Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Crowdfunding presents a unique opportunity for children to take a hands-on role in their own fundraising efforts. In addition to gaining valuable life experiences by spearheading their own campaigns with the help of their parents or teachers, they have the potential to create a particularly compelling face for a cause. Who can easily pass over the appeal of a child standing behind an important humanitarian effort? YouCaring’s free online fundraising platform makes it easy for kids to drum up support for a personal project or to direct funds toward a cherished cause.

The New Age of Crowdfunding

While there are always the traditional bake sales and going door to door, kids who spotlight their causes online through crowdfunding can reach sponsors beyond their neighborhoods and local communities while sidestepping the potential safety threats of pounding the pavement to fundraise. Most of all, online fundraising with YouCaring is an incomparable learning experience.

  • Children gain valuable interpersonal skills by leading an online fundraising campaign and enlisting the help of their peers.
  • Crowdfunding requires them to craft a compelling story and sell it to potential donors, an ability that becomes crucial later in life.
  • The experience of asking for help to support a cause fosters humility and a sense of compassion toward those in need.

Six Great Fundraising Ideas for Kids

  1. Help Save an Endangered Species

    Do you know your child's favorite animal? Bad news if it happens to be the panda, the polar bear, the red fox, the tiger or countless other threatened creatures that have long been seen in zoos and coloring books. Children can help save many of these animals by setting up a crowdfunding campaign. They may find inspiration through nonprofits such as the World Wildlife Fund, the National Geographic Society or several other organizations dedicated to saving animals.

  2. Contribute to International Disaster Relief Efforts

    Kids can use the crowdfunding model to raise money for victims of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes. Worthy organizations such as Nepal via ActionAid, American Red Cross and British Red Cross are among the many options. Additionally, looking into a “sister village” program with which to communicate and contribute to rebuilding efforts could give your son or daughter and local community an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with those suffering on the other side of the planet.

  3. Help With Close-to-Home Disaster Relief or a Friend in Need

    Whether it’s a fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster that has affected a friend and their family or a medical emergency that has resulted in a neighbor suffering, kids can help by setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

  4. Raise Money for Camp and Enrichment Programs

    Giving kids who normally wouldn't be able to afford it the opportunity to go to camp not only frees up busy parents, but also allows kids to socialize with their peers outdoors and away from technology. Skills learned in summer camp, from leadership to teamwork, are also invaluable later in life.

  5. Finance School Supplies or Lunches for Low-Income Students

    Kids often want to do something to help other less-fortunate kids in need. Oftentimes, traditional efforts such as lemonade stands and bake sales aren’t enough to make a big impact. Kids can supplement those offline efforts with an online fundraiser and ask local businesses to match donations.

  6. Fund an Educational Trip or Sports Tournament

    Countless museums and halls of fame dedicated to everything from sports to music dot landscapes around the world. These institutions inspire children to pursue their passions and, in many cases, future careers. Meanwhile, championship sports tournaments empower kids to train for a team initiative and give their all in competitions. Through crowdfunding, kids can quickly and easily rally the parents and other members of their community to help pay for travel expenses.

Safety and Privacy

Some parents may hesitate to start a crowdfunding campaign with their child due to concerns over the safety and privacy of an online fundraising platform. Along with a few no-brainers, following are some less-obvious tips for kids and their families to conduct safe, successful campaigns.

  • In campaigns that will affect many kids, have them work together and emphasize the accomplishments of the group as a whole.
  • Keep tabs on the content, including text, images and videos, your child wishes to publish on the campaign's page.
  • Have check-in sessions along the way to find out what they are enjoying most about the campaign and ideas for improvement.

Note: To register for a YouCaring account, you must be at least 18 years old and by registering you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.

Ready to Set the Crowdfunding Engine in Motion?

Through crowdfunding, social media allows us to communicate with people all over the world and collect donations on a scale never seen before. YouCaring hopes children use this power to spread compassion and relieve suffering. By encouraging your kids to create an altruistic crowdfunding campaign, you are equipping them with the skills to pass on your values well into the future. Use these great fundraising ideas to get started raising money for everything from community initiatives to school programs. If you haven’t already launched your fundraiser, create one today.