Critical Need! Surgeries for Winona, Raleigh, & Apollo

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The Story

Please donate to provide life-saving medical care for Apollo, Raleigh and Now Winona!
$20,500 Needed for Treatment & Surgeries.

As we continue to rescue animals from certain euthanasia, medical costs add up. To provide the best care for our cats and dogs, we need to occasionally ask for more help. These animals often come from neglect and require extra vet care when they come into rescue. Apollo, Raleigh, and now Winona are in great need right now.

*New Emergency Case* WINONA
Winona had to have her eye removed and unfortunately had surgical complications. She had to have emergency surgery yesterday to locate the cause and stop a severe infection in her eye.
Winona woke up with blood all over her face and was rushed to the emergency vet.Her eye had formed an abscess and required a CT scan to determine how far the infection spread. Then surgery was performed to remove all infected tissue as well as a culture to determine the exact bacteria involved so the best antibiotic could be administered to get her healthy ASAP.
Background: Winona was turned into a NC shelter very sick with an upper respiratory infection along with 5 other cats. They were slated to be euthanized the next day because they were so sick and the shelter was unable to treat them. We rescued all 6 cats. Winona was the worst off and stayed behind 2 months as she recovered from her ordeal. She was then deemed well enough for her health certificate and we were told by the local vet that her eye was always going to be cloudy due to her past history, but that it should not bother her and no further treatment was necessary. Winona was then adopted and their vet decided the eye should be removed. The adopter didn't want to deal with this procedure, so Winona was returned to us. We consulted with the eye specialist and decided to move forward with eye removal.
WINONA - TOTAL: $4,239
  • Culture - $297
  • CT scan only- $600
  • Surgery - $3342

Raleigh is still awaiting hip surgery! Raleigh has been a bit of a puzzle. During her 10 months with us she's exhibited various on and off symptoms that vets treated conservatively (GI distress, occasional limp). However, Raleigh's symptoms continued and required further investigation. After a colonoscopy Raleigh was found to have several polyps causing her GI distress. Since their removal, she is feeling so much better. While she was under anesthesia we took the opportunity to look at her hips to see what might be causing her lameness. As of right now we know definitively that she has bilateral hip dysplasia--a tough diagnosis in itself--but the radiologist also saw an area of concern on her right hip. Possible bone cancer. Raleigh will now need to undergo and CT scan with a needle biopsy to confirm or deny the findings. Unfortunately, her medical ups and downs have deterred many applicants and she is still in foster care. But lucky Raleigh has an amazing foster, Amy, and she has agreed to see Raleigh through all her treatments! Please donate to help Raleigh on her road to recovery and to make sure she lives her fullest life. 

Great news! Raleigh no longer needs heartworm treament! We start all of our HW+ dogs on the slow-kill treatment and then move them to regular injections if that doesn't work. Looks like slow-kill worked for Raleigh and she is now heartworm free!!
  • Colonoscopy - $3786.40
  • CT scan only- $600 (Good news. Needle biopsy no longer needed!)
  • Hip surgery - $5095

Apollo, another long-timer, has a limiting but correctable disability.
UPDATE! Thanks to your donations so far, Apollo started his treatment and successfully completed his surgery. He's in his hard cast and managing well. He still has more care ahead of him averaging about $1200.

Apollo arrived in our care with an old hyperextension injury to his left front wrist. Because it was never treated at the time of injury, the soft tissue healed in this extended state. Now Apollo's wrist hits the ground whenever he walks resulting in a painful pressure sore leaving him lame and susceptible to infection. Apollo is a candidate for arthrodesis surgery that can brace his wrist so his leg will stand correctly and no longer cause further injury. This surgery has an extensive recovery and physical therapy time so it could not be pursued until Apollo was in a permanent home. However, because of the injury and subsequent surgery and recovery, many adopters walked away. So Apollo waited. To mitigate the injury to his leg, Apollo wore a therapeutic brace while waiting for his person to come along. We discussed the amputation option with several vets and all agreed a front leg amputation should not be the choice when a leg can be saved. Front leg amputations are discouraged because so many dogs develop hip arthritis and rely on their front legs later in life for mobility. Well Apollo's person finally came along and now he is ready for his surgery! We are so excited for him. Apollo loves adventures and in the not so distant future he will able to enjoy his life to the fullest. Please donate to help him achieve his goal!
APOLLO - TOTAL: $5684-7184
  • Pre-op $592-$952
  • Arthrodesis $3660 - $4800
  • Post-op $1232
  • Physical therapy $200
  • "Arthrodesis is the artificial induction of joint ossification between two bones by surgery. This is done to relieve intractable pain in a joint which cannot be managed by pain medication, splints, or other normally indicated treatments." Wikipedia

We're fortunate to be able to provide this level of care thanks to your generosity. We hope we never have to decide not to treat or rehabilitate animals in our care due to cost alone. 
Please make a tax-deductible contribution to help us with these costs and ensure their future. Thank you.


*Confirmation of your donation is sent via Paypal. Please keep as evidence of payment for your records. Per regulatory requirements, CDR sends email receipts for donations of $250 or more if a name and email address is provided. CDR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

**Funds raised in excess of the goal will go toward animals under the care of CDR.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 15, 2018


Posted on March 15, 2018

UPDATE! Thanks to your donations so far, Apollo started his treatment and successfully completed his surgery. He's in his hard cast and managing well. He still has more care ahead of him averaging about $1200.

Posted on February 10, 2018


Posted on February 10, 2018

Good news for Raleigh! Thanks to all your generous donations so far, Raleigh had her CT scan today. The results revealed she did not need the needle biopsy and that the suspicious area is related to her hip dysplasia and NOT bone cancer! Raleigh will now start her heartworm treatment next week and so she'll be ready for her hip dysplasia surgery in a few months. 

Thank you!!

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Critical Need! Surgeries for Winona, Raleigh, & Apollo

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