Help Baby Cookie See Christmas. Liver Surgery Needed

For: CPR Fund K9 Rescue, Theresa Charleston (Foster Mom), Cookie
Chicago, IL
Organizer: Theresa Charleston
Help Baby Cookie See Christmas. Liver Surgery Needed (CPR Fund K9 Rescue, Theresa Charleston (Foster Mom), Cookie)
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The Story

World, meet baby Cookie. He has been a forgotten, discarded puppy until a few days ago. Cookie has had a hard, unfair life. When Cookie came into my life, this sweet gentle animal was being dragged in to the City Pound by the neck, by someone claiming to be a stranger who found him on the street. Cookie was shivering, scared, and more emaciated than any dog I've ever seen alive. He had 5 pounds of liquid built up in his little tummy, and was clearly in pain. He was dumped at the Pound, where they were going to euthanize him that day due to his condition, lack of space, and no one to claim him. I can't imagine living a homeless life all alone only to be killed in a cold sterile room by strangers. The rescuers who happened to be at the Pound that day saw this little unnamed puppy. They saw his sadness, pain, and somehow the fighting will to live in his eyes, and they could not let him die.

He has been living with me (I'm his foster mama!) for about a week. He looks like he has little cookie crumbs on his paws and nose, so I named him Cookie! I've seen him wag his tail, give my cats and dog sweet nose kisses, chomp on yummy treats, and take deep snoozes on my couch and cuddle his "softie". I've also seen Cookie's fear, his disorientation, his lethargy, his inability to do things that a puppy loves to do. I've seen his bony body try to get comfortable, his spine ridges and thin leg bones poking out. I cant touch Cookie without feeling a bone and hoping I'm not hurting him. I've seen his poor body droop in pain, his tail between his legs, I've heard him yelp in pain when he couldn't stop himself from falling and hitting his head, watched him defecate in his bed without even the will to move... I've watched him trying so hard to be a puppy but unable to. I watch him eat and then I watch him decline as the poison of his liver dysfunction processes through him and he becomes weak, and I am unable to help him. I see the puppy in his eyes and then I see the light fade away with illness. It is breaking my heart. 

Today, after a six hour vet visit, we were given the disheartening news. Cookie has an underdeveloped liver and very likely has a liver shunt. This means that his liver is not functioning properly and he'll need surgery. That is the best case scenario. He is not strong enough today to get the surgery as his little poorly nourished body can not withstand anesthesia. To prepare for surgery, Cookie and I must work together to get him as healthy as possible now that we know what's happening inside him. My job is to love him, give him all the happiness and health I can, give him a special low-protein diet, give him medications and other natural healing remedies, take him to and keep his company during his almost daily vet visits, and gather funds for his health and surgery. Cookie is a fighter, I can see it. He wouldn't have made it this far alone out there in the cold if he wasn't. 

I don't ask for much from my friends, but this is one of those times when I need your help: Please help me and the generous rescuers who are helping (** All funds go directly to CPR Fund K9 Rescue **), and my friend Cookie to celebrate Christmas, see his one-year birthday, and let him become the bounding, happy puppy he should get to be.

NOTE: Steph at CPR Fund K9 Rescue has generously said we'd go forward with it if he can get Cookie healthy enough to make it through. But she is a rescue paying out of her own pocket for this surgery, vet visits, and his supplies, and I for supplies and transport, so we can both really use all the support anyone can provide. 

Those of you who know me, know I would much rather your donations go to Cookie than getting Christmas presents, so please consider this a wonderful Christmas gift for everyone. Prayers, happy thoughts, and emotional support for Cookerini are always welcome as well

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 16, 2017


Posted on February 16, 2017

Hello friends. It is with a sad but resigned heart I write this update. Our little Cookie, our resilient and playful furry friend, has been diagnosed as terminally ill. His new mommy Trish, with the help of K9 CPR Fund, has taken him to see more doctors -- and had his CT Scan done to take a good look inside. Their news was devastating; he has multiple intertwined liver shunts... not just the single one that we hoped for. Surgery is no longer an option, and even in the event that surgery was done, the chance of survival for Cooks afterward is very low. 

This is sad news, yes. We've all had some hard days knowing our friend will be leaving us before what we feel is fair. But on the brighter side, Cookie is spending his final days in the loving care of a wonderful family. (And once in a while he gets a visit from Auntie Theresa!) He has two other doggy friends who love him and love 'wrastlin with him. He gets toys and love galore, and during my last visit to his home at Trish's, he seemed genuinely happy and had lots of energy. We don't know the life he had prior to his rescue from CACC, but we don't get the sense that it was good based on the evidence. So, now we can take comfort in knowing he has warmth, love, and as many happy days as we can give him; and he has finally gotten to be a puppy who can run and play and never worry about where his next meal is coming from and who is enjoying life, not simply surviving. 

Cookie experiences pain and side effects from his condition. Luckily, not every day and not all the time. He has some days where he is just a lil rascally pup without a care in the world. And other days are not as good. This will happen until the end, when his quality of life is no longer worth his pain. This could be in a week or it could be in a year.

We want to thank you from our hearts for your generous donations. Please know that your dollars have now gone to help with Cookie's vet bills, supplies, food, etc until his final day. When his final day comes, please take comfort in knowing you helped give him as happy a life was possible and that his end was peaceful and surrounded by loved ones. 

Posted on January 1, 2017

Posted on January 1, 2017

More detailed updates coming soon! A little update now: The day came too soon when Cookie would leave his temp foster home at Theresa's. He is now at his new foster home, Tricia Graunke's home! He is adapting well and seems to have fallen in love there. Surgery and health news coming soon. Hope everyone has a happy new year and wish Cookie good luck with his next procedure. 

Posted on December 16, 2016

Posted on December 16, 2016

We spent a few more hours in the ER after he seemed in pain for quite a while last night. They're running some tests but it might be neurological or it might be actual pain from a secondary condition. Despite all that, little wiggly booty was jumping and playing today!! :) I slept with him a few hours last night and he was the sweetest little cuddle bug you could ever imagine.

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Help Baby Cookie See Christmas. Liver Surgery Needed

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