Help Us Keep the Felix Cats Well Fed and Healthy

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Help Us Keep the Felix Cats Well Fed and Healthy (Cat Shelter Felix)
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The Story

As we’ve said countless times before, we are not only embarrassed but almost ashamed to ask for help over and over again, but the number of Felix kitties is around the frightening number of 130 already despite the fact that we’ve been officially closed for intake for years now. We get a zillion appeals for help that we are sadly forced to deny as we can’t possibly save all of the cats wandering the streets of Serbian towns and villages, but sometimes we simply cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of cats in urgent need of help, TLC and a safe place they will promptly begin to consider their forever home if we take them in. Far too often, the difference between life and agonizing death are those of us here - and you.

Our website hasn’t been updated for ages, it seems our blog has been totally neglected over the entire last year and there is a good reason we appear to be late with everything for so long, the one we’ve yet to write about and we will as soon as we pull ourselves together. Anyway, right now we need to focus on a huge number of sweet, helpless furry creatures that all depend on us and on you, our friends, supporters and donors. Without your precious and much appreciated help, we wouldn’t be able to continue our life saving work, in spite of the unconditional love we have for all of the Felix kitties, good intentions and incredibly hard work.

The bottom line is that our expenses are sky high - we spend around 1600 euros on cat food alone every single month, our worker doesn’t work for free and needs to be paid cash in hand and moreover our vet bills are significant. The costs of food become literally frighteningly high during the cold season, especially when winter weather is as weird as it is now -  temperature differences between day and night are vast and even the toughest kitties easily get sick if they’re not fed properly and abundantly. All of the Felix cats know what hunger feels like, they’re all familiar with neglect and the danger of life on the streets and now that they’ve found their safe haven, their first and only home, can we possibly all gather together to provide them with what they need the most? 

When the spring comes we’ll have to find a way to repair the outdoor fence (which is crumbling apart) and enlarge the outdoor enclosure for the cats, as the shelter occupies less than half of the property right now. This place has great potential for growth and we have been talking for quite some time about expanding the outdoor enclosure. Unfortunately, putting new pillars and chained linked fencing up will cost a fortune, but if we succeed, we will be able to take in more desperate and hopeless strays, so we think it’s worth trying. However, right now our top priority must be to pull through the winter with as few losses as possible and after that we’ll think of what we have to do next.

If you’re able to donate any amount please do so, as everything adds up and keeps these wonderful creatures well fed, healthy and happy. All of the kitties and all of us, their caretakers, are immensely grateful for all the precious help we get!

Take a look at our website and our blog to see who you're supporting! 

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Help Us Keep the Felix Cats Well Fed and Healthy

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