Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraisers are born from your desire to support a cause and often times you will find like-minded individuals along the way who are working towards similar goals. Coming together in a small group to begin a fundraiser is the perfect way to support a meaningful cause while establishing lasting relationships. 

Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Just because your group is small does not mean you should limit your aspirations, so dream big. In choosing fundraisers tailored to small groups you can still organize a successful and widely distributed campaign. The many benefits of having a small group, such as maintaining a specific emphasis and speedy communication can be crucial to pull off focused fundraisers. Small groups can mean small budgets, but your group can still cash in on fundraising opportunities. There is a heightened dexterity to small groups because there are fewer people to go through and as a result things can be done quicker.

  • Working in a small group will teach you useful skills for life like group communication, navigating different perspectives and synergy through collaboration.
  • Crowdfunding is advantageous for groups of any size looking to raise funds for whatever it is they are compassionate about.
  • The Blackbaud 2014 Charitable Giving Report asserts that online giving has seen a 10.6 percent increase, meaning crowdfunding is becoming an even more beneficial tool.

Five Great Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

  1. Extreme Lawn Make Over

    Extreme Lawn Make Over

    Offering a service that people inherently need or would wholeheartedly delight in is strategic. Considering your target audience is key to finding success in your fundraisers. Many families in your community have lawns and lawns naturally require maintenance. Come up with a set of yard-work procedures that your group will fulfill and then present your plan of action to neighbors. People can purchase your package to cleanup their yard. Have a set amount you charge that will ultimately be their donation on your campaign page. It’s a win-win situation because your neighbors get a revitalized lawn and you get funds for your cause while honing in your gardening skills.

  2. Every Dog Has Its Day

    Every Dog Has Its Day

    Throw a neighborhood-wide dog wash where people can bring their dogs to get squeaky clean to support a good cause. You will need to secure a location that has access to hoses and you will need to bring buckets, soap and towels in order to pull off this event. Try to pick a sunny day on the weekend when people will be free. You can hold the event at a local park, but make sure to check with the city first to make sure the soap wont damage the grass. Or you could ask a local establishment like a pet store to use their parking lot, as they may be willing to donate their space for a good cause. The fee for the dog wash can be made through a donation to your online campaign.

  3. Flower Power

    Flower Power

    According to a study conducted at Rutgers, not only do flowers have an immediate positive affect on our emotional health, they can also have long-term lasting effects on our moods. Presell flowers for a certain donation amount on your page, depending on the number of flowers, and have group members deliver the flowers to the recipient of the donor’s choice on a specific date. This works great for small groups such as Girl Scout troops, who already have a connection to a larger organization like a school. At a school, the group can even sell and distribute flowers at a slightly elevated amount to cover the price and to gain more donations to their campaign page. This can be very effective around seasonal holidays where small groups can tap into already popular trends.

  4. Make A Pledge

    Make a Pledge

    If resources are limited you can organize a fundraiser that does not require any money up front. Instead, use resources you already have like your time and your skills. Fundraising through sponsored activities works perfectly for small groups because each individual raises funds separately but in the end all of the money is pooled together as a donation for your cause. Have each group member pick an activity such as running, biking or swimming, and then ask neighbors, friends and co-workers to pledge money for each lap, mile or hour that the group member completes.

  5. For Those With A Sweet Tooth

    For those with a sweet tooth

    An easy way for your small group to raise funds is to buy candy like lollipops in bulk and create bouquets with ribbon fastening the candy bouquet together. This is ideal for small groups because each person works separately. Sell your candy bouquets for more than the cost it took to buy and make them to gain funds for your cause. Your group members can sell them at school or in front of local popular establishments. Remember to advertise for where the money will be going because people may be more inclined to donate when they know the cause it is supporting. Have a donation station with a laptop and the campaign page so people can donate when they purchase the candy.

Ready, Set, Go!

Whether you are raising funds for your small group to go on a mission trip to provide medical care for people in remote villages, raising funds for homeless animals in your community or any other cause close to your group’s hearts, these ideas are great supplements to your online campaign. If you haven't already started your crowdfunding campaign, create one now—it's the first step toward fundraising success.