Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs

Clubs can provide young people with some of their most important educational and social experiences. They allow kids to explore their interests outside of the sometimes narrow parameters of classroom learning, creating opportunities for intellectual exploration and creative expression with like-minded peers. Clubs give students a chance to continue learning free from the stress of grades and due dates. In addition, they provide students with an engaging activity after school lets out, often acting as an alternative to self-destructive activities. They provide a safe, engaging space for socializing and provide structure to the latter half of a student's day.

Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs

Taking Education Into Their Own Hands

Fundraising for clubs can provide kids with the opportunity to travel, participate in competitions and conferences, and expand their access to materials. Kids get more out of their schoolwork when they have a chance to glimpse its real-world significance. By encouraging students to more thoroughly explore their hobbies, clubs develop well-rounded, ambitious young people.

  • According to a Purdue study, 29% of all juvenile offenses occur during the school week from 2pm to 8pm
  • Baltimore police reported that once an after-school program opened in high-crime area, children there were 44% less likely to be victims of crime
  • Statistics indicate that after school program participants are 21% less likely to be obese

Six Great Fundraising Ideas for School Clubs

  1. Science Clubs: Life-Changing Field Trips

    Science Club

    Whether your science club dreams of making it all the way to the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii, or simply to the local science museum, crowdfunding can create opportunities for members to engage with curriculum in an exciting, hands-on manner. Kids in Washington state might want to raise money to hike Mount St. Helens, while kids in Florida may focus on funding a special trip to explore the Everglades. No matter the context, when science clubs provide kids with life-changing memories, they encourage students to associate the subject with fun rather than work. By relating the content they cover in the classroom to real-world experiences, students begin to learn for personal satisfaction, rather than to please teachers or parents.

  2. Chess Clubs: Out-of-State Tournaments

    Chess Club

    For chess players who want to attend more competitive tournaments, crowdfunding can help cover registration fees, transportation expenses, and hotel stays. Seven-year-old Adrian Kondakov did just this when he started a YouCaring campaign to finance his trip to the World Youth Chess championships in Greece this fall. However, some schools have more modest needs, such as more or newer chess boards. And while most school clubs are moderated by a teacher who generously gives his or her time, a school may not have an instructor qualified to help members improve. In these cases, crowdfunding can help students fundraise to bring in an expert for a special workshop.

  3. Art Clubs: New Supplies or an Inspirational Experience

    Art Club

    When budgets tighten, schools often face pressure to make cuts that disproportionately affect the arts and humanities. If schools decrease funding to arts and music programs, art clubs may have difficulty paying for supplies, let alone affording special experiences for students. Crowdfunding can help you get the money to pay for brushes, paints, pencils, and canvas, among other necessities. And if you surpass your fundraising goal, it might allow for a field trip to a local museum or allow access to more expensive materials. Look into special deals from museums, such as discounts for students, and if they don't offer any, call to ask if they can make your club a special offer.

  4. Language Clubs: New Experiences at Home and Abroad

    Language Club

    Whether it's attending a French-language movie or ordering in French at a local restaurant, crowdfunding can help language clubs provide fun experiences for their members that allow students to practice speaking in real-world settings. And for especially ambitious students, fundraisers can even help finance a trip to a foreign country, giving members an unforgettable opportunity to explore a new culture and make friends abroad while improving their language skills. Whether members of a Spanish club dream of spending a week in Costa Rica, or a German club wants to provide organize a home stay for its members in Munich, with a well-executed crowdfunding campaign, life-changing opportunities are within reach.

  5. Expanding Political Minds

    Political Minds

    Whether your school offers Mock Trial or Model United Nations, for example, crowdfunding can help civics-minded students compete and engage with other kids from all over the state. Your MUN convention might be held in a town that requires your club to travel, for example, and therefore your students face registration fees as well as travel-related expenses, limiting the ability of lower-income students to participate. Or you might want to provide your club with the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. or the state capital, requiring an extra fundraiser. Whatever the reason, crowdfunding can help you expose the leaders of tomorrow to different cities, allowing them to engage with peers of diverse backgrounds.

  6. Support Your Student Press

    Student Press

    From the yearbook to the fine arts magazine to the school newspaper, an active student press sharpens the minds of future writers and provides vital experiences for students who want to pursue a career in publishing or journalism. However, print publications are often expensive to produce, and if your school doesn't view these clubs as a priority, crowdfunding may be one of the only tools to ensure a secure future for your media outlet. In addition, having access to outside funding might allow editors more freedom in how much and how often to publish. With an independent budget, editors can produce more than they could through school funding alone.

Join the Club

School clubs have unique opportunities to fundraise as groups to have a greater impact and capitalize on the skills of many. Make sure your students have access to the resources that allow them to get the most out of their time at school.