How Images Can Lead to Fundraiser Success

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it can make or break your fundraiser. Populating your page with compelling images is one of the best ways to become a crowdfunding success story. High-quality, interesting imagery that tells a story can instantly develop understanding, spark compassion and inspire action. It's also one of the key ways to increase your chance of being considered for print or online media coverage.

  1. Quality Matters

    In online fundraising, image quality is very important. Online users have a short attention span; you must grab them within a few seconds, and great photos are the key.

    • Clear, focused, well-lit images appeal most to donors.
    • Bigger is better. Best photo size: at least 560 pixels x 420 pixels, although we recommend images more than 1,200 pixels wide for the best display. Each image cannot be more than 1 MB. Use tools such as PicResize to crop or resize photos. Or email us for help with your images.
    • Make sure your photos are bright and focus on the person, family, group or area that your online fundraiser will benefit. This is particularly important for the cover shot, which will draw people in to see your gallery.
  2. The More the Merrier

    We have found that fundraisers with at least five photos raise more than twice as much as those with just one photo. Donors are attracted to multiple images.

    • Aside from a great cover shot, your image gallery should feature a variety of photos in different settings. Do not run several versions of the same image. Show many different aspects of your cause.
    • Aim to tell a story about your cause in the way you order the images in your gallery.
    • The more beautiful, compelling and varied your images are, the more people will want to share them via social media, ultimately driving more donations to your cause.
  3. Update, Update, Update

    As your campaign gains traction, sharing updates with your audience is a great strategy to engage donors. Refreshing your page with new images as part of those updates continues to make your campaign appealing.

    • Take pictures of the fundraiser recipient(s) during outings and as progress is made for the cause.
    • Snap pictures during offline fundraisers you hold to complement your online campaign.
    • Point to the new images as part of your written updates.
    • Post the new images to your social media channels to keep the campaign fresh in the minds of donors and potential donors.
    • Encourage people to share the new images on their social media feeds.

Focusing on Success

Establishing and maintaining a great photo strategy for your campaign will lead you toward a rewarding fundraiser. Creating effective videos also plays a vital role in online fundraising. For other great strategies, visit our fundraising tips page.