How To Start a Fundraising Website or Blog

Creating a website or blog based around your YouCaring fundraiser is an excellent way to build a community to follow your cause. With your own blog or website, you have the ability to add as much information as you would like as opposed to a limited amount on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. This is also a great way to promote and spread the word about your campaign, connect with potential donors, and gain traffic for your fundraiser. Combined with a great social media strategy, websites and blogs are one of the best fundraiser tips for creating rewarding campaigns.

Take Advantage of Free, Robust Websites

We recommend creating a website or blog for free using a site like WordPress, which allow you to even choose your own domain name. You also have the option to upgrade to their premium plan, which gives you the ability to have more control and customization options. You can read the details of what’s included with the free version and the cost of the premium plan at the WordPress store. WordPress is very user-friendly and easy to learn, and they also offer excellent support should you have any questions or need assistance with your website or blog.

Tips for Your Fundraising Website or Blog

  • Tell Your Story

    Adding content that is informative and tells your story to your followers and potential donors is key. People like to know the who, what, where, when and why of a campaign so they can identify with your cause, continue to follow you and ultimately make a donation. Your followers are also more likely to spread word of your site and campaign if your story is clear and well-written.

  • Choose a Domain Name

    Select a unique domain name that’s related to your fundraiser; we suggest using the name of the beneficiary.

  • Post Updates

    Be sure to frequently post updates and always add a link to your fundraiser so donors can easily access your campaign. We also suggest adding links in your updates to the web about topics related to your fundraiser.

  • Link To Social Media

    It’s vital to your campaign that you share on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as this is the best way to gain traffic from supporters and donors. You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others in your website with social share buttons above or below your posts (or both) or floating on the left side of a post. You can also add social media links as icons to display on your home page.

  • Communicate Your Fundraising Goal and Timeframe

    It’s important that you clarify your fundraising goal and the timeframe in which you need to raise your funds. This will let donors know the sense of urgency associated with your cause.

  • Add Your Fundraiser Widget

    You can easily add your YouCaring widget directly to your website so donors can click on the link and be taken directly to your fundraiser. You can see instructions from the YouCaring site on how to add your fundraiser to a website or blog.

  • Upload Videos and Photos

    High-quality images and videos have a dramatic effect on fundraising success and viewers’ ability to develop empathy for your cause. We suggest frequently adding photos and a few short videos to your website to keep your followers up to date and able to follow the progress of your campaign.

  • Be Authentic

    You will make people like you and your cause just by being who you are and telling your story honestly; people always appreciate transparency when donating money to a cause.

  • Don’t Over-Design

    Make your site pretty, but it’s the content that really counts. For every hour you spend making your site look good you should spend three hours writing an update for your fundraiser and website.

Great Examples of YouCaring Fundraiser-Based Websites and Blogs