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The Story

What an epic year 2016 has been for Conscious Consumer Network, which is soon finishing off its second year as a collaborative FREE & INDEPENDENT media network.  We would like to THANK the amazing team of broadcasters, all the various guests who have taken part in broadcasts, and of course, all those who continue to support FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.

CCN has been broadcasting non-stop for almost 2 years, holding the space for TRUTH, and the pursuit of a FREE, FAIR, SUSTAINABLE, NON-TOXIC world.  

So far CCN has produced over 1600 shows, which can be found on the CCN dedicated archive website CCN.MEDIA.  

CCN airs an average of between 20 to 25 shows a week, some of them being LIVE broadcasts, and some pre-recorded.

CCN and its team of broadcasters are here to stay, and we look forward to taking you into 2017.

Please support the CCN 2017 FUNDRAISER, and Keep CCN on the air for 2017.  Without your support, we simply will not be able to continue.


LIVESTREAMING licence & software = € 2200

Microphone x 2 = € 200

Web server = € 840

Wildcard SSL x 2 = € 492

Western Digital Internal HardDrive 8TB x 2 = € 678

Domain renewals = € 250

Themes & plugins = € 500

Editing Software = € 300

Security renewals = € 180

Webcams = € 160

Technical upgrades (missing from last campaign) = € 1700

Total = € 7500

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 18, 2017

Posted on March 18, 2017

We just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support. We do this because we love you.

Posted on October 25, 2016

Posted on October 25, 2016


GEERTE FRENKEN:  My name is Geerte Frenken and I am the talk show host of Hell is For Children, a show that covers the pandemic of an estimated 6 million Protective Mothers who’s children are judicially trafficked to abusive fathers via the global corrupt Family Court and CPS system that thrives on paternal entitlement. This Humanitarian Scandal in its various aspects barely ever gets covered in mainstream media, which is not only a disgrace considering the fact that children are the most important and vulnerable inhabitants of our planet, but also a sign that mainstream media apparently makes a concerted effort in suppressing this information which causes this horrific current-day holocaust to continue unchecked. CCN offers Protective Mothers worldwide a wonderful platform to share their stories, offer support, raise awareness and brainstorm about solutions to STOP judicial child trafficking once and for all. CCN does not ever filter or censor the valuable content offered in its programming and as such creates a unique opportunity for information to be released that otherwise does not get to see the light of day. CCN has created a crucial and desperately needed media outlet which supports the real change that is needed in a world where mainstream media has been supporting the interests of a very small group of powerful elite individuals who have run their agenda of control to the detriment of this planet in multiple malicious ways. The CCN CEOs, management and staff function in a thorough, efficient, timely and professional manner and have created a tight network of hosts that very much function like a family which strives to make this planet an equal and just home for ALL people through freedom of information sharing, which offers a beacon of hope to humanity in these bleak times. Therefore I can wholeheartedly state that I am a grateful and proud member of the CCN family!

LAINIE LIBERTI:  I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Conscious Consumer Network as a broadcaster. Since February 2015, For the Love of Learning, Voices of the Alternative Education Movement has aired almost 80 episodes. For almost two years, I’ve worked in close contact with both Mel and Biggi, forging a professional relationship based on mutual respect and support.  I am often in awe of the network’s approach to alternative media, empowering their broadcasters to explore topics that mainstream media will just not touch. 

I have received  support and encouragement from Mel and Biggi even though our show does not have a particularly high viewership, but I’m treated as an important member of the CCN family nevertheless. Biggi has created a professional production suite, providing each broadcaster with top quality tittles, transitions, and credits. Mel works tirelessly on programming, produces and broadcasts her own shows, and creates an updated weekly animated schedule that matches broadcast networks with million dollar budgets. Every single person involved in the network, from both Mel & Biggi to the broadcasters, from the individual guests sharing their expertise to the viewers are all contributing to a greater consciousness in the world around us. I am so honored to be a apart of this this movement.

EILISH DE AVALON:  I’ve been a broadcaster with Conscious Consumer Network family for about a year now and I have absolutely loved working with Mel and Biggi and all our special guests on the network. Biggi has helped me so much on the technical side of things, building my new website and getting me up to speed with the various platforms we use for the network and I've totally cherished my time on Journalism Academy with Mel Ve helping me get up to speed with software such as powerpoint and iMovie which I was not familiar with coming from a pre-internet print media background. The CCN team have helped me with branding and marketing, and have really taken my interviews to the next level, from independent Youtube video interviews to world-class alternative media broadcasting thanks to the professional support and love from Mel and Biggi. The Conscious Consumer Network platform would not survive without viewer support, as broadcasters, we do our bit too by investing back into the network but we really need your support for this network is for the discerning media consumer who is sick and tired of mass media programming and wants real stories with real people with absolutely no corporate ties, so we can stay independent and cutting edge bringing you, the viewer, first hand stories from our many researchers, authors and investigative journalists. Eilish De Avalon, CCN Broadcaster, We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For.

JAN IRVIN:  This is Jan Irvin. I co-host UnSpun with Joseph Atwill every Tuesday night at 5PM PST, a show that focuses primarily on unraveling and unveiling how the intelligence community runs social engineering and mind control operations against populations around the world through projects such as the infamous “MKULTRA” program, where “native revivalism,” “weaponized anthropology,” and other techniques were employed against the people to launch the countercultural revolution and New Age movements. Our goal is to provide an anchor to sanity against the onslaught of drugs, hyper-sexualization, and New Age spiritualist movements, and to empower and awaken the viewership by explaining the intricacies of such operations with clear, in-depth analysis, and documentation rarely seen elsewhere. CCN has provided a censorship-free platform for a global audience. Not your “Lame-Stream-Media”, CCN is able to provide alternative voices and views not heard elsewhere. Thanks, CCN, for providing us that platform.

ANGELA POWER-DISNEY:  I have been broadcasting with CCN only since June of this year 2016.  My Monday show is ANGELA´S CACHES...THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY an opportunity for myself and guests to disclose share and disseminate controversial confronting and sometimes out of the box TRUE STORIES of lives lived in a matrix of MKUltra, Mind Control, Child Abuse and so on which has not only been ignored by most mainstream media, but actively covered up

My Thursday show is CHASING RAINBOWS ...D.I.D. Diaries covering Anomolies in my life as a survivor of MK Ultra and a ´Superspy´ Intelligence Asset unbeknownst to myself before my awakening and deprogramming an ongoing journey....and finally ANSWERS because the human spirit has an amazing capacity not just to endure but to OVERCOME

I am a radical non religious Christian and lover of Jeshua Jesus and have felt uncensored and loved unconditionally in this network family.  BIGGI as producer has been a rock of support with two ground rules from the get go of DON´T APOLOGISE and NO STRESS which have been huge for me as I stumble back to work in journalism and broadcasting after 30 years maternity leave raising children!  Mel is an inspiration and a professional with high standards and mind expanding vision.  I feel honoured to be a part of the team and am actively inviting potential new broadcasters to come on board for what unfolds daily as a challenging and VERY exciting journey....a platform to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and not die with one´s potential intact!!  Burning brightly whilst avoiding BURNOUT Biggi and Mel make great ship captains and hold a very steady course for all to express for the love of humanity

HOPE GIRL: I have been broadcasting on CCN for almost a year as a co-host with Mel Ve on our candid No Holding Back  show, and also with my own shows “The Peoples Free Energy Show” and “QEG Real Word”.  While I do many things, most people know me as a spokesperson for free energy through my family’s Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) project.  Free energy is a very dangerous arena, many inventors have been murdered because of their devices that threaten the 600 trillion dollar energy industry. My family has been dealing with the onslaught of this opposition for the last three years in a very public way.   Most of the people on the planet do not have affordable access to the energy that they need. Our family is doing our part to try to change this. If energy were affordable or free to everyone that needed it, it would change absolutely everything in our world. 

The main stream media won’t cover this, and a lot of the other alternative media outlets out there don’t have the capacity to host such  a controversial topic with the maturity it needs. The Conscious Consumer Network is the only platform other than my own where we have been are able to give our full, uncensored and uninterrupted educational presentations.  I cannot tell you how important this is for us, and for every person on the planet that uses energy… which is well, just about everyone. 

ANTON:  CCN for me is the finest independent media platform out there. Since Jan 1st 2015 they have provided a window into independent journalist, alt research and a voice to individuals who would find it difficult to get an audience. While I don't always agree with some of the topics or individuals that have been presented, I respect that they have the right to share their 'truth'. Both Biggi and Mel have been in my view fearless warriors and long may they continue. 

BADGER:  Having followed the journey of Mel and Biggi since their humble beginnings, I have observed the challenges and dynamics they have faced, and the constant pressure they are under to hold it all together.  I can only commend Mel and Biggi for managing to keep CCN going for 2 years, despite constant attacks on many different levels.  They have shown great strength and integrity, and continue to inspire me that there are people out there who genuinely care about the world we live in, are actually capable of making a difference, and are willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary to create change. With all the false information that is out there, I can always rely on the CCN team to keep it real, and focus on the facts.  Looking forward to more in 2017!

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