Fundraising Strategy Template

What is crowdfunding, you ask? Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money online for a cause by harnessing the power of social networks to drive awareness and donations from all over the world. Crowdfunding has been proven to be an extremely effective tool for helping those in need! According to an article published by Entrepreneur, in 2014, companies and individuals across the globe raised $16.2 billion through crowdfunding. That’s a massive amount! YouCaring wants to see your fundraiser become a success as well.

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

There are many things to consider when starting your fundraiser and maintaining it. You must determine the who, what, where, when and why, and then put it all together with a story to tell your donors. You must also think of ways to continue promoting your campaign and updating your donors and social network, taking into consideration what to do when you run across obstacles or setbacks. We know it can be difficult to think of everything you need to get organized right off the bat. Following are several tips to help get your campaign started and assist you in making it a success along the way.

Starting and Managing Your Campaign

  1. Before You Create Your Fundraiser

    Before you create your fundraiser.

    We suggest that you have a Facebook or Twitter account up and running and have already started connecting with friends, family and other potential donors. You can gain more buzz with YouTube, and other social media tools. It’s vital to your campaign’s success that you have developed a social media network or that you can link to others who do so they will help promote your campaign. Our Creating and Using Social Media to Promote Your Fundraiser page is a great place to start. 

  2. Set a Moderate Goal

    Start by setting a moderate goal

    Start by setting a moderate goal and a short fundraiser deadline, and choosing a creative title that includes the beneficiary name. Remember that you can update the goal and deadline at any time throughout the campaign to best meet your needs. Be sure to add at least five high-quality images and a video to your campaign as well.

  3. Create a Compelling Story

    Telling your story is the most important part of your campaign

    Telling your story well is the most important part of your campaign, as this is how you will truly connect with your donors and supporters. Write your story honestly and openly to paint a clear picture of who or what you are raising funds for and why. If you have a breakdown of the costs, include this along with photos of any statements or documentation you may have. Donors always appreciate transparency when donating their money to a cause. See our Fundraising Tips page for more great strategies. 

  4. Organize Offline Events

    Organize offline events to coincide with your online fundraiser

    Organizing offline events to complement your online campaign will raise awareness about your cause by rallying local businesses and community members together. Charity dinners, auctions, sports events and other gatherings are perfect opportunities to draw support in a face-to-face environment. Our Fundraising Ideas page is chock-full of inspiration to get you started. 

  5. Share, Share, Share! 

    Share your fundraiser to Facebook, Twitter, email, and additional social networks daily

    Share your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, email and additional social networks daily. Sharing your campaign on social media is the best way for you to gain the most recognition and support for your cause, and it increases your chances of receiving more donations. In fact, every share can raise $37. Multiply that by hundreds—and hopefully thousands—of shares, and you are on the road to fundraising success. On your YouCaring fundraiser page, there are buttons below “Share Your Fundraiser” that let you easily share to Facebook, Twitter and email. There is also a “Grab Our Widget” button that shows you code and instructions for using it on your own website or blog. Our tips page, Creating and Using Social Media to Promote Your Fundraiser, is a great resource. 

  6. Reach Out to Local Media

    Don't hesitate to reach out to local media

    Contact local news stations and newspapers, as well as groups related to your cause, bloggers and Facebook pages that can help promote your campaign. It's one of the best ways to raise awareness and boost donations for your cause. Our tips page, How to Get Local Media to Cover Your Fundraiser, will walk you through the steps. 

  7. Update Your Fundraiser Regularly

    It's important that you update your fundraiser regularly

    We recommend that you share the good news as well as the bad news, and that you post updates at least once a week, which will be shared with your subscribers and can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter and email. You should also encourage your donors to subscribe to receive your updates. 

  8. Dealing With Setbacks

    Run into setbacks

    It’s possible you may run into setbacks during your campaign, such as privacy concerns, comments on your page that you may find negative or upsetting, or several other issues. In the event that any of these issues occur, you can always reach out to the YouCaring User Relations team at our help center or via Live Chat so we can address these concerns right away.

  9. Set Up a Blog or Website

    Consider setting up a blog or website dedicated to your case

    Consider creating a blog or website devoted to your cause. Include a link to your campaign page. Our tips page, How to Start a Fundraising Website or Blog, includes several best practices and examples of successful YouCaring campaigns that have done so.

Following Up On Your Campaign

Reaching your goal or your deadline is not the end of your fundraising story. Your donors and subscribers will want to find out what has happened since the start of your campaign and how the beneficiary is doing. We suggest that you follow up on your fundraising success with updates thanking your donors, along with new photos, a video or links to any news coverage featuring your campaign.

Raise Money Today

Now that you're equipped with the tools to get your campaign up and running and the strategies to make it a success, it's time to create your free online fundraiser and begin accepting donations today.