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Organizer: Joe Fox & Josey Rose Duncan
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The Story

On Friday, December 2nd, we lost our beloved Chelsea Faith Dolan to the "Ghost Ship Fire" in Oakland. She was an incredible musician, releasing music under her nickname Cherushii (earned in Japan as it was easier to pronounce than Chelsea), her own name Chelsea Faith and with the much loved Italo-disco party band Easy Street. You couldn't forget her once you met her - her unique and vibrant style, her quick wit, her infectious kindness and her joy would stick with you. 

Chelsea's family is devastated to lose her. We are trying to raise funds to help Chelsea's mother, Colleen, and sister, Sabrina, through this incredibly difficult period. Colleen works part time as a teacher for students with learning disabilities and Sabrina works in animal care. Both are facing financial difficulties. Any money raised will help alleviate the financial strain that accompanies the loss of a loved one and better allow them the time and space to grieve. We ask friends, family and anyone who feels compelled and able to chip in what they can.

The money raised will go towards:
  • Allowing Colleen and Sabrina to take time away from work
  • A memorial service for Chelsea
  • Rent, bills & mortgage
  • Counseling and medical services
  • Expenses associated with the loss of a loved one
Money raised from this fundraiser go directly to Chelsea's mother Colleen (minus the payment processors small fee). 

Please share help spread the word about this campaign. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for supporting this wonderful family.

From Chelsea's mother, Colleen:

Chelsea Faith has always been an extraordinary person, full of exuberant joy. Her personality, intelligence, clothes, music, and kindness were legendary. She discovered at the age of 3 that she could pick up any musical instrument and play a tune she had heard, or the well-composed song she'd just written in her head. At age 13, she picked up a Japanese music magazine and acquired 78 pen pals, handwriting personal letters to each of them. Some of those friendships endure to this day. It was on a solo trip to Japan at age 15, that she picked up her adopted name, Cherushii. It was so much easier to pronounce than Chelsea. Her high school experience says so much about her. She didn't want the typical cookie-cutter experience, so she put together a plan to attend an alternative home-study program while attending the local community college music program and taking the bus to the SF Music Conservatory to study classical piano. She turned to electronic music when she realized it allowed her to play the complex and haunting melodies she heard in her head. What she wanted to produce was more orchestral than one instrument could provide. Composition was her speciality. Performing Live PA was her love. Chelsea Faith and Travis Hough formed the fabulously fun party band, Easy Street. Her favorite city outside of San Francisco was Berlin, and she traveled there as often as possible to perform. She has made close friends around the world and the US while on tour. Because she loved music so much, Chelsea had a radio program as DJ Cherushii at the UC Berkeley radio station, KALX. She loved doing special shows that told the history of electronic music. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of the electronic genres, as well as classical piano works. Nothing Chelsea Faith did was ordinary. She was an adventurer; she was stellar in every way, and she will always be the star of our hearts. Chelsea was just about to release a new Cherushii CD. I hope one of her producer friends will make sure that happens.

From Chelsea's sister, Sabrina: 

Everyone who met Chelsea knew there was something special about her. She was an open book, she was unapologetic about who she was and chased her dreams like most people don't have the courage to do. She was incredibly independent, but also deeply valued and leaned on the people around her. She found joy in the silly things, she loved to laugh and laughed loudly. She was incredibly kind and accepting of others, no matter who you were. The word that keeps coming up for the many who knew her is "magical". She was always dressed in colorful clothes. Glitter, sparkles, neon, iridescent, stripes and patterns. She was still a child in many ways, she never lost that. She wanted everyone to have fun, be happy and when she was in your presence you were usually smiling. I was always jealous of her social skills, the way she was able to put everyone at ease around her. I was also jealous of her intelligence, as she was smarter than most but was also so modest. Modest about her talent as a musician. Modest about her schooling. Modest about her effect on the community. As I write all this, none of it seems to do her justice. Words can't describe her. You just had to experience her. I am so grateful she was my sister, we got to grow up together, and what a crazy and unique life we both had side by side for those years. She was one of a kind, truly, and the world will never be the same.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 10, 2016

Posted on December 10, 2016

We are truly touched by all of the love and support. Thank you so much. We just wanted to share some of Chelsea's music & videos in case anyone wants to hear it:






Posted on December 8, 2016

Posted on December 8, 2016

Thank you all so much for the contributions, for the love, for your incredibly kind words and for the support.

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