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When the doctor told me that I was being discharged from the hospital after four days of tests and a suspicion that the breast cancer had returned plus there was a mass on my ovary, I was upset and disturbed because only the day before he told me that he was going to help me through this.

He was giving me a death sentence because if / when the cancer diagnosis would be confirmed, no surgeon would operate upon me on an outpatient basis without a home. A big Catch 22!

What was also disturbing was that he kept saying you are not the only one. In other words, hospitals routinely discharge patients who are critically ill, whose very lives are at stake knowing that there is nowhere for them to go to get well all because “they have to have a reason to justify keeping the patient in the hospital.” A person is a customer. A number on a piece of paper.

I thought health care was the reason to keep a person in the hospital. If a patient is ill, then how can they possibly get well on the street, in a car, or in a tent?  They cannot which is why the life span of people without homes is reduced by almost 30 years.

Isn’t there a place where seniors who are ill can go for health care, after the hospital, then? The hospital social worker said no. When my life becomes terminal due to lack of treatment, then Medicare would pay for hospice. When I am dying, then I can get shelter. Wow.

If you are poor, elderly, and cannot afford housing, which is the plight of half of the seniors in the USA, there is nowhere for you to have your life saved. NONE. If you are one of the hundreds of senior women in the Monterey Bay area without a home, you can have lunch once a week and possibly sleep in your car in a church parking lot. If you have family, friends or someone to pay for Assisted Living for $5-8,000 a month, you are in luck. Otherwise, you are left to die on the streets, in your car.


I waited to hear something and the next day was told that they still had to discharge me. There was no other alternative. The only possibility said the doctor was that if/when i am diagnosed they would bring me into the hospital for the surgery I would need, usually provided on an outpatient basis, and they would keep me in the hospital for recovery. Can I count on this? 

The day before he told me i was being discharged, he told me that they were going to diagnose me in the hospital and do the surgery there, too. But the bottom line of the hospital apparently had gotten in the way.

When they told me that my dog had to leave the premises (she had been allowed in my hospital room over the weekend) it was fairly easy to find her a foster home, someone to keep her for me for a few days/nights. The nurses loved her and so do other people.

Now what?

I am a 66 year old Baby Boomer, writer, editor, with a sweet, friendly, adorable senior dog companion, and we need a home ASAP.  (If you tell me i must give up my dog, then i need to know, is there some giving up your dog bonus/income check that i will receive monthly to help me PAY for rent?)

We have been abandoned by society because my SS check/ income is not enough to keep us alive. I used to work 5-6 jobs at a time to keep a roof over my head. Now, no one responds to my resumes and applications and my SS check is less than $700 a month. Rents are minimally $1,000 a month, even $650 for a room somewhere.

Cici is a lovable dog who charms people and dogs that she chooses to play with. Everyone loves her. She has silly, goofy antics that entertain. She is house trained, was very well-behaved at the hospital and a busy deadline drive newsroom this week and loves to give kisses and wags her tail at everyone she meets.  


A good samaritan with a job or home for us is what we need asap or to raise enough funds for a livable camper/trailer. A forever home or some place temporary where we can recover from the terrible stress, sleep deprivation and cancer.

It is Friday, July 1st. We would love to have a foster home and start receiving some badly needed TLC in a granny unit, trailer, camper, RV, mobile tiny home, yurt, private entrance, room with a view, healing place! Cici loves to be pampered, chew bones and play tug and chase. NO CATS or bulldogs, although I adore them, she has a very different opinion.





Thank you very much.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 1, 2016

Posted on October 1, 2016

500 women over the age of 50 on the monterey bay peninsula are experiencing what I have as well as people across the country have been writing to me telling me their stories. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who have sent me kind words, donations and offers to help us. 


Posted on August 13, 2016

Posted on August 13, 2016


if you live on the Central Coast of California or know someone who does and have an RV, camper, mobile home or trailer that is gently used and would like to provide a home for a senior or veteran, please call CeliaSue at 702-225-8206…have a list of those in need of housing. Hundreds of senior women and veterans have been displaced with their pets. Single women without children, women who are not mentally ill, not drug addicts, not alcoholics, with low income, not working or cannot find work, veterans, and other seniors with dogs, over 50 years of age, some ill and who's health has deteriorated without shelter. Thank you for your kindness and SAVING LIVES.
People such as Stu and Stacey are sleeping in a tent in Carmel Valley and are experiencing bronchitis and asthma due to the unhealthy air filled with smoke from the Big Sur fire, 77,000 acres is burning, and 55% contained, causing people without homes numerous breathing issues and medical problems.

Posted on August 5, 2016

Posted on August 5, 2016

I have been back in the hospital now for two weeks. Three blood clots on my lungs, breast cancer was ruled out and ovarian cyst to be determined. Without housing, how can I get better?  Sleeping upright in my car night after night, my legs swell and blood clots develop in my legs and travel to other parts of my body and basically could kill me.

I want to create a nonprofit called ADVOCATES FOR WOMEN, the mission is to create, build or find housing for women 50+ who are displaced and have dogs since no one else is doing this and too many tell the women to give up their dogs.

What would happen TO HUNDREDS OF DOGS IF EACH OF THE WOMEN GAVE AWAY THEIR BEST FRIENDS, COMPANIONS, and FAMILY MEMBERS???? (Not to mention what would happen to the women sleeping on the streets or in their cars without the protection of their dogs) ?  


As the Big Sur Sobranes fire burns hundreds of acres nearby, there are all kinds of fundraisers going on to help the people who have lost their homes due to the blaze. These people deserve the resources that they require. Yet this highlights and proves what i have been saying all along that where there is a WILL THERE IS A WAY. When people actually WANT TO DO SOMETHING,THEY DO IT.

For the past two years since I have been without a home, except for when I had a camper to live in and roommates, I have met numerous women of the hundreds of women also without homes and been displaced due to ECONOMICS. I have NOT seen the community come together in the same way, doing fundraisers to build, create or find HOMES FOR single women without children, women who are not mentally ill, not drug addicts, not alcoholics, with low income, not working or cannot find work, with dogs, many over 50 years of age, some illl and who's health has deteriorated without having shelter. 

We want to create CARETAKERS VILLAGE,  Land or a lot can be utilized to place SHIFTPODS, yurts, RV's, campers, trailers, tiny mobile homes, etc. to CREATE a village for women over 50 with dogs who need HOMES ASAP.  

WILL YOU HELP US ????  it takes a village...to get this DONE.


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