URGENT Critical Care Funds Needed for 5 Dogs!!

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URGENT Critical Care Funds Needed for 5 Dogs!! (City Dogs Rescue)
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The Story

City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties relies exclusively on donations to care for our animals. We currently have five dogs in need of critical care or were recently treated due to the urgency of their need. The total cost for these life-saving procedures is expected to exceed $20,000. Please help us raise money to offset these medical expenses and be prepared for the next emergency medical need that comes our way. 


Our sweet boy Finn needed emergency gastrointestinal surgery before he even made it to DC! This poor guy couldn't eat or stop vomiting. Volunteers brought him to the vet and it was determined he was severely bloated and they decided he needed emergency exploratory surgery. The vets are still trying to resolve his condition and we're hoping for the best.
Emergency surgery and aftercare for Finn is expected to exceed $1000.

(unfortunately Larry's fundraiser didn't fill last month and he is still awaiting surgery)
Larry is the most lovable lab. He was discarded at a kill shelter at the young age of one with a poorly "healed" fracture of the thigh. He was most likely hit by a car and was never treated. Because of abnormal healing, Larry now suffers from medial patella luxation like Tyler. This is a painful condition as the knee slips in and out of joint and is causing extreme muscle atrophy in the knee and hip. Left untreated Larry will develop severe arthritis and is predisposed to further ligament damage. Larry is a young dog in otherwise great health. Not correcting his injury will result in a lifetime of pain management and further lameness. This adorable guy deserves a lifetime of comfort, playtime, and hikes and should suffer because he wasn’t cared for early in life.
Combined costs of pre-op, surgery and post-op care are expected to exceed $7000.

Sweet Gypsy is not even 2 years old yet and has been diagnosed with mast cell tumors along her back. The good news is the tumors still appear to be detached and therefore easily removed and won't cause any further issues for Gypsy. The surgery to remove the tumors needed to happen as soon as possible to ensure they didn't spread and then become a significant problem for Gypsy.
The costs to remove Gypsy's tumors are expected to exceed $4500.

Adorable basset mix Tyler is suffering from a spine/hip injury. This sweet boy is only a year old and can't maneuver stairs well. When he runs he skips and can't move freely. We originally thought his issue stemmed from a luxating patella, but now the doctors think there is a bit more going on. He went in for additional tests and we will know the results soon. The final cost of his care is now currently unknown, but we will update as soon as we have more information.
He is still undergoing diagnostics and observation. Current diagnostics $550. Final cost of care TBD.


Sweet smush face Joey suffers from an abnormal bladder that causes very painful impacted bladder stones. This condition would cause Joey's kidneys to fail and his young life cut significantly short. The only option allowing him to live was surgical correction and at a year old, he deserves a chance at a good, pain-free life.
The costs of Joey's surgery and care are expected to exceed $8000.

We are so grateful for your support that allows us to treat these wonderful animals who have come to rescue neglected and unloved. The cost of care is great, but they are worth every penny. Please help us turn their lives around by making a tax-deductible contribution to help us with these costs. Thank you.

*Confirmation of your donation is sent via Paypal. Please keep as evidence of payment for your records. Per regulatory requirements, CDR sends email receipts for donations of $250 or more if a name and email address is provided. CDR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

**Funds raised in excess of the goal will go toward animals under the care of CDR.

***Troy moved to a standalone fundraiser, https://www.youcaring.com/citydogsrescue-846509.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 21, 2017

Posted on August 21, 2017

We wanted to share some happy updates! 

Joey recovered very well from his surgery and found the best dad to adopt him and continue his care. 

Tyler is still being treated for a UTI, but doctors are hopefully they can find the exact treatment to get him over the hump. He found a great family who will continue is care. 

Gypsy had a tough recovery from her surgery, but all of her tumors were removed with clean margins and she has a great prognosis. And...Gypsy just found her forever home in Arlington!

Unfortunately, Larry is still delayed. 

Thank you all for your generous donations. All of these sweet dogs have moved on to happy families and can now live long healthy lives. 

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URGENT Critical Care Funds Needed for 5 Dogs!!

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