Help Clair's Army make her home Accessible.

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Calgary, AB, Canada
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Help Clair's Army make her home Accessible. (Clair Thorley)
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The Story

Clair's Story

On January 27, 2016, Clair and her husband, Nigel decided to go, skiing while their two children where in school.  On their first run of the day, Clair hit a patch of sheer ice and lost control, falling at high speed and sliding into a patch of trees. The resulting accident caused significant trauma to Clair's body, including: a broken shoulder, broken ribs, a punctured lung and several broken vertebrae, partially severing her spine. she was rushed to Foothills Medical Centre and into surgery where her spine was stabilized and the extent of her injuries determined. Clair is now paralyzed from the armpits down. Once her bones have healed, she will require intensive rehabilitation in order to adjust to her new body and to finally, be able to go home to her young children (Zach, 6 and Alex, 9). 

As you can imagine, Clair will need her entire house to be modified for her new body. Wheelchairs, ramps, stair lifts and extensive bathroom renovations and vehicle modifications will all need to be in place, when Clair is released from her intensive rehabilitation program. Clair's family needs your help to accomplish the extensive remodeling required.

Now, this is how her friends envision her accident......

On January 27, 2016, Clair and her husband, Nigel were out enjoying the beautiful Alberta sunshine on a local ski hill. On their first run of the morning, the unthinkable happened. As Clair was gracefully carving her way down the majestic, ice covered, slopes, a huge Wampa**- straight from the ice-planet Hoth - rose from a small copse of trees in font of her. With a ferocious growl, he startled Clair in the midst of her Olympic style turns, causing her to lose balance and crash on the icy slopes. She slid several feet into the very copse of trees that the monster had hidden in, only moments before, smashing into one of the trees.

After the accident a posse was formed and the elusive Wampa was hunted, skinned and his pelt given to Clair as a trophy (see picture above)....


Please consider donating to help the most amazing, hilarious, upbeat person I know. Her fortitude and resilience are an inspiration. Her family and friends are hoping that, with your help, she will again achieve the independence at home we all crave.  

Clair, her husband Nigel and her children, Alex (9) and Zach (6) thank everyone for their love and support.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 25, 2016

Posted on July 25, 2016

Hi all, it's Clair again.

I've been home for a few weeks now but only without any visitors for the last week, so I've had help getting used to things back home and had help to make some changes where needed. I finally got out of hospital at the beginning of June, due to delays in equipment arriving that was essential for me to be at home. All the house mods needed were completed on time, so it was a little frustrating to have to wait for a shower/commode chair!

The bathroom renos and other house mods have made life much easier, although there are times I wish the stair lift went a bit faster (time to use my engineering skills perhaps?!). I now have a ramp out to the back deck, so I can enjoy the summer. There is still some carpet to replace upstairs and plenty of rearranging and tidying to do to keep me busy.

I'm getting better (stronger) at transferring in and out of vehicles, so I can get about more easily. The next step will be to get back to driving myself. This requires a few modifications to our van so I can get in more efficiently, operate the gas and brake pedals with hand controls and have the means to get my chair in and out of the side door independently. I'll also need to pass a driving test again. I'm hoping to get that done this summer, although current reliability issues with our van mean we may have to hold off and look into getting a newer one. The mods will cost more than it is currently worth, so there are a few things to look into before getting on with that.

Being back home is great, if a little tiring at times. Although the therapists at the hospital did a great job of helping me prepare for life after my injury, lots of things are being relearned or tried for the first time. Cooking meals for the family can be challenging when you are sat down. Reaching across the sink or worktop is hard and trying to do that while carrying a full, hot, pan of food with no core muscles is next to impossible!! This said, I am finding lots of new recipes which use only one pan or dish to avoid having to need too much help and the kids are being really helpful while I work everything out.

The funds raised here to date have paid for the bathroom reno, stair lift and modifications to the front of the house so I can get in. We are so very grateful for the generosity of all who donated here and to those who donated their time and talents to set up this page and other events. All this has helped cover the costs of making the changes necessary for me to adapt to life after my injury and we feel very fortunate to have such amazing friends who are supporting us at this time.

So, thanks again and I'll post more updates as things progress.
Clair x

Posted on May 2, 2016

Posted on May 2, 2016

So, it's not Myrna here, it's me, Clair.

Lots of things have been happening since the last update on here. My physio sessions have been expanded to include weights and cardio workouts in the gym and my arms have got a lot stronger, which helps with other skills like transfers from my chair to bed etc. Last week I was able to transfer from my chair to the passenger seat of our van, which makes me so happy!
I've also been working on balancing skills, to try and get some of my core muscles working. It's hard work and I'm pretty wobbly, but I'm assured that will improve over time.
I have been able to get out a few times using the Calgary Transit Access buses, which makes my kids happy. They don't like visiting me in the hospital, so it's much better for them to see me in a more normal setting.
Looking forward, I have a provisional date for my release; May 18th, so I am looking forward to getting home and back to my family and getting into a routine that works for me and my altered state. Renovations are under way to allow me access throughout our home, although the timing could be pretty close for some areas!

Posted on March 10, 2016

Posted on March 10, 2016

It's been six weeks since Clair's accident and she is working diligently on her rehabilitation. She spends time every day doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy, learning how to work with her body so that she can come home to her family. 

As Clair works towards her goal of coming home, we are continuing our fundraising efforts to make her transition as easy as possible. 

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