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You can make donations via this site, or mail checks made out to Montoya Family Donation Fund to P.O. Box 3094, Roanoke, Virginia 24015 or go to any SunTrust bank and make a deposit to the Montoya Family Donation Fund.  Thank you.

To donate to Tom and Lindsay McKinnon, please go to or mail checks to McKinnon Family Donation Fund to P.O. Box 3094 Roanoke, Virginia 24015 or go to any Wells Fargo bank and make a deposit to the McKinnon Family Donation Fund.

Christy Montoya needs our help. She has endured third degree burns to her arms, hands, airway, and back. She is in the ICU Burn Unit and has already undergone excruciating skin grafting surgery - all while she is staying so totally strong.  Christy is a hairdresser. That is how she helps care for her family.  Christy uses her hands to provide for her family.  Christy will need ongoing follow-up care for her burns that may last months. You can imagine the medical expenses that this sweet family will endure and the possible long term consequences to Christy's ability to provide for her family in a field that she loves. Please open your pockets to help them. This is a such a tragic event.

From caring bridge:
Tom, Lindsay, and Christy (who was visiting with her family) are currently in the ICU burn unit at the hospital at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem.  They were all transported there from Roanoke.  Christy has burns to her face and hands, and while she will be in the burn unit for a week at the very least, her spirits are very high.  Tom and Lindsay experienced smoke inhalation, so they are being admitted for observation for the next 24 hours.  Christy's husband, Zak, and her two daughters are doing fine and are in Winston-Salem.

Patrick and Logan are soaring with the angels now.  Bless their incredible souls. 

We have a site set up for donations for both families (similar to gofundme, but less fees).

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 23, 2016

Posted on December 23, 2016

Here is an update from Zak and Christy on their family and her recovery.  Despite some setbacks, Christy continues to show incredible bravery.  Their grace and strength is astounding.  Let us all continue to lift them up with our prayers and donations for Christy's physical recovery this holiday season.  

Latest update on Christy and family from her husband.... 

"Well the past couple months have been extremely interesting. Despite several setbacks, Christy has remained positive and persistent. Christy unfortunately injured her knee while rehabbing her burn injuries. She tore her ACL and required surgery. She had the surgery in the middle of November and is currently working on rehab. She should have full mobility in 5 months. Christy has one more surgery scheduled before the end of the year to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. We pray that she heals quickly and painlessly from the extraction. 

Christy has about a year of recovery left for her burn injuries. Our great friend Valerie Zack has graciously lent her talented hands to the massaging of scar tissue on a regular basis. Our friend Laurie Dorsey has been providing Christy with yoga as part of her PT and she has found that as well as climbing to be the best all around therapy for her. Christy continues to see improvement in her skin and mobility. 

Christy is starting to take some clients at home, but work is still extremely limited especially with this second injury. A small amount of work is good to help with the recuperation of her hands and movement in her shoulders. She also gets such pleasure from the people she works with. 

Our family continues to receive gracious help from family and friends. Meals continue to be provided and friends are considerately offering help when needed. My (Zak's) parents were living with us during the transition period of their move to Charlotte North Carolina. They sold their house in Chesapeake in August  and lived with us until last week. Their help was greatly appreciated. 

This  October we were fortunate to visit Roanoke and Asheville. We spent some amazing and healing time with Tom and Lindsay. The bond between us all is continually strengthened by your continued prayers of love and light. We also were blessed to have numerous gatherings, dinners, and talks with so many other friends in the area that were such an intricate part of helping since March. Thank you. 

Christmas will be quiet this year with no more family in town. We are still surrounded by great friends and look forward to a peaceful and stress free holiday with our beautiful girls. They have just been discharged from counseling and although a few things come up, they are well adjusted. 

We would like to thank all of you again for your continued support both emotionally and financially. Our family has been increasingly blessed by all who partake in our healing. Your grace has softened the harsh realities of this long recovery effort. We love you all and wish we could thank you all separately." 

-Montoya family 

Posted on May 18, 2016

Posted on May 18, 2016

Here is an update from Christy and Zak Montoya on Christy's long road to recovery.  Hospital bills are starting to roll in for this sweet family and they can use all of the help that you are willing to give.  Please continue to share their story and keep this fundraising effort going for Christy and Zak.

Christy is met with daily challenges as she continues to adjust to her new normal. Christy’s current state requires daily OT and PT which proves to be both challenging and extremely necessary. Christy will remain in compression dressings for 12-18 months. She has purchased her first set of custom garments from the overseeing hospital and recently received them from the tailor. Unfortunately, the garments are ill fitting and uncomfortable at no fault to any of her health care providers. Zak and Christy are
currently seeking different options that may yield the same results but be more comfortable for Christy in the long run.  

Regardless of these challenges, Christy remains upbeat in the face of adversity and anxiety. She has organized a fire safety talk at Bella and Gianna’s school and looks forward spreading awareness to as many people as possible.

Hospital and insurance bills are starting to roll in. The numbers are staggering. Christy and Zak are extremely grateful for all the fundraising thus far and continue to feel extremely blessed for the grace shown to them by the community and by God. While the future remains uncertain, the Montoya’s are faithful and prayerful that Christy will be able to regain dexterity in her hands and return to the career she loves and needs.

Posted on April 24, 2016

Posted on April 24, 2016

An update on Christy Montoya's recovery from Christy and Zak.  Thank you for your continued support and for continuing to get the word out to raise money for their family and Christy's recovery.

Shared with permission from Christy and Zak:

Its been a little over a week since Christy has been home from inpatient rehab. Things have been busy for the family as they adjust to outpatient care. Christy is working hard at outpatient  OT/PT 2-3 times per week, as well as multiple follow up doctor appointments They are thankful to their local news stations channel 10 and 3 for coming to do update interviews, They also would like to thank Moving 107.7 radio station for doing a  week of “Caring for Christy” this week. The radio station will be playing a small piece each morning at 8am on the story.

There has been great support from their local community through prayers, food, help, and many small fundraisers. They of course feel the love from the friends in Roanoke/ Blacksburg area especially as they attended the memorial for Patrick and Logan last weekend.

They are thankful for continued support to the Youcaring website and the Montoya Family Donation fund, and they say they don’t have words big enough.

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