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The Story

Rusty was rescued from Clayton County Animal Control on Tuesday, hours before he was about to be euthanized. Rusty attended Woofstock festival in Suwanne and had a wonderful weekend filled with love, attention and fun. Sunday one of our fosters was not able to pick her foster dog up and that resulted in us not having enough room in the car to safely bring all the dogs back home. We were trying to figure out how we were getting them home and frantically packing up the car when my mom screamed for me to come over to her. I went over there and Rusty had a strange look in his eyes and collapsed and was unresponsive. He was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. We were screaming for help because there was only three of us and five dogs. Two girls that were exhausted and over being around our very hyper male dog. It wouldn't have been smart to cram all five dogs in the back seat because we knew a fight would occur but Rusty needed help. Thankfully people immediately ran over and started naming vets in the area trying to figure out which ones were open or not. Kelly from Georgia Pet Tails and Mariah picked up Rusty and ran to their car with them as I hopped in. People stayed back and helped my mom get the car packed up as they then rushed off behind us. We rushed him into the Emergency Vet has he was literally dying right in front of us. I was a total wreck. Jennifer from Georgia Pet Tails and everyone from Patriot Dog Training came to check on him. 

The vet said he barely had a pulse when we brought him in. On presentation he was in shock, unable to walk, with pale mucous membranes, low heart rate, weak femoral pulses, muffled heart sounds, soft abdomen and an elevated fever of 102.7. His electrolyte levels were so low, his blood sugar was high. Blood samples were drawn, IV catheter placed and shock rate fluids initiated. An ultra sound showed no free fluid in his abdomen and weak cardiac contractility.  A blood smear revealed adequate platelets with platelet clumping. His chemistry panel revealed hyperglycemia and hypokalemia. A CBC reveled low normal red blood cell count, mild neutrophilia, and low platelet count. Clotting times were very worrisome. Rusty responded rapidly to IV fluid replacement and diphenhydramine injection. An Anaphylactic reaction was suspected as the cause of Rusty's signs, but a bleeding problem could not be initially ruled out. Rusty was admitted into the hospital for continued IV fluid replacement, overnight monitoring and to re check lab work. His attitude continued to improve, his mucous membranes became pink, heart sound improved and pulse quality improved. He was tested again at 4am and his clotting time was back to normal. He showed no more signs of abnormalities.

I went to pick him up at 7 thinking he would still be out of it but Rusty was 100% back to normal. The doctor said that the two most common bites that cause Anaphylactic shock are bumble bees and scorpions. We didn't see any bees so we have no idea at this point what he is allergic too that caused it. Could have been a bug bite, ant bite, spider bite, anything. We are so thankful that we were near an amazing emergency vet, North Georgia Veterinary Specialists and had the most amazing doctor.

I am wanting to get an allergy test for Rusty so we can find out exactly what he was allergic to so we can be aware of it and do our best to never let it happen again. I am also trying to find a dog epi pen for emergency situations like the one he was put in. If there was not a vet so close by he wouldn't have made it. 

Rusty's bill was almost $1000 
I would like to raise a little bit of funds to be able to get him an allergy test and epi pen. I am now going to have a really hard time finding him the most perfect home because his new parents will have to be dedicated in making sure he is safe and treated asap if this were to ever happen again.

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