Using Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser

Facebook and Twitter Are the Keys To Your Fundraiser’s Success

Using Facebook and Twitter is vital to the success of your fundraising campaign! Let’s face it – these days just about everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. Recent polls have found an incredible 82 percent of Internet users have a Facebook account and over 50 percent of the US population is active on social media. Meanwhile, some of us created a Facebook or Twitter account and never used it, or haven’t gotten around to creating one in the first place.

Facebook and Twitter are extremely powerful and effective tools for fundraising success if they are used correctly, especially when combined with other initiatives such as launching fundraiser websites and blogs, and crafting and using videos effectively, among other great campaign tips. The following points will explain how you can easily create a Facebook or Twitter account and start sharing your campaign today.

How To Easily Create a Facebook Account For Your Fundraiser

Steps to Creating Your Facebook Account

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the signup form as seen in the image below and click “Sign Up” once complete.
  3. If you do not see the form, click on “Sign Up” and then you will be prompted to fill out the form.

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The Most Important Step to Take After Creating Your Facebook Account

Facebook can connect you to nearly everyone you know and have known in your life. It is an amazing tool that can mean the difference between success and failure of your fundraising campaign.

First Connect to the People You Email

Connect to everyone you know or have known in your life. Some of the most valuable people you can connect to are those who are in your personal email, these are the folks who can quickly and easily help launch your fundraiser fastest as they have already established their facebook presence.

Tips for connecting to more people: Click Here

More great people to search out once you’ve sent your first round of friend requests:

  • Current and former classmates
  • Current and former acquaintances
  • Current and former colleagues
  • Members of clubs or associations
  • Friends of your spouse
  • Friends of your children
  • Friends of your parents

Facebook Will Start Doing the Work For You

As you build connections Facebook will start recommending and connecting people to you. You will start receiving friend requests from people you know as well. The key is to connect to as many people as you can as quickly as you can, Facebook is a tool to connect to others. At times your friend request won’t be accepted right away, that’s ok, just move on and become friends with as many people in as short a time as possible.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

There are some common mistakes people make right after starting their Facebook account:

  1. They share their fundraiser without context.

    You must tell a backstory when your share your fundraiser with others. Yes, people want to help you, but simply blasting your “new” Facebook friends with a plea to send you money is not the most effective strategy for long term success.

  2. They share too often.

    People will engage with you as you share your fundraiser, but just sharing it on your timeline 10 times a day will encourage people to ignore you. Make sure you are sharing photos, stories, videos and anything else you have to display for your newfound friends.

  3. They don’t engage with others.

    Yes Facebook is about you, but the key to success is to engage with others’ content as well. “Like” their photos, respond to their posts and, in short, be social. Let others know you are on Facebook and you care about them.

  4. They lack videos & photos.

    Upload pictures of yourself, your family and the beneficiary of your fundraiser.

How To Easily Create a Twitter Account For Your Fundraiser

Steps to Creating Your Twitter Account

  1. Go to and find the sign up box or go directly to
  2. Enter your full name, phone number and a password.
  3. Click “Sign up for Twitter.”

Additional tips for signing up on Twitter: Click Here

What’s First: Finding And Following Others On Twitter

In order to start using Twitter to your advantage for your fundraiser’s success, you will need to find people to start following and in turn get potential donors to start following you. We suggest starting by finding people you already know, such as family members and friends by easily uploading your contacts to your Twitter account.

Helpful Tips To Follow After Creating Your Twitter Account

  1. Share on Twitter at least once a day.

    The more you Tweet, the more your followers and potential donors are likely to notice your posts showing up in their feed. We recommend posting Tweets several times throughout the day to produce the most results.

  2. Tweet content that is related to and relevant to your fundraiser.

    This way you will gain attention from and have an impact on potential donors and they will start engaging with you.

  3. Interact with your followers and the people you are following.

    By sending them messages or retweeting some of their Tweets, you will start to build relationships and in turn you can ask your followers to retweet your Tweets to help promote your fundraiser. We also suggest following and retweeting other people on YouCaring to build a community of people fundraising for a common cause; this will get people to notice and begin following.To ask your followers to retweet, you can type “please retweet” at the end of your Tweet, or use the abbreviation “RT” as an indication to retweet.

  4. Contact bloggers and media outlets and ask them to promote your fundraiser on Twitter.

    Find bloggers or writers who write content or articles that are directly related to your fundraiser or cause and follow them. Interact with these people by following them and retweeting their posts, and then ask if these bloggers or writers would possibly do a story about your campaign or retweet your fundraiser posts on their Twitter.

  5. #Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!

    Using a hashtag that is relevant to your fundraiser will help draw followers and potential donors to your Tweets. There are generic hashtags often used such as #fundraiser or #crowdfunding; however, we suggest creating your own personal hashtag that is directly related to your campaign and can be used in all of your Tweets. Here is some additional information about using hashtags on Twitter.

  6. Use the standard Twitter search or the advanced Twitter search to find topics, keywords, or conversations that are related to your campaign.

    This is a great way to reach out to and connect with more people and potential donors.