Sandwiches for California Firefighters #SandwichAngels

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Organizer: Meredith Miller Elliott
Sandwiches for California Firefighters   #SandwichAngels (California Firefighters)
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The Story

Friends, as we sit in middle of these horrible fires, and feel helpless as to how to make a direct impact on those that are saving the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors; the natural inclination is to turn to food. 

Many of the brave and incredible firefighters battling these beasts, are working double and triple shifts exhaustively.  
The least we can do is to offer them some delicious food.  Delicious sandwiches in this case.  And all of our gratitude and hugs upon delivery. 

We will be basing our efforts out of Petaluma (hoping we don't get evacuated from the home base.) The plan is to place the sandwiches directly into the hands of the firefighters daily.  Starting small, cooking with a group of chefs, home cooks, friends, volunteers, humans; we will hopefully be able to grow our efforts while these fires continue to burn.  

100% of the funds raised will go to the cost of food.  We will also be asking local markets and farmers for donations, as to offset the cost as well.  We hope to start delivering food tomorrow, so please share this page and help us grow the fund quickly.  

(Originally posed on October 9, 2017, Petaluma, California.)

UPDATE:  As fires ignite around California, as does the need to assist.  Any funds donated to this fundraiser will continue to feed the firefighters around California, as we partner with chef friends around the state to support the amazing men and women that put themselves in harms way to save our lives, our animals, and our property.  Looking ahead, any funds remaining in the fundraiser after the needs are met as best we are able, will be utilized for future efforts in the next fire season. Any questions or donation opportunities, please message me directly through the fundraiser. 

(Posted December 14, 2017)  

Thank you so much for your support.  There are so many angels among us.

Sending Love and Light and Gratitude to all of you,
Meredith and Crew

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 22, 2017

Posted on November 22, 2017

Thank you Angels for all of your patience.  We are finally starting to relax from the firefighter feeding, and now are moving our efforts into another directions.

First and foremost, I must thank all of you for your generosity, as I could never have done this without all of you.  We made such a tremendous dent, and we are so very proud of the work that we have done together.  Heroes were helped by our love and the food that we served, and that was the goal.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to make that happen.  It would have been impossible without every single of one of you.  

The fires may be out, but the work continues.  We have over 7000 members of the community without homes and are working tirelessly to help those families in need.  I have partnered with Schoolhouse Distribution, located in Sebastopol, as well as Commonweal, and Undocufundt  to combine efforts to make all of this rehoming possible. 

A new fundraising page has been started, and I know we have asked so much already, but we need to ask for more.  Families are in need of bedding, furniture, kitchen ware, computers, phones... anything that you can think you would be missing after losing everything.  We are all 501c3 compliant, and all donations are tax deductible.  Cash is king of course, but we also have some "registry sites' up so that new goods may be purchased.  

The link for the new post is here:

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, or details that you may be concerned about.  We are donating one hundred percent of financials and goods to families in needs, and we are running out of resources every two or three days.  I am working with an amazing Angel named Amber Faur, who has given up her home and her life to work tirelessly to help these families in need.  Please message us here to offer any help, financials, or suggestions.  We also need connections and corporate partners.  

Again, cash is king and all is appreciated.  Thank you for your help and please share share share the new site.

I will be working from home beginning Monday the 27th, as I am reentering chemo from breast cancer diagnosis.  But I will be on my computer and phone and working from home as Amber is facilitating all of our needs. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  There are angels among us.

Sending light and love.


Posted on October 16, 2017

Posted on October 16, 2017

Friends new and old! Today was incredible. We fed 1850 first responders and evacuees! We did not spend ONE dollar of donations, all food, product was donated!!!!! Target, Whole Foods, Petaluma Market, and volunteer donations (and some that I forgot, I am sure). THANK YOU!!
We fed the firefighters on the front lines of their shift change (I talked my way in, and now we are the regular. No one tells me "no" as those of you who know me well may know ;) ) We handed sandwiches directly to the firefighters on their shift change. They called in their handheld radios, and said "Meredith is here" and 250 Chicago style sausage/onion/pepper/giardinara sandwiches were gone in ten minutes. It's amazing. Their gratitude keeps me going strong. We hugged everyone, asked their names, thanked them, hung for a few minutes. Connection is key. I try to take different volunteers every day for drops, so that the volunteers understand and connect with what we are doing out there. 

(Photo is me, Meredith Miller Elliott, with Dave from Chico, headed back out to the helicopter to drop water on the fire in Santa Rosa.)

Hundreds of sandwiches went out to tent cities around the county care of Tobe Sheldon and Dylan Sheldon. Donations came in from all over, and Tobe made sure our food was sent with warm clothes and hygiene items. Thank you so much!!

Dinner was for Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center, our daily dinner drop for the Chiefs of this whole effort.... roasted duck breasts with pomegranate and blackberry sauce, a delicious pickled slaw, and a roasted veg mix with feta, Bread Pudding and hundreds more sandwiches.
We then drove around Santa Rosa, and handed out food to displaced people, people volunteering (everyone needs to eat!), and we fed the Red Cross (small victories.)We shared a family meal at my house cooked by my amazing counterpart chef Doug E Fresh. Wine and champagne donated by volunteers.. Our team is incredible.

A wonderful new friend has donated a huge space with a professional kitchen less than a mile from the ranch, and the whole cooking and feeding operation is moved there already (professional kitchen!!) Now we can really get it going! We started Tuesday with me alone, and then one more person, and now 30 volunteers here today! Started out making 200 sandwiches, and today we fed 1850. Tomorrow we will feed over 5000!!! My crew is simply amazing. We are a group of friends and strangers to begin and now it feels like family. I cannot thank them all enough. They help me make this happen and my heart is full of love for them. We are doing something real and amazing, and all of them make it possible. I am bossy and they all put up with my perfectionist expectations and quality control rules....   truly wonderful people.

Here is our daily gratitude video.... 

Tomorrow (wait, I guess it is Monday already!) we will have a facebook page to organize volunteers and donations, and so much news about fundraisers around the county being held for us, the #sandwich angels.  It looks like I will be doing some on camera interviews for California news organizations, and a national interview is in the works!   Keep building our efforts!

Today, Monday, will be Michigan Monday! Our food is being donated by Michigan native Ted Wilson. James Kenneth Graham (Jimmy Doom) is flying out from Detroit to work with us all week, and I am looking to my original home state to mobilize and get us some big donations.Meanwhile. I should sleep a few hours. Thank you to the hundreds of people donating, volunteering, driving, buying my juices, walking my dog, and on it goes. I love you all. We did good today.

Please keep donating and reposting.  Find me on facebook or message me if you can donate clothing or other goods, as we are accepting those too. Evacuees are also asking for visa/mastercard/Amex gift cards, as well as amazon or target gift cards. We are in need of blankets, warm clothing for men, women, and children. And all sorts of hygiene items.  Think of whatever you would miss if you lost everything in your house.  And then send that to us to get to the tent cities.  Send care of me to 574 Fair Ave, Petaluma, CA.  We will sort and distribute to those in need.    Thank you so much.  

Sending love and light and gratitude,

Meredith Miller Elliott


Posted on October 14, 2017

Posted on October 14, 2017

Sandwich Angel update.... My team is amazing, and did good great work today. Hundreds of sandwich donations, snacks, beverages, hygiene items came in from San Francisco, and from Sacramento (I will tag all when I have names and details), much of it thanks to Amy Payne Koss, who is doing an incredible job of sending donations our way. Thank you lady. We appreciate you so much.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Susan LaRossa, Patrick Bickford, Jules,Pamela Mahle, and more angels that I need to add on facebook... plus DOUG the amazing chef....(help me tag him) came together, and we cooked and make delicious sandwiches as a team. We fed hundreds of firefighters at the front line of the fires, evacuees at a shelter called New Life doing great work, and our daily dinner at Sonoma County EOC headquarters, as well as whole lot of National Guard that have come into town. Over 1000 fed today alone.
Della Fattoria, Whole Foods, Safeway, Ceres, Valley Ford Cheese and many more donated bread and food for the effort. As well as Wind Gap... who donated wine to keep the workers in the kitchen hydrated.Delivering food to the Emergency Headquarters every day, makes my day so incredible. I received dozens of hugs and thank yous for the "real food".... and am thrilled that we can feed the organizers and powers that be of Sonoma County dinner every day moving forward. They are asking for carrot cakes... (working on that now). It is great to see the people that we are feeding and taking care of, so appreciative.
Today we made incredible Chicken Salad sandwiches, Tri Tip Sandwiches, Platters of roasted tri trip, quinoa with delicata squash, purple carrots, roasted peppers, chevre, orange and kale, plus green salads etc.
Tomorrow, we have super delicious breakfast sandwiches going out for the front lines, and then an amazing duck feast with ginger rice noodles, and cabbage salads for the evening meal at EOC. And hundreds more sandwiches. And a great group of volunteers from the city!!A big shout out to my girl Punky Mahle Simpson.... we are working together from over the mountain to make sure that all of the donations and food goes to people in need; Sonoma or Napa.Thank you for donations, and support and reposting. Please don't stop... so much more to do. We are making a difference, and so much is owed to all of you out there.Coming soon... Thanksgiving dinner for the first responders! Plus so much more delicious meals.Miles to go before we sleep. Stay safe friends out there.
Sending love and light...
Meredith and the Sandwich Angels.

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Sandwiches for California Firefighters #SandwichAngels

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