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Help Us Help Casey Beat Testicular Cancer Debt (Casey)
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The Story

A testicular cancer diagnosis destroyed Casey’s savings and brought his dreams to a grinding halt. We hope you’ll help us help Casey by engaging in one of the campaigns built by Casey’s supporters around the world.

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All The Ways You Can Help:

Why we hope you’ll help us help Casey:

Have you ever had a dream that you put your whole self into? The kind of dream that you worked relentlessly to achieve? The kind of dream that you sacrificed everything for?

That is what Casey did for almost his entire adult life. He worked tirelessly at multiple jobs he was good at, but not particularly passionate about. He saved every penny possible for years, and in 2015, he was finally able to begin his dream of living as a traveler.

By 2017, Casey knew he was living his best life - a life of passionate learning, a life connecting with humans all across this world, a life giving back to the communities in which he became a part. He was living the dream he had worked so hard to achieve for so many years.

In 2017, while in Chile, Casey started experiencing pain in one of his testicles. The doctors there weren’t able to help him, and the pain persisted. He knew he had to return to the United States for a second opinion.

In the US, he received a Testicular Cancer diagnosis. The impacted testicle was removed, and Casey underwent chemotherapy to ensure the cancer didn’t metastasize elsewhere. Because the cancer was caught early, Casey is (thankfully) on the road to physical recovery.

Unfortunately - and even with financial support from his family - Casey had to spend most of the money he worked so hard for to save his own life.

And while his initial treatment is done, this financial and medical road isn’t close to being over. Thus far, Casey’s out-of-pocket costs total over $27,000. Over the next 5 years, as he receives the follow up care necessary to ensure the cancer doesn't return, this total will only increase.

Who is Casey?

Casey is a fighter. He has been incredibly strong in the face of adversity that would be, for most, crushing. He is fully prepared to face this financial reality on his own, to work hard again, and to re-realize his dream. 

But those of us who were the catalyst for this campaign were like, “Nah, love. We can’t let you do this alone.”

Those of us who understand the helpful, caring, considerate, intelligent, and brilliant man that is Casey Frank -- can’t imagine him living an inauthentic life again. We’ve seen too much of the ridiculous amount of good he can do when he is living as his best self to stand by and do nothing.

If you believe that people should live their best lives...
If you believe that lives shouldn’t be destroyed by the inflated medical costs rampant in the US...
If you believe we should all be able to live our dreams …
...we hope you’ll help us help Casey.

Thanks so much, for everything.

-Leandre, Becca, Javier, Coni, Marie Claire, and Valeria

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 2, 2018

Posted on March 2, 2018

2 Month Update!

We are still in complete awe of the love and support coming down the pipeline for Casey. Thank you all so much for your generosity, we literally could not have gotten this far without you!

With March ahead of us, we thought we'd update you on how things are going!

Share Casey’s campaign to get Loco Longo to Rio!

After more than ten days of beach time, surfing, fishing, Carnival, caïpirinha, and Samba in Florianópolis, Loco Longo is headed north to Rio along the coast of Brazil.

Loco Longo’s goal is to raise $1 for each km of their 4000km journey, and we just need $1000 more in donations to get them there!

We would love it if you could share Casey's campaign on Facebook or with a friend!

Nordic Walk and Yoga Weekend in La "Bergerie" à Saint Roman de Codières in Cevennes

Marie Claire has organized an incredible event for March 10th and 11th in the South of France, north of Montpellier.

If you want a rejuvenating weekend in an absolutely stunning place, learn more about the event on Facebook.

Thank you for sharing Casey's campaign, thank you for your attention, and thank you for everything you've already done to help us Casey!!

Posted on January 30, 2018

Posted on January 30, 2018

I have been remiss in expressing my gratitude to all of you who were moved to help support me in this time of need. Where I was once filled with a surety of speech and action, the events of the last six months have left me unmoored to the security of old beliefs. New friends who I have not known long now bustle in the background of my life organizing this fundraiser while I watch in mystified silence. Kindness of this magnitude is not easily digested.  

Upon receiving the cancer diagnosis in August 2017, I felt a decade’s worth of dreams and careful planning slip through my fingers. White-knuckled anger became fear, then sadness, and finally acceptance. The lines between these emotions are still not clearly delineated, but my heart grows calmer with the passage of time. Processing my grief is perhaps made easier by the knowledge that cancer is often an indiscriminate disease – where to assign blame is an impotent question. Whether it was bad luck, or some other unaccountable variable, the plain fact is that I am now part of a global community assembled unwillingly. We whose lives have been touched by cancer cannot afford to idly ponder the cause of this illness because it thrusts us into a world of immediacy where swift action can make the difference between life and death. 

The steps I have taken in treatment of my body and mind were informed by those around me, both with and without cancer. In looking outside of myself I have borne witness to suffering far greater than my own. Many are forced to endure without hope of recovery, proper medical care, and/or sufficient financial resources to fight adequately; some are permanently disfigured and shunned by a society too uncomfortable to countenance its own vulnerability. Taking account of these realities has not minimized my hardship, rather it has given context to an increasingly complex picture of life. Moreover, it affirms the sense that in spite of my struggles, the scale of cosmic luck weighs heavily in my favor.

Were it not for friends and family, good doctors and modern medicine, I would not be alive. To continue mourning what was lost seems petty in the face of being gifted any life at all. So here I humbly stand, confounded and grateful. As my health improves I peer into an unknown future asking why I deserve such good fortune. To those of you who have and continue to prop me up, you have my deepest thanks.   

- Casey

Posted on January 18, 2018

Posted on January 18, 2018

We’ve reached 5% of our fundraising goal!

For your care and for your generosity, we want to extend our deepest thanks.

We also wanted you to be fully clear on exactly how your donations are helping Casey.

For a full breakdown of the medical expenses involved in Casey’s testicular cancer treatment and management, click the link below.

Thanks to you, Casey has recovered funds spent on 5% of his total care including:

  • 10 Tumor Marker Blood Tests
  • 4 Insurance Premiums
  • 2 Acupuncture Visits
  • 1 Ultrasound
  • 1 Pathology Review

Although we still have a long journey ahead of us, we are all truly humbled by how quickly we’ve gotten to this milestone.

You have definitely given us the much needed confidence to continue to help Casey!

Much, much love for your care and support.

-Leandre, Javier, Coni, Marie Claire, Valeria, Hugo, and Casey.

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