Private School Fundraising Ideas

Private schools can provide unique and notable educational experiences for students, which are often paired with extracurricular activities. The motivating environment of private schools nurtures student’s special interests and talents. It is not uncommon for private schools to have a philanthropic program that requires their students to complete a specific number of community service hours as a way to teach them the value in giving back and to take learning outside of the classroom. On top of encouraging compassion, community service can help teach initiative. Students and parents can use crowdfunding to help finance clubs, sports, mission trips, community service projects and even the financial aid budget.

Online-Offline Leveraging

Whether you are a parent on the school’s fundraising committee or a student involved in a community service project, crowdfunding can help you meet your goals. As a way to complement your online fundraising efforts, organize an offline fundraising event, which helps to create awareness, promote action, cultivate loyalty and encourage community involvement. 

Six Great Private School Fundraising Ideas

  1. Support Refugee Efforts

    Refugee Efforts

    Private schools encourage students to be citizens of the world and to promote a common good with philanthropy programs. In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis you may be looking for ways to give back. One way for you and your classmates to showcase your compassion is to start a campaign to raise funds for the efforts to help keep refugees safe and healthy, while providing them support during their transition. There are many charities aimed at helping this very crisis that you can directly raise funds for, so do some research before picking.

  2. Keeping Scholarships Alive

    Keeping Scholarships Alive

    Often times the school’s fundraising committee will dedicate a fair amount of time and resources to raise money for the financial aid budget. Private schools offer scholarships to students who have the potential to attend the school but may not have the resources. By providing both need-based and as merit-based scholarships, private schools enroll a variety of students interested in the specialized nature the school provides. Since the financial aid budget is usually donor based, crowdfunding can be a useful tool to reach out to students, parents, staff and alumni to replenish the budget.

  3. Staying Active

    Staying Active

    Extracurricular activities like sports are vital to teach students skills they cannot learn inside a classroom. Depending on your private school’s extracurricular budget, participating in a sport may require some fundraising efforts. Students may need to raise funds to participate in a tournament, to purchase new uniforms, to maintain the facilities or to simply help pay for their coach’s salary. Whatever your team’s financial needs are, the crowdfunding model will aid in your efforts.

  4. Host a Cook-Off

    Cook Off

    To start a friendly competition between students, faculty and parents organize a cook-off where each individual can display their cooking or baking skills. You can either charge an entrance fee, which can be facilitated through your online campaign, or require tasting fees for each participant’s contribution. You will need a venue like your school’s dining hall or auditorium to hold this event. The winner will be awarded bragging rights as the best chef at your school.

  5. Organize a March

    A March

    As a play on the movie March of the Penguins, hold a school-wide march. This would work especially well for environmental clubs or individuals interested in protecting and preserving the environment. Have everyone design his or her own penguin costume and require an entrance fee to participate in the march around your school or community. The costumes allow individuals to get creative while raising awareness for your chosen environmental philanthropy.

  6. Host an Outdoor Movie Night

    Outdoor Movie Night

    One way for private schools to facilitate a social gathering between parents and their children is to organize an outdoor movie fundraising event. Pick a famous movie and invite everyone to enjoy a film together with lawn chairs and blankets. You will need a projector as well as an outdoor area to hold the viewing. You can charge movie tickets as a donation via your online campaign. Whip up some popcorn and sell it for a small price to add to your donation pool and to get everyone in the movie watching spirit.

Peer-to-Peer Progress

With parental permission and supervision, students can utilize peer-to-peer crowdfunding to finance their community service projects, extracurricular activities and more. Put these ideas to work or check out some more of our awesome Fundraising Ideas. If you haven't already started a fundraiser, create your own school fundraising campaign today with YouCaring.

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