Cost of Funeral Services

The value of a funeral is immeasurable as it helps lift the burden of grief and promote healing by bringing friends and loved ones together in celebration of a life. The Federal Trade Commission helps regulate the price of funeral services with The Funeral Rule, which allows individuals to purchase a general price list of basic services. But even the general price list can be expensive. Due to the increase in costs, many families are turning to crowdfunding for funerals and memorials to make up for a lack of funds. Crowdfunding not only allows your friends and family to donate to your cause but it also gives other people who may be touched by your story the ability to contribute.

  1. Funeral Home

    Traditionally families contact a funeral home when a loved one passes away to begin the burial preparations. There are various tasks that the general price list covers including basic service fees, embalming, as well as the cost for using the funeral home itself. Here is an outline of some general prices:

    • The National Funeral Directors Association reported that the average cost of a funeral is $7,045.
    • The process of embalming, which is included in the general price list, usually costs somewhere around $800, but the process is only necessary if you have planned to have the funeral with a viewing.
    • On top of the general price list, many funeral homes will require cash advances for various necessities like verifying the death certificate, preparing notices, and securing the permit for burial, which can cost up to $1,228.
  2. Cemetery/Burial

    Usually after the service at the funeral home there is a migration to the cemetery for the burial of the body. The general price list usually also includes other general services including transportation of the remains, a burial plot as well as a casket. This may cost more than you might think:

    • The average cost of transportation of the remains from the funeral home to the cemetery, whether that is in a hearse or a limousine, is estimated to cost about $725.
    • Securing a plot of land for burial is one other funeral expense under the general price list. On average a grave spot costs around $1,000.
    • The casket becomes a vital aspect of the funeral process but can be one of the priciest aspects as well. Often funeral homes will offer a selection of caskets under their general price list or you can bypass that option and purchase one of your own. As reported by the Federal Trade Commission, the average cost of a casket is $2,000.
  3. Memorial Service

    For individuals looking to bypass some of the traditional funeral services, or skip the general price list completely, there are options that may help cut the price down. A memorial service still incorporates a celebration of life, but varies in how the remains are handled. If you decide to incorporate other types of memorial services here is a price breakdown:

    • As reported by the National Funeral Directors Association, consumer preference is shifting from traditional burials to cremation. The cremation fee itself is approximately $700.
    • The cost of an urn can vary greatly depending on the material it is made out of. It ranges from $25 to $160 for urns made of resin to $250 to $700 for urns made of glass or metal.
    • A new phenomenon called green burials has caught the attention of many in recent years. According to National Geographic your body can be buried in a land preservation site for as low as $1,950 total, which is a stark contrast to the general price list that funeral homes offer.

Hope Through Crowdfunding

The high price of a funeral is overwhelming, especially when facing a loss. But with the help of new social technologies like crowdfunding, you can put your loved one to rest in a way that honors their life without spending all of your savings. Crowdfunding can be your lifeline in an already dire situation. Jump-start your own campaign on YouCaring today.