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The Story

On March 28th, our nanny Caroline Maurer was hit by a car while pushing our toddler in a stroller. 

Caroline and our 2-year-old son, Fox, were strolling in the residential neighborhood of Atwater Village, Los Angeles. They were only a block away from our house, crossing at a 4-way stop, when a car ran a stop sign and turned directly into them. 

Caroline saw the car coming, and amazingly, had the instinct and quick reflexes to push our son's stroller as hard as she could, to get it out of the way of the oncoming car. She then stuck her arms out, attempting to put her body between the car and our son's stroller.

The car hit Caroline, throwing her a few feet and fracturing bones in her hands, wrists, and arms. Our son was not directly hit, and miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises. One of the paramedics on the scene told Bill that Caroline had saved Fox's life. 

Caroline was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks, and in a rehab facility for another 2 months. She has undergone multiple surgeries, but due to the weakness in her hands, wrists, and arms, was not able to begin physical therapy until 3 months after the accident. 

Caroline is still in physical therapy, and has been told that due to the severity of the injuries, she may never regain full strength in her hands. She has also continued to struggle with dizziness, and recently underwent an MRI to determine if she sustained head trauma that was overlooked in the initial assessment of her injuries.

Caroline has been unable to work since the accident, and doesn't know when she'll be able to return to work. She is also a student, and has had to put her studies on hold indefinitely. 

Caroline is a true hero, and we are forever grateful to her for saving our son's life. We want to help her however we can, and we hope that this fundraiser can help with her medical and life expenses as she continues her recovery.

**A note to folks who have asked about worker's comp -- Although Caroline had nannied for us on and off since Fox was a baby, at the time of the accident she had actually not been working for us for a few months. March 28th was an odd day where we needed help, and ironically, that was the day of the accident.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 17, 2017

Posted on October 17, 2017

We are so grateful and delighted at the incredible outpouring of support that Caroline has received so far. THANK YOU so much, and please continue to share the link as we head towards reaching our goal!

We wanted to share with you this message from Caroline:

Since the accident, it has been a struggle to see the joy, humor, and sunlight.  Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation and I would do it again in a heartbeat - he has my heart.  I struggled because of hospitals, physical limitations, pain, lack of energy, and the weird inability to trust my body will stand up, or my brain won’t have me cry at an intersection. I have made a point to take care of the physical, the emotional, the psychological, the varied appointments, and tried to keep the little social interaction I have, hilarious. I force myself out – even if it hurts – at least once a week for something one-of-a-kind. The healing process has felt embarrassingly slow, amorphous, lonely, and unpredictable - so I just kept swimming.

Within a couple of hours of hearing that Courtney and Bill would officially start the donation campaign, I was invited to a Golden Girls trivia night.  I wanted to, I have a vintage, shiny, green blouse with shoulder pads, sequins, and heavy glass beads just waiting for it.  That we live in a world where Golden Girls trivia night exists brings me joy.  That night, I was too tired, shaky and sore, and too shy to try and fake the upbeat extroverted energy needed for a team. I declined, happily imagining what it looked like – if there would be more glass-beaded blouses - while trying not to fall into a negative spiral.  

Then this happened.  Then all of you happened.  People I have known years and haven’t spoken to in decades.  Friends around the corner who walked my funny chiweenie for months.  Family and friends.  Friends of friends’ families.  Even groups of nannies, teachers,  students, mothers, and grandmothers.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  

I love the camp in Golden Girls, but I also love the love they demonstrated, throughout the run of the show, to people they didn’t know, to groups that weren't even considered, to strangers, and to each other. With no irony in my heart, I need to say: Thank you for being a friend.

I love you, old friends, and new,

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