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School Fundraising

: "Hope Freedom School"

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Fundraisers for schools fill budget gaps to maintain academic quality and provide opportunities where they didn’t exist
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Don’t let money get in the way of providing great educational experiences

Budget cuts, growing classroom sizes and inadequate resources increasingly limit the ability of educators to do their job the way they wish they could. According to a recent report, 99.5 percent of all public school teachers spend their own money on classroom expenses, with a national average of $485 per year coming straight from teachers’ pockets.

This is unacceptable. School fundraisers on YouCaring allow educators to access extra money for field trips, arts programs, special projects or supplies. Financial limits shouldn’t translate into an inferior education for kids. Students deserve rewarding and exciting new educational experiences, and teachers deserve access to the resources that will help them provide thosewithout having to dip into their own paychecks to do so.


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Raise More Money for Your Classroom

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School Fundraising - Tip 1

Spread the Word in Your Community

Sharing tools on our site make it easy for you to raise money and engage members of the school community. These easy-to-use resources allow you to communicate with those directly involved in your school fundraiser while also reaching people across the globe who care about your project.

School Fundraising - Tip 2

Engage Students’ Parents

Your crowdfunding campaign gives you the power not only to encourage donations, but also to communicate with parents and keep onlookers in the loop about what’s going on in your classroom. Upload photos, post updates and share videos of the projects you’re working on in order to demonstrate to families how your campaign will benefit their students.

School Fundraising - Tip 3

Keep More Money For Your School

Here at YouCaring, we believe that educators have an incredible power to shape our society’s future for the better, but sometimes they aren’t provided with the resources to do that on their own. YouCaring is committed to compassionate crowdfunding, meaning that the money raised for schools will stay with the schools. The YouCaring platform has always and will always be free to fundraise.

People are Talking About Running a School Fundraiser on YouCaring

School Fundraiser - Testimonial 1 - Seacoast Charter School SOS (Save Our School)
We’ve now raised more than $150,000! Thanks to everyone for continuing to donate time and money in our fight for SCS. Thanks so much to our families (and future families!), and thanks especially to our wonderful teachers and staff. So many donations have been made in their honor.
Seacoast Charter School SOS
School Fundraiser - Testimonial 2 - Drumline to The White House
The Grant Drum Line would like to thank everybody that has supported our endeavor. Without you we would not be going to Wahington D.C. We are so blessed!
Drumline to The White House
School Fundraiser - Testimonial 3 - Mor Wah Kee Community School
Thanks to everyone who has donated to these children's education. 100% of funds raised go directly to the school, so far we have enough to pay for 6 months and hope to raise more in the next 3 days. And Big thanks to Hilary Cadigan for getting this story featured on the Huff.
Mor Wah Kee Community School

How Youcaring Makes School Fundraising Work For You

YouCaring’s goal is to help more people raise money through 100% free online fundraising, meaning more money finds its way to more people than any other crowdfunding platform. YouCaring provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your school fundraiser a true success story.

  • Reach families, community members, and strangers from across the globe
  • Unlike other fundraising sites, YouCaring has no deadlines, goal requirements or penalties
  • Our vibrant, creative page template makes it quick and easy to reach donors
  • YouCaring is 100% free, with no commission or fees
  • Keep community members in the loop with updates and digital media