Daisy, Max, Missy, Rocky

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Daisy, Max, Missy, Rocky (Daisy, Max, Missy, Rocky)
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The Story

You have most likely heard that WGSPR and its village of volunteers pulled together again to execute a marvelous save of not one but four lives. We now need your help for our Fabulous Four!    
Missy, Max, Rocky and Daisy have been used for breeding for most their lives. All four were kept in very small outdoor kennels on cement pads with a small dog house.  Unfortunately, all four lived outdoors through the harshness of winters.   Recently, their owner passed away from cancer and all four found themselves  at a rescue for horses.   
So after being shuffled, they have been living in make-shift kennels outside of a barn. It has been a rough journey so far as these beauties all had a spinning disorder resulting from living the majority of their lives in small kennels. The horse rescue decided it was time to get WGSPR involved to help us since we have been looking for homes since October of 2015.   And so this weekend, WGSPR and it's army of volunteers stepped in.
All four GSPs will require intense veterinarian care as its been quite some time since they have been to a vet.  We have moved forward and all four have vet appointments this coming week for initial exams to include fecals, heart worm testing, nail treatments (they are in horrible shape),  bloodwork and establish health care plans to include determining when we can spay/neuter. All four are in desperate need of dental care and we will wait to see whatever else the vets may find that will need to be addressed.
WGSPR needs the support of the rest of our village to help with the effort in front us to get these four angels healthy. Please use the link below to donate towards the fabulous four's medical expenses.
More updates are forth coming as we learn more about the medical status.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 11, 2016

Posted on June 11, 2016

Missy has been adopted and we couldn't be happier for her!  She went home before Memorial day.  Daisy was just spayed on 6/3 and had some major dental work done.  Max has had all of his vetting and dental done and both Daisy and Max are available for adoption and looking for their new homes. 

Sadly, Rocky has run into some problems.   We treated him for a nasty UTI which caused him to urinate blood.  We ran the antibiotics and on 6/10 he started urinating blood again.  We have found out that in addition to a UTI, he also has an infection of his prostate and will be on antibiotics for the next 4 weeks.   The antibiotics are $300.   We also found that he has a small hernia and we will continue to watch this and if it continues to grow, he will require surgery by a specialist.  We are hoping to have this surgery done along with his neuter to save on costs.    

The vet bills for these four pups has run us about $2300 to date and we are anticipating another $1000-$1500 for Rocky's vetting as he needs dental work done as well on top of the hernia repair and neutering. 

Additional biographies and photos of Daisy, Max and Rocky can be found at: 


We THANK YOU for your support of these four pups! 

Posted on May 19, 2016

Posted on May 19, 2016

5/19/16:  Max is pretty wiped out. He got neutered today, had a couple of benign tumors removed, and got his teeth cleaned. Fortunately they didn't have to extract any teeth, and he will be ready for adoption when he heals up a little!  This is GREAT news for Max! 

Missy has an adoption pending and will be going home as soon as she heals from her spay surgery and has her sutures removed.  We are so excited for Missy and her new family! 

Daisy is doing very well! She has started to eat regularly a couple of days ago and gains in confidence each day. She has learned very quickly about being a domestic pet by watching our older GSP Chaco and is actively exploring what's available to her. She has started peeing more than she had in the house so we're working on that but she has learned to LOVE her exercise, both walks and fetch the ball. She has learned to respond to voice and hand signals not to jump before I throw the ball and now that she is eager for treats we will start working on basic commands. So far she sits naturally for treats but we haven't had time to take it further yet.  She is becoming much more affectionate as she becomes more comfortable around us and is generally fitting in very well. She walks naturally on a loose leash. She can still be very skittish randomly but overall is coming along very well. Her spay surgery is scheduled for early June.

Posted on May 14, 2016

Posted on May 14, 2016

5/14/16: Missy was spayed on Thursday and received a much needed dental as well. She is spending the weekend resting and recuperating.

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Daisy, Max, Missy, Rocky

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