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The Story

Corey Alexander is at high risk of homelessness and needs your help.

Two years ago, Corey was hit by a car. Ever since the hit and run, they have been struggling with substantially increased PTSD symptoms and chronic pain. These symptoms worsened at the beginning of 2016. Corey was no longer able to work and went into full time psychiatric treatment. After treatment, they were not able to return to work, and will not able to return to work in the near future (if at all). 

Corey has been living on state disability (SDI) for the last year, and has applied for federal disability (SSDI), but the application process takes a long time. Right now, it is not clear when SSDI will kick in; and state disability is running out in May. 

There is NO chance Corey will begin receiving SSDI in May. In other words, at the end of May, Corey will be without the resources to pay for shelter, food, and medication. Corey's disability advocates are telling them that they are at high risk for homelessness.

Corey cannot survive being homeless.

Corey’s disabilities make having a safe home a necessity for their continued ability to manage pain, access medication, cope with limited mobility, and manage their PTSD. Not having a safe home will make both their physical and psychological symptoms increase dramatically, and is not something they are likely to survive.  

Budget: $1300/mo, for 12 months= $15,600. Rent: $780/mo. Bills & Incidentals: $250. Food: $270

Corey's done so much for our communities. Now we're asking those communities to give back to them.

Corey is a queer, trans, fat disabled educator and writer who writes romance and erotica under the name Xan West. Some of you may be familiar with Corey's writing and activism on the intersection of disability, LGBTQIA, and kink. Corey has written about trauma and coping on their blog and via #DailyCoping threads on Twitter. Corey writes about disabled daily life and LGBTQIA issues in essays, Twitter threads, and in their fiction. Their blog offers resources for writers, particularly around trans, fat, and disability representation. Recently, they have created a resource collecting reviews of trans and/or non-binary literature, written by trans and/or non-binary reviewers.

Corey spent twenty years in the field of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. They were a hotline and shelter volunteer, and a volunteer community educator. They spent a decade working full time supporting and training staff and supervisors at a large victim assistance agency. Corey is now too disabled to continue work in this field, and supports survivors by offering resources online.

Corey is devoted to creating quality community sexuality and kink education for queer and kink communities and has consistently volunteered since 1994, both teaching and creating educational programming. They co-led queer support groups, helped create a model for anti-heterosexism peer education, was a Triangle Speaker, and co-founded a queer fat activist support and education group called FATTYS (Fat and Tired of Taking Your Shit). They founded the Queer SIG at The Eulenspiegal Society, co-organizing queer kink education for the first three years. They ran programming at The Floating World 2010 (over 100 classes). They active in the CC4D collective, organizing for better trans inclusion at LSM. They volunteered at queer conferences like NOLOSE, Butch Voices, and Forge Forward to offer tailored sexuality and kink education for queer communities dear to their heart.

As Corey has become more disabled and in-person volunteer work is less possible, Corey has continued to invest in community education by working to translate their kink and sexuality educationmaterials to make them accessible for free on the web. They are working within their own limitations to continue to create access to quality information about kink and sexuality.

Together we can help Corey survive and thrive. Please give generously and boost the signal.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 13, 2017

Posted on November 13, 2017

I recently got my letter confirming that I am now on SSDI, which means that I am financially secure and my housing is secure, through the next year and a half at least! You helped me survive to get to this point. Thank you so much for that.

Posted on May 20, 2017

Posted on May 20, 2017

Oh wow. We are fully funded. This is amazing. I am crying, & shaking & so incredibly relieved. Thank you so much for your support!

So many communities came together to help me avert homelessness. It's truly a tremendous thing. I will remember this my whole life.

The donations, the boosting and the offers of books, art, and services to folks who donated in the last day of the campaign, the kind words and the care that folks have offered...awe me.

I feel so loved, and cared for, so honored to be in such wonderful communities. So moved to have folks value me and the work I do, and give back in this way.

It's one of the most amazing and hopeful experiences I have ever had. You all mean the world to me. Please know that.

Posted on May 19, 2017

Posted on May 19, 2017

I am floored by all the support; it makes such a huge difference. Thank you so much for your donations and kind words; they mean the world to me.

Today is the last day of the campaign, and we have a way to go to meet the goal. It would be a tremendous help if you could boost this on social media. 

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