New Heat System Fund- Baby It's Cold Out There!

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New Heat System Fund- Baby It's Cold Out There! (Caring for Creatures)
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The Story

Baby, it's cold out there!!   With the temps continuing to fall, we are doing everything we can to make sure everyone is safe and warm which brings us to our IMMEDIATE NEED to replace our HVAC system in the Friede Building at a cost of $8000.   The heating/cooling system in this building is dead after serving us faithfully for 16 yrs.  We have the same issues in the our main office area and we are getting by via portable heaters but we will tackle that issue later on in the spring with YOUR SUPPORT!! 

The Friede Building houses one room of senior cats and another room of special needs feline leukemia cats.   With over 30 lives at risk,  your HELP IS NEEDED ASAP!  We have been eking by in using space heaters, but they have proven to be unreliable and costly to run.  We can't risk having this only source of heat completely fail us during this deep freeze.   With the winter just now kicking into high gear, we are set up for heat failure if we can't replace these units ASAP. 
We need your HELP ASAP!! 
It takes two units to keep this building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.   At a cost of $4000 each,  our total need is $8000.   Please, don't delay and click to help make sure our kitties have the heat they need.  Seniors and medically challenged cats are very fragile so it's important that we continue to offer them a climate controlled environment.  
Please won't you give and share our story?   Together we will can keep the heat on and everyone safe and warm!    Hope to hear from you soon!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 9, 2018

Posted on January 9, 2018

January 8: GOAL REACHED! 

Thank you ALL for your unbelievable support in our dire need of funds to replace our kaput HVAC units in our two front buildings. We have the funds needed to purchase 4 units for those buildings. Bye, bye space heaters!! We are so grateful and thankful for your rapid response and outpouring of gifts to keep us all warm during this awful cold spell.

Mary is in current negotiations with HVAC providers to secure the best price and fit of units to suit our needs. As soon as we have more detail, you will be the first to know.

Posted on January 5, 2018

Posted on January 5, 2018

Posted on 01/05/2018
Update January 5:  We have well exceeded our goal of $8000 and feel very strongly that we can reach our STRETCH goal which would enable us to buy 2 additional units for our office area.   ONLY $5200 is needed and we can heat BOTH buildings and everyone will be safe and warm.   WE CAN DO THIS!!  Please, continue to give and share.  We are counting on you.  THANK YOU!!  Please also see the new photos in the gallery area showing the staff at work inside wearing heavy coats, plus the pets who are counting on a warm office!   Polly is recovering from a mammary surgery (she has on the cone), we have Sid the office cat who is in a fragile state of health, Huck (a senior blind terrier mix hiding under the desk!) and newcomer, Hampton the pup who is recovering from recent jaw surgery having been attacked by another dog.   YOUR GIFTS ARE STILL NEEDED.  Please continue to help us help the pets.

Posted on January 5, 2018

Posted on January 5, 2018

Update January 5:  We have reached our goal.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  We are so very grateful for all of your gifts AND your rapid response.  Via our fundraising efforts, we have been connected with HVAC providers who MIGHT be able to offer us units at a better price which would open a door of opportunity to march onward and fundraise for the other 2 units we need for our main office area,  directly across from the Friede Building.  We will estimate a total cost of $8000 for two units.  It's possible we might be able to negotiate even better pricing if we are looking at purchasing 4 units vs the initial 2 on which we were focusing.  

We also have gifts that have come in directly via our web site and yes, good old fashion phone calls to tip us over the edge of our goal.  With YOUR continued support,  we would like to move forward and try and purchase ALL the units we need to keep EVERYONE safe and warm this winter.

Currently,  we are using space heaters in the office as the HVAC units is kaput.  The space heaters are unpredictable and costly to run.  We have staff working in the office plus several pets who call the office home.  Especially in the winter months, we will have a dog "working" in the main office area during the day, cats/kittens in a condo and another dog in the bathroom area.  Typically we will target the elderly or very young pets to join us in the office when the temps outside are unfavorable.  New HVAC units for our office will ensure both humans and pets are kept safe and warm.

PLEASE continue to give and also share this fundraiser. The more we raise, the better we are poised to buy the extra two units we need in our office building.  

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support.  

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New Heat System Fund- Baby It's Cold Out There!

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