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The Story

Who We Are and What We Do

Center for Girls (CFG) is a small nonprofit organization that works to end abuse, violence, and human trafficking through sustainable, participatory projects implemented in the community. Our aim is to empower vulnerable populations, like women and children, to rise up against exploitation and violence in Chiang Rai province of northern Thailand.

Chiang Rai consists of many border towns that are home to marginalized ethnic minority groups, migrants, and refugees. Many people are 'stateless' with little to no access to education or healthcare, making them extremely vulnerable to human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse.

CFG participates and works closely with business owners, immigration officials, partner NGOs, and community members to engage, educate, and empower individuals to take control of their own lives. CFG has created a strong network of socially responsible individuals and organizations that has joined together in the fight against trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

How You Can Help End Exploitation in Northern Thailand

Core Funding

Most of CFG's funding is restricted to specific projects. There are not many donors who fund ‘core’ costs. However, 'core funding' (unallocated funding that contributes to all of the organization's work) is incredibly valuable. It provides charities with the opportunity to grow and improve, strengthens their effectiveness at delivering objectives, and enables them to become more flexible and responsive to changes.

By donating to this campaign, you will help facilitate CFG's development and contribute to our overall operations. You can read our Annual Reports to learn  how we spend our money and follow CFG on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for regular updates on our activities and programs. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Emergency Cases

Most of CFG's sponsored projects are sustainable, participatory, and take place over several years. But staff often encounter cases of individuals or families who need immediate assistance in order to feed themselves, have a safe place to live, or send a child to school. 

By donating to our 'Emergency Cases', you can help CFG aid and empower individuals and families in need of immediate assistance. You can access and read about each case below, and find out how your donation, no matter how big or small, will have a tremendous effect on families and individuals trapped by circumstance and poverty. 

Emergency Case List (names changed for anonymity):


Peak (age twenty) and her husband are HIV-positive. They have a young son who hasn't yet been HIV-tested but is often hospitalized for severe anaemia. The are currently at risk of homelessness if they cannot find 120,000 THB (3420 USD) to buy the land they reside on. Click here for more information about Peak and to see how YOU can help.


Hana (seventeen) lives with her single mother. Her dream is to study so that she can escape the vicious cycle of poverty and hardship. The likelihood is that she will have to drop out of school if she cannot find the money to fund her education. CFG is aiming to raise 16,500 THB for 1 year (~470 USD) and 33,000 THB for 2 years (~935 USD) to help with transport fees, food, and school uniforms. Click here for more information about Hana and to see how YOU can help.


Plum (45) is HIV-positive, surviving each day with antiretroviral medication. Her husband passed away from AIDS, leaving her alone to take care of her two young daughters. The family has an unstable income. CFG is asking for contributions to help raise a total of 60,000 THB (~1700 USD) to help Plum send her daughters to school and afford necessities. Click here for more information about Plum and to see how YOU can help.


Sunny was conceived by rape, and lost her parents to AIDS.  She dropped out of education and is now married with a young son. She often struggles to find work. CFG's aims to raise 24,000 THB (~680 USD) to help Sonny afford food, clothes, and necessities for her son. Click here for more information about Sunny and to see how YOU can help.


Bell (eighteen) lost her parents to HIV and AIDS as a child. At fifteen, she fell pregnant and had to drop out of education to seek work. She currently lives with her grandparents and struggles to find work, often worried about how she will take of her young son. To help Bell resume her education and find employment, our goal is to raise 24,000 THB (~680 USD). Click here for more information about Bell and to see how YOU can help.


Lola is 65 and of Hmong ethnicity, a group that is  marginalised in Thai society. She is disabled and vulnerable, as she lives alone without any family nearby. She does not have any income yet cannot seek any governmental support because she does not have any identity papers and is stateless. To help Lola afford medical treatment and basic necessities, our goal is to raise 24,000 THB (~680 USD). Click here for more information about Lola and to see how YOU can help.


River's (twenty) mother died of AIDS when she was a child and her father passed away in a motorbike accident. She lives with her grandmother who is too frail to work. River is studying at university and is determined to continue her education, but reality is that without financial assistance she will probably have to drop out, keeping her locked into poverty. CFG are aiming to raise 36,000 THB (~1020 USD). Click here for more information about River and to see how YOU can help.

Please share this fundraising page with anyone you know who may be able to help.

Thank you for caring!

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Help Center for Girls End Exploitation in Northern Thailand

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