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The Story

Recently, my Uncle, Danny Chew, had a bad crash on a hundred mile ride. During the ride, he suddenly passed out and lost control of his body. He broke his neck and remained unconscious. Doctors informed us that he could potentially be paralyzed from the waist down. He is currently in extensive care in Ohio undergoing surgeries.

Danny lives to ride his bicycle. He does not have a 9 to 5 job, he does not have kids, nor is he married. Bicycling is his one true love. To me, my uncle is one of my best friends. With the thought of never being able to ride a bicycle again, it is important that we come together to help him recover and get back to an active life where he can hopefully use his legs again.

My Uncle is the man that got me into cycling. Without him, my life would not be the same. When I was 16, I developed a love for cycling through my Uncle. Our cross-country journey to Alaska developed us as true companions. Danny is a big inspiration to many people and myself. My Uncle has pushed me to accomplishing my biggest goals and has inspired me in everything I do in life. What I've learned the most from my Uncle is that with dogged determination and patience, I can accomplish anything that my heart desires. Let us be patient and hope that Danny can continue to ride his bike.

All donations will go directly to Danny Chew’s accumulation of medical bills throughout his long road to recovery. Currently, we are not sure of the extent of his medical needs, but I will do my best to keep all donators updated with news on Danny’s condition.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 17, 2017

Posted on April 17, 2017

Update From Carol Perezluha:


My brother Danny Chew was in a tragic cycling accident on Sept. 4 last year. He has been staying with friends in Ohio, and now, we want to modify our Pittsburgh home where Danny has lived his whole life, and wants to go home to live with our 84 year old mother so they can take care of each other. Our family thanks you for supporting Danny throughout this very sad time. Desmone Architects have designed a pro bono addition to our house which is wheelchair accessible. We have set up a 100% tax deductible page for donations for Danny on HelpHopeLive. A very generous cycling friend, Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion, has offered to donate $60,000 for Danny if the cycling world can first come up with $60,000. I am reaching out to all of Danny’s cycling friends for help.
The link:
will get you to Danny’s page.

From the bottom of our hearts, the Chew family(Danny, our brother Tom, and me, sister Carol Chew Perezluha) and our children Steven Perezuha and Ashley Perezluha thank you for helping Danny!

Carol and the Chew Family

Posted on January 5, 2017


Posted on January 5, 2017

I got to visit my Uncle for the first time since his accident back in early September. His spirits were high but the realization on his paralyzation is still sinking in. The last time I saw him before this we were riding out bikes around Pennsylvania and New York on a mini bob trailer trip. The complications he has to go through every day makes me think of someone crippled and sick during the final years of life. He has no ability to control his bowel movements and is dependent on others assisting him with routine tasks of living. This part was hard for me to grasp. He is making forward progress since his accident however. I got to see his hand cycling and arm routine he does at the gym.

Danny has always been strong and egged me on to push myself to accomplish more and more. Danny's life was very simple before his accident. Riding his bicycle, writing in his journal, and running the once a year Dirty Dozen bike race. It was hard to find things for him to do other than ride his bike. Now, more than ever, he has to use his mind to power him through his living and realize there is more to life than just riding bicycles. I know he will find it within and the support from his friends and his will power will prevail. I will do everything I can to help motivate him in the process. I really hope there can be a twist of fate down the road that can give him his legs back. For now we can only be patient, something I learned best from my Uncle.

I also have to say huge thanks to all that have supported Danny Chew during his struggle and to Jerry Lynch and his wife Sue for taking Danny in during his rehabilitation.

"On the day, the storm has just begun
I will still hope there are
Better days to come"

Posted on November 26, 2016

Posted on November 26, 2016

I can't thank you all enough how much your support means. Today is my Uncle's Iconic Dirty dozen bike race up the 13 steepest hills in Pittsburgh. There is a record number of riders this year.

Two new news articles came out this past week on Uncle Danny.
Below are the links to the articles:

Outside Magazine:


Also if you are interested in another cool way to support Danny you can buy a memorial t-shirt below. New Roads! This was one of Danny's favorite things to shout out whenever he rode on a new road around Pittsburgh. Considering probably over 500,000 of his miles ridden have been around the greater Pittsburgh area, a new road was a welcoming rarity for Danny.

Buy your Danny chew t-shirt here:


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Danny Chew "Million Mile Man Recovery"

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