Getting My Laptop back from the Pawn Shop

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Getting My Laptop back from the Pawn Shop (Danielle Bequeaith)
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I used my laptop as collateral for a loan from a local pawn shop so that we  (My Dad, his roommate and I) could make ends meet and avoid eviction.  Being in poor mental health recently means I'm currently not employed and am now worried about losing this computer that is very important and precious to me and vital to work and personal development in my field: information technology. 

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Posted on July 19, 2017

Posted on July 19, 2017

I wanted to let you all know the timeline I'm working on right now.   I was a bit vague on it.  I got the loan from the pawn shop on the 30th of June and the repayment period is intended to be one month.  So, ideally I'd like to get it back by the 29th to be totally safe. 

That being said, if I pay at least the interest then that will roll over my time for another month.  So, worse comes to worse, I can pay the interest to extend it until I have what I need.   The interest is a bit steep: the original loan I received was in the amount of 300, so the  $61 is the interest.  If I have to go the route of extending it by paying just the interest, though, after paying that $61, if the goes over the 30 days, I still owe the full  $61.

So that's a bit of a rundown on some more specific info of the situation. 

On a slightly more positive note, I have secured a job in IT.  Though it's a temporary position, initially lasting only through September, it could bode well for my ability to take care of this.   However, my current start date is the 31st so I would have to eat the first interest payment while I wait on the first check to pick up the remaining slack for getting the computer back. 

Thank you all for reading and giving your support, both emotional and monetary.  It means so much to me. 


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Getting My Laptop back from the Pawn Shop

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