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The Story

No, the pictures above aren't of an abandoned house, they're pictures taken inside the apartment in which Chefi and Aisha live in. Chefi, a muslim single father and widower since December 2016 (more information here), rented this place for 450€ a month since it was the cheapest deal he could get. Now that depression and anxiety hold him back from working, the house owner has given him until June to move out, as he's absolutely unable to pay rent.

The problem is, Aisha, Chefi's three-month-old baby, is currently under treatment for her acute asthma, getting better with the help of an oxygen tank that we were able to afford thanks to an anonymous donator, back in the day.

But, what's the point of giving her oxygen therapy once or twice a day, if overnight she's breathing an air that's just making her breathing issues worse? 

This house was nothing but a hazard in the first place. The bathroom, kitchen, living room, even the bedroom that Chefi and his babygirl share is full of humidity patches caused by leaks in the homes of fellow neighbourhood members. As expected, said humidity also attracted bugs, such as spiders and cockroaches, huge threats to such a small baby. The house owner, when called out, says he can't do anything due to being unable to pay workers.

After getting fed up and doing a deep research, we've found an apartment in which both of them could live, safe and sound. It's a small apartment that gets lots of sunlight, is next a hospital, a daycare center, a school, a few supermarkets, a bank and even a police station: things that Chefi's neighbourhood didn't have at all. Everytime the baby had an asthma attack, he had to rush her to the hospital, which was 30 minutes away. Now, this is their chance to move out and live a better life. 

The apartment in question (you can see it here. update: it's been sold. check august's update for more) is cheap indeed, but way out of our budget. The only money we have at the moment is basically what's left of my scholarship after purchasing Aisha's medicines for months (they're not covered by healthcare as she's not a Spanish citizen yet, so her inhalers can be over 150€),  Chefi's anti-depressants, groceries, baby formula, diapers, winter clothes and such supplies. 

I can't do this alone anymore. Please help us raise our goal before they either get kicked out of their apartment or killed by its heartbreaking condition.  

Best regards,
Chefi, Aisha & Eloisa.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 10, 2018

Posted on January 10, 2018

Everything remains the same. Still counting pennies and asking the Red Cross for anything other than pasta, milk and canned fruits without success, of course. Still praying that nothing violent happens again on the shelter. Still waiting for a miracle.

The only "notable" change is that we magically got our initial blog back, although we lost the spotlight we took for granted. We want to try to find new donations as we're always being a nuisance to the same people, but it's up for luck to be on our side or not. 

Oh, and Aisha is already a year old. New food, new clothes, new treatments... All of them unaccessible unless you have money. I am starting to hate that word. Money for this, money for that. And probably so does Chefi, who just endures quietly, numb thanks to the antidepressants. On the anniversary of his wife's death he prayed for longer than usual, but he didn't let his walls down. He deserves better than this. But, so far, I can't give it to him. 

Please stay by our side. I beg of you. The house we still think of as 'perfect' is still on sale. 
This 2018, let's try to reach our goal. Please. 

I'm sorry if I sound vague and 'gone', but after a year of fighting one feels disheartened. 

Much love. 

Posted on October 24, 2017

Posted on October 24, 2017

Hitting the "update" button lately has been quite the nightmare as, every single time I have to inform all of you, it's about something negative.

I'm about to communicate something that I, from the bottom of my heart, knew that would happen. Chefi was attacked this past Sunday by the German homeless man I mentioned a bit ago. Yes, the islamophobic one. Yes, the one that eats in a different plate as Chefi because he finds Muslims to be "dirty". 

It was all a misunderstanding that started with a bottle of beer being missing, the man accusing Chefi of drinking it (which is nonsense, as Chefi does not consume alcohol due to his religion). The man, who was already drunk, grabbed a fruit knife and started trying to hit Chefi with it. He made two cuts on the palm of his hand, one quite deep, and a bruise on his face, as Chefi flat out dogded the hits, being absolutely against violence. If that was not enough, the man also SPIT in Chefi's lentil soup that was on the table out of pure evilness. The food had to be thrown away. Chefi only had some fruit for dinner that night, as his meals are made separately to keep them halal. 

When the fight was over and both of them were separated by the caregivers, the man's wife said that it was her who drank the beer. A little too late, don't you think? She could have said that when she saw Chefi being attacked, but she just stared quietly as Aisha was woken up by the screaming, pushing and pulling. 

I went to see the caregivers today, asking if they were not gonna do anything about those two. Silly me expected the couple to be kicked out for violence, but no; the caregivers said that, since he was drunk, he "wasn't thinking straight". As for her, they pitied her, saying she "doesn't really speak Spanish and didn't know how to say that it was her who had the alcohol, and not Chefi". She sure does speak our language when it's time to gossip about Chefi and his daughter with other people living in the shelter.

The moment I mentioned the police, both of them got defensive and turned the tables around; if we reported the incident, Chefi and Aisha would be the ones sleeping on the street the next day, as they don't want no one to "difame" their shelter that was "made with good intentions". Difame? Is reporting a hate crime ruining someone's reputation? The intentions aren't good anymore the moment you start dehumanizing the people who live inside the shelter. I'm starting to think that they're only after the very little money that these people have, as they don't really tell you how much they're spending each month anymore. Some months they ask for 100€, others for 250€. That is utterly senseless if you remember that they're supposed to follow a budget. (Plus, if they keep changing the prices, we might not be able to keep up with them.)

Chefi doesn't want to report it either, as he looks after his daughter and knows that four walls are better than none. 

My blood, on the other hand, is boiling. Please, make people know about this. Social media, mouth to ear, message. Don't allow this injustice to be forgotten. I'm currently trying to get an education, so my only platform is the one you're reading this in. 

Let's keep praying and hoping for a better tomorrow, where Chefi and his baby have their own home. That goal is still there.


Posted on August 26, 2017

Posted on August 26, 2017

They say that it's better late than ever, so let's post an update. Because, believe me, there's a lot to say. 

First of all, I apologize deeply to all helpers for disappearing so suddenly. Life is full of surprises and in late June we got an unpleasant one: Tumblr decided to terminate my blog, yvesaintluhan, destroying the only social media I had to share Aisha and Chefi's story. I was not even home at the moment, so I was dumbfounded when, after searching for my blog, it said it was gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air right before my eyes. I emailed the staff multiple times and they asked me to send them a message from the email I had created my blog with. Said email, created when I was 12, was long forgotten. I couldn't recall the password at all. But the staff didn't understand that and didn't reply to my pleads anymore 'for security reasons'. I felt the world's weight on my shoulders. 

Then came the day we all feared: Chefi and his 6-month-old babygirl got kicked out of their home. Could that small, unhygienic, unhealthy place even deserve to be called home, in the first place? It was still better than the car that both of them were forced to sleep in for a couple of days as I supplied them with homemade warm food and toiletries, until one day I couldn't take it anymore and stormed, for the hundreth time, inside the town hall. A social worker that I had not met before told me about a non-official shelter that allowed people in precarious conditions to stay there for a small price a month. And yes, by non-official shelter she meant a regular home that someone way too kind for their own good had decided to open up for those in need. Chefi, of course, accepted to stay there, moving out of that damned car the exact same day. 

A happy ending, or so it seemed. 
We wished it was, but of course, it wasn't. 

A couple weeks after moving to the shelter, where Aisha and Chefi seemed to finally fit in, the owner, a former caregiver for the elderly, decided to call me, asking me to meet for a face to face talk. That left me confused, but I agreed. Apparently, a German homeless couple inside the shelter were not that happy about a Muslim family being in the same space as them

The man went as far as not wanting to sharean oxygen tank with Aisha, being disgusted by her father's beliefs. Beliefs that the baby is a) not responsible for and b) not able to comprehend yet, but that doesn't seem to phase him. He would rather spend the night wheezing and coughing because of his cronical asthma than share the same mask as a 8-month-old baby. Simply disgusting. His wife seems more "on the low" about her rejection towards the child, but publicly refuses to eat on the same plate that Chefi has used, no matter how many times the caregiver assures her that it's been washed properly. When Chefi enters the room, she leaves, as if "afraid" of him. Of Chefi. A man who lost his wife, the person he loved the most. A man with depression. A non-functional man that still would do anything to keep his daughter happy.

When I, all patience gone, asked the owner why, just why was she letting someone like them stay despite their awful behavior, she simply shrugged and claimed that "just like your friends, they're homeless. And just like your friends, they're paying their monthly fee. They're on the same level, there's no reason for me to ask them to leave."

Talk about standing up for xenophobia and racism. 

That's why, today, 26th of August 2017, we're back to square one. Back to asking you, those able to help us, to join us on our second attempt to afford a home for their monoparental family.

The home we had our eyes in, sadly, has been sold, but we were able to find another onewith an even lower price, yet, funnily enough, twice as centric. Less than 50M down the street, a pharmacy can be found. 200M up the street, a health center, a daycare center and a police station are located. And a 5-minute walk will lead you to two supermarkets, multiple restaurants, clothing stores, a playground and, to my surprise, an improvised Mosque. It's a small rented place in which there are less than 15 Muslim brothers and sisters that attend, but something's something! 

The house we're trying to afford is in the exact same hometown I was born in, so I can assure you that hospitality and brotherhood are the last things Chefi and Aisha will be missing. It also has less than 16,000 habitants and it's sourrounded by mountains, will makes pollution, which harshly triggers Aisha's asthma, a goner, as well. 

It's the perfect place, that's the word to describe it: perfect. 

Please, help us move them out of the shelter before the tension takes a toll on both their wellbeings. Aisha also needs an open space to grow, learn and explore, which inside that home she absolutely can't do. 

As always, much love. 

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