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The Story

PHASE 2:  Not only does Shadow still need her new pen, (although a shelter is on the way PTL!!), due to the situation at ISPMB in South Dakota we will be welcoming at least two new blind horses to live with Shadow.  We have incurred thousands and thousands of dollars expense in helping to take some of the excess horses with special needs from the rescue in South Dakota.  As we specialize in critical care, we deliberately chose the ones who needed extra help, and although it is costly, we have gotten them whatever care they needed.

We have to drive over 1100 miles each time we go, and to date my husband is on trip number 5 and I am on trip number 4 as I actually stayed on site for several months.  We are heading back up as I write this and may be staying 4-6 weeks, depending on the outcome of the Court Hearing on Friday, January 27, 2017.  Either way, most likely more horses will need to be rounded up and sorted so I will be staying to do that and Matt will be hauling horses.  This is a very expensive maneuver and we desperately need your help.   To date all of us together have helped place 270 horses.  There are still 540 horses whose fate is uncertain.  But we know for sure that Matt has to make at least 3 more trips minimum to get the horses.

So due to the special needs horses we are adding to the mix, there will be even more shelters and pens needed.  So please help if you can.

PHASE I :  SHADOW is a blind, wild, orphaned foal.  Not only was her whole family ripped away from her and sent to slaughter, she had a horrific accident and head injury.  Life is a bit scary for her, as not only is she blind, but still quite wild.  So everything is harder right now.  She and the other orphans need your help!

During the "sorting", while her family was loaded on to the slaughter truck, and her mama was screaming for her as she was ripped away, Shadow panicked and ran into a panel, smashing her head so hard it ruptured her eye and severely damaged her other eye. 

She needed surgery to remove her eye and she is now blind for all intents and purposes. 

We need to build her a large, SAFE pen and put up a shelter for her.  We need shelter for all the orphans but need to make a special and safe shelter and pen for Shadow and her "buddies".

It is getting cold here and she needs to be able to exercise and play and have a shelter she can easily get in and out of.  She needs a separate area just for her so she can "know her space" and run and play like a normal baby. 

She is doing extremely well but she will need a larger place asap.  We also need to provide more shelter for the other orphans and rescued horses before winter.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 9, 2017

Posted on February 9, 2017

We are back in "below freezing" South Dakota once again.  Unfortunately this time we cannot stay on site so that adds more expenses to the project.  We are working in -18 below wind chill temps and it is not fun. 

However, we are making progress.  We have had to purchase thousands of dollars of panels, and unfortunately many of them are being used to secure unsafe areas where the horses are at risk of being injured from loose barbed wire and jagged hog fencing.  The areas where we work the horses and put pressure on them to round them up, sort and load have to be safe.

We need about $1100 +/- each day for hay at ISPMB, and although there are several folks all working together to fund raise for this effort, we are still short of the funds needed to ensure this mission is a success.  Meanwhile, back at the rescue in NV, we are having to pay a "ranch hand" to care for the members of our rescue, which include 6 babies from ISPMB as well as the blind ISPMB filly and of course the other horses.  We have spent close to $3000 in milk products for the 6 and they are starting to do much better.

Please help us save the rest of the nearly 500 horses so we can go home and take care of our own rescue.  Thank You! 

Posted on January 24, 2017

Posted on January 24, 2017

Matt and I are on the way back to get more horses.  Please help us if you can.  I will post an update after the hearing on January 27, 2016

It is possible that 540 horses will need a home immediately following the hearing.  We need help asap.  Thank you for your love and support.

Posted on November 19, 2016

Posted on November 19, 2016

Matt and I are still in South Dakota, at ISPMB  We are here to help load, sort and transport horses to their new homes.  Unfortunately, we need funds to accomplish this.  We are also saving more horses and taking them back to Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang.  But they like their food, so the number we can save depends greatly on the funds we have to feed them while they are in our care.

There are a MINIMUM of 300 horses whose fate will be decided on December 1st.  There are not enough homes and we are fighting desperately to keep them from going to slaughter.  The more horses we have funds to support, the more we can save.

We need sanctuary for stallions, homes for mares and foals and funds to make this happen.

SHADOW, meanwhile, has had her temporary pen enlarged with the panels we were able to get, but we cannot move her until we get her special shelter and "smooth" lol fencing so she can run and play and still be safe even though she is blind.  She is a very happy little girl and is thriving in spite of her blindness.  But as the cold winter weather moves in, we would like to be able to make her barn and give her a large enough pen so she can run and play and stay warm.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING THESE HORSES.  The 300 literally have days left, and they are beautiful and deserve a life.

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