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The Story

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If you've ever been lucky enough to meet Courtney, there are a few things you notice about her immediately.  Her energy is purely positive, she brightens everyone around her and she has killer dance moves.  Although the first two attributes are still true, she's currently struggling with the latter.

After 33 healthy years of life, Courtney  began noticing neurological symptoms  out of nowhere. What started  as numbness and tingling in her fingers, ended  with her in a wheelchair  paralyzed from the neck down as a full blown quadriplegic.  Today, Courtney requires 24 hour care. 

Courtney can no longer walk, stand, feed, wash, dress, itch or use the restroom by herself. Because the motor nerves that control her vocal cords are not functioning properly, her voice is weak & she has  some trouble breathing when she speaks. A girl who used to be up for any adventure  or dance contest cannot even sit up in bed by herself to look out the window.

With every new doctor came a new possible diagnosis. What would you feel if a doctor told you that you may have MS, LYME, or Brain Damage from a stroke? What about ALS? Courtney spent every night for months thinking she had one of these terrible diseases until the Mayo clinic diagnosed her with a rare auto immune disease called CIDP  in September of 2017.  

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) is an autoimmune condition where her body sees the protective coating around her nerves (the myelin) as a foreign invader, attacking it and causing it to deteriorate.  Basically her brain and body are unable to communicate, resulting in the loss of control of her arms and legs.

The cause of CIDP is unknown but generally autoimmune diseases are either a result of bacteria, pathogens, or viruses.

Courtney was admitted into the hospital for immediate treatment because of the  abnormally rapid    Progression of her condition,  but she continued to get weaker and weaker. 

After initial treatments  and physical therapy failed over the three months following her diagnosis , it was discovered Courtney had an atypical  and unique form of the already rare  disorder.  By this time there was not a single muscle in her arms or legs that could move.

When she was finally diagnosed and began treatment we thought we were finally  headed in the right direction.   When nothing worked it was heartbreaking. 

She was again admitted into the hospital for emergency treatment  and additional testing.   Her nerve damage and paralysis was so severe the neurologist questioned if she had been diagnosed accurately. 

For those of you who know Courtney you know that  she will do anything and everything  inside and outside the box to get back to the life she loves.  She is a huge proponent of health.   She does her best to eat organic, TONS of vegetables and rarely eats any processed foods.  She is active and works out regularly (before she got sick).   She has been to many MD's, Neurologists, & alternative health practitioners and is doing the best she can to use all types of medicine (Western, Eastern, Naturopathic) to get  herself better.

As you can imagine, the US medical system is not cheap and  a lot of this is not covered by insurance. 

She has recently undergone the following :

-Many labs, tests, spinal tap, EMG, ENG, NCS, SEP, CT Scan,  colonoscopy,  TEE,  midline, PICC, central line and MRI’s  

-Admitted into the hospital for 5 days & 4 nights at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for Emergency IVIG Treatments. 

- Admitted 9 days into Health South rehab hospital in Orange County.

-Admitted  17 days into care meridian skilled nursing facility in orange county.  

-Admitted into the hospital for 14 days and nights at UT Southwestern for emergency plasma exchange, steroids, and IVIG 

-Matzinger Clinic (PK Protocol - IV administration of Phosphatidylcholine, Leucovorin/Folinic acid, Glutathione and Phenylbutyrate): 

-Ozone, Vitamin C IV, Colon Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Chelation therapy, and other heavy metal toxicity treatments

-At home Rife  Machine 

-At home medications

-Monthly IVIG Treatments 

-Chemo treatments 

Today Courtney  is currently admitted in a rehab facility. The plasma exchange  and chemo she received in December  finally pushed her in the right direction. She is now getting stronger and stronger every day, but  she has a long way to go and needs our help. 

Courtney‘s largest expense is yet to come.  This summer she will be receiving stem cell in hopes that the therapy will repair what her body cannot repair on its own. 

Courtney remains confident that through this combination of medical treatments and her continual quest for optimal health, she will be able to walk, talk, and dance again!

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