Crowdfunding Success Stories

All fundraising campaigns start out with the intention of wanting to become successful. In order to do this, it is important that several strategies are put in place to build a solid foundation from which to grow. There are many different parts of a fundraiser that make it effective, such as the network of people involved, the amount of exposure and audience it has reached, a compelling story that connects with donors and ultimately the amount of donations it has received.

The Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Path to Progress

There are thousands of campaigns on YouCaring, and many have used the crowdfunding model to become extremely rewarding, true success stories. For new fundraisers just getting started, we suggest taking a look at these profitable campaigns for inspiration and as a crowdfunding success template to use for your own campaign. We have profiled several below and listed a few key strategies that have made these campaigns very impactful.

  • It’s vital to your fundraiser’s success that you share your fundraiser on social media and continue to build a social network across Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Reach out to local press and media, support groups, bloggers and Facebook pages related to your cause and ask them to help promote your campaign.
  • Be sure to provide frequent updates so your supporters know what’s going on with your campaign at all times, and can help spread the word and share these updates as well.

Six Outstanding YouCaring Campaigns

  1. The Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation, Inc.

    The Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation, Inc.

    YouCaring’s highest-grossing fundraiser to date has raised more than $2 million. It was established Aug. 19, 2014, by Mackenzie and Ian Sandler to honor the life and kind-hearted spirit of their 9-year-old daughter, Riley Hannah Sandler, who died unexpectedly. Riley's father described her daughter as a truly special girl who was always there to help others. The fund seeks to keep her generous spirit alive and teach other children the importance of compassion. “We were confident this was the right platform to go with. What drew us to YouCaring was that it was a good, flexible site where we could get up quickly and reach out to a broad audience. There were no costs associated. We got online and the response has been tremendous. The outpouring from friends, family and people we had never and probably will never meet was very uplifting.” — Ian Sandler.

  2. Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of Elizabeth Diamond’s Daughters

    Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of Elizabeth Diamond's Daughters

    In April 2015, at the age of 40, Elizabeth Diamond passed away after battling brain cancer. Elizabeth was an author, motivational speaker, artist and single mom who left behind four young girls: Tara, Samona, Ella and Lilyan. Elizabeth’s friends, Laura and Rico Ruffino, opened their hearts and their home to adopt and raise Elizabeth’s girls. With the Ruffino's having two young girls of their own, they now have a family of eight. Their campaign went viral worldwide and has raised more than $115,000 to help the couple raise all of their children.

  3. Help Save Matthew!

    Help Save Matthew!

    Matthew Schreindorfer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in August 2014 at the age of 24. He went through all possible treatments in Canada (three aggressive chemotherapy treatments and a clinical trial treatment), all of which failed to bring him into remission. Matthew’s doctors advised that the only hope of saving Matthew was for him to be admitted for the CART-19 clinical trial, which is only offered in the U.S. at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, with costs for the treatment ranging from $600,000 to $800,000. Their fundraiser raised more than $835,000, and Matthew was able to receive this successful life-saving treatment.

  4. For Anthony, With Love

    For Anthony, With Love

    This fundraiser was started for Anthony Carbajal by his loved ones to raise funds for medical expenses and living expenses due to his ALS. He was not working anymore and could not take care of his health and spend time with family full-time. On average, ALS patient care can be upward of $200,000 per year. Although Anthony is currently not at that point of dependency, ALS only gets worse and is a progressive disease. His campaign generated more than $266,000 in donations. "We’re so grateful for YouCaring. It’s a platform that’s free and makes it easy to share our story. It’s difficult to share your hardship, but YouCaring makes it easier to talk about it and explain your needs. I encourage everyone who is going through some kind of challenge or hardship in their life to consider using YouCaring.” — Anthony C.

  5. Still Kickin This!

    Still Kickin' This

    Aaron Purmort, a 35-year-old graphic designer from Minneapolis, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011 after suffering a seizure at work. He and his wife Nora married the same year. Treatment for the form of cancer included chemotherapy and two surgeries—one only a month before his son was born. Sadly, Aaron passed away in November 2014. The campaign raised more than $130,000 and was featured in several news articles. "In life, we go through some difficult experiences. They are hard for people to experience, and I think we just have this tendency to want to put your head down and close your eyes. When you do that, there’s so much that you can miss, and what you can miss is the fact that you are stronger than you think you are, and that people are better than you ever thought they would be, and that people are so kind and so generous. Our YouCaring page was a wonderful way to keep all of our family and friends informed about what was happening, and also give people a way to help." — Nora Purmort

  6. Ashley Picco Memorial Fund

    Ashley Picco Memorial Fund

    Ashley Picco was a mother for only a few short hours before she passed away Nov. 8, 2014, after giving birth to little Lennon James Picco, who also tragically passed away just a day later in his father Chris Picco’s arms. A YouTube video of Chris singing the Beatles song Blackbird to his newborn son while in the incubator in the hospital went viral and has now been viewed more than 17 million times. The Picco’s story has also been featured on many news outlets across the country, and the family was able to raise more than $173,000 with their YouCaring fundraiser.

Kick Off a Rewarding Campaign

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