack in her voice,
Not one thought he’d ever be faced with this choice.
Whatever their reasons they couldn't have known
That THEIR best fur-friend would need a new home.

That’s why I’m sharing the lesson I’ve learned
There’s nothing to gain from judgment or spurn.
DASH offers support in their anguish and dread,
We all know the pain that they’re facing ahead.
I share the one comfort I know to be true,
“No matter the sadness and guilt plaguing you,
I promise, as soon as your dog is with me
Or one of our fosters where you will not be,
As much as you’re crying and worried and sad;
Guess who won’t be taking it nearly as bad?”

It is true, as we’ve witnessed hundreds of times,
Dogs live in The PRESENT and don’t look behind.
They come into DASH homes and just sniff around
Then soft beds and new toys and dog-friends are found.
Their tails begin wagging, their doubts disappear
And soon they behave like they’ve known us for years.
For most this is hardly newsworthy at all,
Except for the people awaiting our call.
“He’s great!” or “She is having a wonderful time!”
For DASH, it is priceless, to give Peace of Mind.

Please, don’t ever say it won’t happen to you;
Never say “never is that something I’d do!”
You have no idea what pet-lovers befall when
The terrible time comes that they make this call.
Whether illness, a death, a job loss, divorce.
They, just like you, said the same words, of course,
Never would life in its worst of upsets
Force them to have to rehome beloved pets.

As this rescue need grows increasingly clear,
More folks contact DASH to help dogs every year.
So now between shelter dogs, owners & strays
There’s no end to Aussies and all of the ways
That DASH will need foster homes, transports & food,
Volunteers, donors, collectors of goods.
So many ways that we hope you’ll be set
To help DASH make 2017 our best year yet!

No matter what way Aussies find their ways here
They ALL deserve love, help, compassion and care.

Please consider donating to
www.dashdog.org for our tireless dedication to helping dogs and the humans who love them ❤

Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016

Dear Friends,

Another end to another successful year thanks to tireless animal advocates & the support of people like you.

If you're receiving this letter you've either adopted, transported, fostered or donated for at least one dog to have its life changed forever with DASH. More likely you've helped multiple dogs.

Donations in any amount are never too small; donations from $25 - $300 cover everything from a full set of vaccines to a complete Heartworm Treatment. PLEASE CONSIDER THAT OF THE 1800+ DOGS' we have saved, that is an average MINIMUM of 5400 PEOPLE whose lives have also been improved.

IF A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF YOU WOULD TAKE THE TIME TO DONATE TODAY TO www.dashdog.org or, www.tailsofjoy.net for a 501c3 corporate sponsorship match (you have to mention DASH Dog Rescue), YOU WILL CONTINUE THE RESCUE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

No matter how hard WE work, we cannot succeed alone. We have record adoptions but those fees will never cover the costs to rescue every dog. It takes the greatest, most selfless village of dedicated people, people who have become extended family and wonderful friends of ours and who we hope to continue cooperating with for years to come.

We have launched our NEW WEBSITE which is linked to our FACEBOOK PAGE; this merger has skyrocketed our reach in just a few short weeks and we foresee great opportunities for a much stronger foster program, transport system & consistent funding plan.

The simplest fact of dog rescue is the most overlooked - it's not just any one dog's life that is rescued in the choices that we make at DASH, it's the people; the people from the dog's previous life & the dog's adoptive one.

The family who might have otherwise had to take him to a shelter if we hadn't returned their email; the lonely person who just moved to town who doesn't know anyone; the older married couple who lost a dog and has waited to find the absolute best new dog to help fill that void.

We work for all of those dogs & all of those people to help bring peace of mind and happiness to their lives every day of the year.

PLEASE HELP US HELP THE FURRY FAMILY MEMBERS - You never know when one may become yours ❤

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