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Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang provides round the clock, critical care to injured, orphaned, and sick foals, (domestic and wild).  

The above baby "Cowboy" was rescued and despite one of our vets telling us he should be euthanized, we gave him a chance.  Today he is a healthy and happy young horse living in WA State. 


We rescue entire families of wild horses, and also pick up the orphans created by the families being sent to slaughter.

We are constantly on the road and need a larger Living Quarters trailer that will allow us to pick up more of the babies at a time.  Currently we are the only rescue invited to two of the shipping yards, so even though we have to travel to Yakima WA from Golconda NV, when God puts these babies in front of us, we go.

We were previously using 2 rigs, but fuel prices, lodging etc. are making it impossible to run 2 rigs every time.  

We need help to update our trailer, provide hay, special feed and veterinary care for the 27 horses that are currently at our rescue and to get the materials to fence our additional 5 acres so we can save more horses. is where you can find out more about us.


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 28, 2018

Posted on March 28, 2018

Hi all,

I have to write this from the heart, as there is no other way for me to share the truth. We had great success and saved 3 moms with their babies. We also saved 7 weanlings, 6 of whom are in horrific shape. They are starving and what you could call a hot mess. However, the next phase is starting for them. They are being treated and are now enjoying good food and a chance to relax.

Sadly, we lost our beautiful "My Heart's Desire". She had a freak accident and snapped her leg, much like my femur did. She ripped her femoral artery and sadly baby passed with her very quickly. We did everything we could, but Mom and Baby left this earth together. It was still so much better for them than slaughter, and mama knew lots of love and tenderness. But that does not help when your heart is in a million pieces.

**We are not even home yet, and we received a 911 EMERGENCY CALL**. _I am sitting in my girlfriend's living room writing this as I don't have time to drive the rest of the way home before we send this out._

We got called about a family of six, and **we have hours to say yes, save them or no,** we can't help them **and they will ship straight to slaughter.**

**There is a mom with a teeny tiny new baby**, (and if we can't save the family, we will be heading up to pick up an orphan.) **The stallion**, who has worked so hard to take care of his family **is the most likely to ship**. **CHILLY PEPPER is literally his ONLY chance to live.** _There are 3 heavily pregnant mares that finish up this family. Again, I cannot bear to think of these babies being born in a stuffed trailer heading to slaughter. If Mom gives birth during the trip due to the stress, they will be brutally trampled and not have a chance of surviving the trip. IF they make it through the trip, they will be tossed alive on to the slaughter floor._ **I am sorry this is so brutal, but it is the simple truth.**

The trapper is literally at the site loading them in his trailer. We are working with folks in WA to try and find a place for them to land, at least long enough for us to raise enough money to save them. Chilly Pepper cannot take on a bunch of adult horses, but as we are the only ones who can take on a stallion, if we can save them all we will figure that out. He doesn't deserve to be murdered just because he is a stud.

**PHONE JUST RANG AGAIN - IN ADDITION, WE NEED TO pick up 2 mares and foals as well as an undetermined number of orphans this next week,** IF we can raise enough funds to purchase, vet and transport this next group. Y'all did awesome this last time and saved 15 horses from facing slaughter.


Below, the Family of 6, - just the beginning as there are already 4 more on top of that and the week is just starting.........

Posted on March 11, 2018


Posted on March 11, 2018

911   (I just got notice that over 300 horses are supposed to be coming in.  WHO KNOWS HOW MANY BABIES we will need to bring back.  There might be an option for a mom or two, but the chance of their being lots of babies is about 100%

I want to thank everyone for the love and support.  As the hours tick by, the chances that we will need to pick up even more horses when we are called rises.  Only once out of about 60+ times we have picked up horses has it been the original number.  At this point, we are looking for at last the 2 yearlings, baby & Mama, possible 2 pregnant mares and any other babies that come in.  As more horses come in to fill the deadly truck, their babies will also need to be picked up to save their lives.

The shelter that we need will be about $10,000.  This will provide a safe and warm stall for all three mom's and babies, and will also be able to house critical and orphaned foals who need a temperature controlled environment.  When my leg snapped last year Matt was picking up 23 orphans.  So the numbers are large and this building will provide the critically correct environment it takes to save some of these orphans. 

As many of you know, my husband and I ran both of our personal trucks literally into the ground hauling horses for the rescue.  He is buying (paying on) another truck and has already put over 30,000 rescue miles on it since he bought it.  The rescue truck pretty much lives at the shop and God led us to what seems like the perfect hauler yesterday.  It is a "hauling motor" and we can get it for $10,000.  We HAVE to have a good truck for saving these horses' lives as we have spent more than our share time broken down.  God has always put us in a safe place, but this truck is built for hauling.  It's not fancy or even pretty, but it checks out to be a great truck for what we do.  Of course any vehicle can have issues, but we need this one.  We cannot afford a big payment or to buy a new truck.  

Posted on March 9, 2018


Posted on March 9, 2018


_**BABY SEASON IS HERE!** We have already done 9 horses so far....._

_I received an urgent call this afternoon. We have a teeny, tiny little one whose mama is scheduled to ship out, unless we can pull off another miracle. We also are looking at two yearlings IF we can raise enough funds for them. But it gets worse, apparently there is at least one, if not more, very pregnant mares about to ship._

**For those of you who have never seen the reality of slaughter, that baby will be sliced out of its mama and thrown alive on the slaughter floor.** That is the reality. This is why we work non-stop, often literally 24/7 around the clock taking care of babies to try and save as many as we can.

_(I cried all afternoon thinking about the baby and the horses. But I know that all we can do is our best, and I am thankful we are given a chance to save some.)_

We don't always have the option of saving mom, and in all reality we are full. So,
**IF WE HAVE A CHANCE TO SAVE MOM and the heavily pregnant mare and the baby's mama, we need help NOW, and lots of it. WHO WE SAVE will depend directly on how much money is raised to save their lives.** We know we will find a way to get the little one, but I don't want to leave horses behind that we could save.

**UNLESS we just take the orphan, we will need to set up another shelter before we leave** to be able to get the very pregnant mare and to save mama and baby.

We don't have time to build one, we will need to pick up the phone and have on of our little shelters delivered. I was told that everyone might ship by tomorrow, or it could be a couple of days or a week. **It only takes 15 more bodies to complete the load.** We are very fortunate that the shipper really tries to work with us, and we are grateful for that.

However, since we will be driving about 12 hours to get there, and we may get called as soon as tomorrow, we have to be ready. At this point we have zero in the budget to go get horse kids. Between the last 9 (the Fabulous 5), Justein & Lil Jo, Jolene (aka Racoon), and the little baby who cost about $600 in the end to make sure she was no longer suffering and make sure what we were doing was best for her little life, funds dwindled quickly. Add to that $900 of emergency trailer repairs on the road and the $1100 of hay yesterday, well that puts us very low.

So as it stands, we have one orphan to pick up and two yearlings. We need funds to make that happen and then we can start saving more lives, depending on how long it takes to raise the funds. I have to know the minute he calls who we can afford to save. **We have to get another shelter and get a space set up for the new baby and HOPEFULLY - his/her mama too.**

CAN YOU HELP US SAVE "Baby, his/her Mama, two yearlings, and one or more VERY PREGNANT MARES? Until we upgrade the LQ, we will have to run two trucks and trailers depending on how many of these horses we can save.

_I simply cannot bear the thought of the baby being thrown aside and dying on the slaughter house floor. I am sorry as I know hearing that will upset many people, but this is what your donations stop._ **YOU are the difference for these horses. Matt and I will work non-stop but we do not have the funds to save these kids on our own.**

On top of all this, we have outgrown our beautiful rolling hospital. Running 2 trucks n 2 trailers is killing the rescues' funds. We found the perfect (USED OF COURSE) 4 horse LQ. It is much safer for me, (My leg is not being nice) and it has WAY more room for babies/horses than the 3 horse. (No wasted space in the horse area as there are no mangers or side storage. It's $27,000 (with taxes etc.) but will pay for itself via fuel n lodging savings in a couple years. We will be selling the current Rolling Foal Hospital. The money we save in lodging and fuel will make the trailer payments each month, so once we have a down payment we are golden.

In doing taxes for 2017, **we spent close to $20,000+ in fuel and about $5000 in lodging**. This was partially due to the ISPMB rescue, and **the rest is due to all the other 250+/- horses we rescued, picked up, shared with other rescuers and transported.**

The babies need milk powder ($149 per bag) , milk pellets, ($100 a bag), grain, vaseline, Colostrum ($100 + per bottle) gloves, baby wipes, meds etc. etc. to have a chance at a real life.


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