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The Story

In July of 2014, I found myself in the ER and was admitted to the hospital with surgery afterwards. All in the midst of trying to move! I was able to get immediate needs covered but now I find myself, a bit over a year later, burdened financially and emotionally with debt.

Shortly after surgery, we relocated and I became unemployed. I was able to find a contract project back in April/May 2015 that paid well enough for me to pay down some of the debt incurred in 2014. The copays and deductibles of the hospital stay and surgery were quite high. I was unemployed most of the year. My long-term partner was able to cover our housing (we were in the SF Bay Area so this is quite high), bills and the like. Plus he took on some of my medical expenses from previous year and paid for the copays that I could not. However, I still have outstanding student loans in excess of $50,000 which I was able to get deferred for a time. I do have about $10,000 in other education related debt that I was paying on when I had income. I was able to find a decent part-time job for a time. My mental health suffered from the gloom of the Bay Area.

We moved back to Arizona in Sept 2016 with the goal of returning to a place with more in person support available plus lower living costs and more sunshine. I was able to work for a brief time but was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and impaired kidney function. So I am trying to find something part-time or work-from-home. I simply do not have the physical or mental energy to maintain a full-time job and cope with my illnesses. These are serious and I would like to stop the death spiral and return to some semblance of health.

My partner truly does what he can but we just found out that the portion that his employer pays to cover my health insurance will now count as additional taxable income. There will likely be further changes due to the new government now in place.

In addition, our home was broken into while we were visiting family. A few items were stolen including nearly my entire collection of jewelry the bulk of which were gifts and held great meaning to me. This has really impacted on my sense of safety and well-being.

So I thought I would send this out into the universe and see what happens. Where will the money go? Pay the copays and other expenses incurred while trying to maintain and improve my health by seeing my primary care doctor, a therapist and taking my medications.

If you do not understand about depression, here are a few links: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/depression/index.shtml http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-a-z/D/depression/ http://www.healthline.com/health/depression/effects-on-body

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 15, 2017

Posted on May 15, 2017

Mother's Day just happened.  I read all the memes and tributes and whatnot.  I felt wistful that I couldn't call my own mom.   Though I am happy for those with good relationships with their moms.  The partner that I live with called his mom and she was effusive about the gift I sent her.  My other partner doesn't have a relationship with his mom so he likely spent the day making chainmail, playing Kerbel and the like.  

My mental health month fundraiser hasn't attracted much attention so that makes me sad.  It's here if you want to take a look.  https://www.booster.com/intomentalhealthI added more color and style choices as well as a donate button for those who wish to support the campaign without getting a t-shirt.    

Had a burst of energy and cleaned the parrots cages.  Also left the house and dropped by the pharmacy and visited Penzeys for more ginger (for my nausea) and a yummy spice mix that we ran out of.  V. tired now though.  Will probably curl up and stay inside for a day or two.  Feeling very drained.  

Mental Health America has a list of things to boost your mental health http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/31-tips-boost-your-mental-healthSome of them are geared towards those who are higher functioning that I am (people with money, energy and good health).  However, #27 is something I can do and something I enjoy.  I have blank cards that have somehow accumulated over time and I sent out some last week.  It made me smile.  I will try to send out another one this week if I can find current addresses of my friends.  I used to keep an updated address book (on paper!).    

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for your support! 

Posted on May 8, 2017

Posted on May 8, 2017

I am down today. I think it's partially because I actually went out and was sociable yesterday. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy followed by geek talk. Today I need recharging. Plus migraine incoming. Yay.  And reminders of bills coming due. Grateful that I will be able to pay a few of them thanks to your generosity. Gets my anxiety up nonetheless. 

Time for music therapy and much pettings of my cat.

Posted on May 3, 2017

Posted on May 3, 2017

Since it is Mental Health Month, I decided to do a little Booster campaign to give y'all something tangible in return for your support.  The campaign is here:  https://www.booster.com/intomentalhealthI hope you like the design. I think it is pretty spiffy.  As stated in the information at Booster, I will donate part of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales to NAMI.  The campaign is open throughout the month with the t-shirts delivered a couple of weeks after it closes.   

So, that said. Let me delve a bit into why I'm doing this.  I mentioned before that I'm coming out of a down cycle.  Doing something useful will help me keep from falling back too far.  I'm actually pretty excited to see this succeed.  There's a minimum of 8 sales before the shirts will go to print.   However, if 20 are sold, Booster will kick in another $20, if 100 are sold it's $50 and so on.  I doubt I have enough reach for 100 but I'd be thrilled with 20!  I'll donate the entirety of the extra.  

Anyway, thanks for listening.  I've been feeling incredibly useless and like a waste of air.  This campaign is a good start to quelling those feelings.  I'm going to look for other things I can do that makes me feel like a contributing member of society.  

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