Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Raising money quickly as an individual may seem daunting if you're starting from scratch, but it shouldn't. YouCaring’s crowdfunding platform simplifies your fundraising efforts by consolidating all of the tools you need to rally the support of friends and your social following, and begin collecting the donations you need for your cause. One accessible page allows you to post photos, videos and updates while also accepting payments through a single, easy-to-share link. Meanwhile, augmenting your fundraiser with some great offline events will ensure overall campaign success.

Strategize and Optimize

By fundraising online, you broaden your base of potential supporters to people outside of your immediate circle. With a little bit of fundraising strategy, your campaign has the potential to reach anyone with an Internet connection. Combined with some creative ways to generate awareness from the git-go and ensure success through unique fundraising ideas, optimizing your fundraiser with a few key features is the best way to start and keep the momentum going.

  • Be strategic about the deadline. Research has shown the best length for a crowdfunding campaign is between 20 and 40 days.
  • Post a personal video. Campaigns that feature a video raise an average of 105 percent more than those that don't.
  • Inform your supporters. Fundraisers that regularly update followers on their progress raise approximately 126 percent more than those that don't.

Fundraising Ideas That Will Set You Apart

  1. Hype It Up With a Kickoff Event

    Hosting an event on the day you launch your campaign builds excitement for your fundraiser. Oftentimes, momentum is the force that differentiates a moderately successful campaign from one that goes viral. The more “buzz” the better, so organizing events such as a beach party, a barbecue or a dinner can give your fundraiser the strong start it needs. You don't have to put on anything too elaborate—the point is to raise money, not to spend it—but a party gets the word out while allowing you to generate awareness and support for your cause. Invite guests via online invitations and ask them to share your fundraiser's link on all of their social media accounts.

  2. Host Traditional Events With a Twist

    Hold a traditional fundraiser, such as a car wash or bake sale, but with a twist; in addition to collecting donations directly through sales, offer customers a discount for sharing the link to your campaign on all of their social media accounts. Create a flyer with all of your online fundraiser info so they can take it to remember to share your link. Spreading the word is of vital importance to the success of your campaign, especially early on. 

  3. Get Active

    Athletic challenges help you raise publicity while also building a sense of drama and suspense surrounding your campaign. They demonstrate that you're willing to “walk the walk” and break a sweat in the name of your cause and ultimately persuade people to donate. Abe Kolstad, one YouCaring fundraiser whose brother suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an assault, provided an inspiring example with his Coast 22 Coast fundraiser, which consisted of riding his bike across the country to raise money for others suffering from a TBI.

  4. Hold a Competitive Benefit

    Host a spelling bee, basketball game, poker tournament or karaoke competition in your community to boost awareness and encourage online donations. People can choose a player to back and agree to donate a set sum for points scored or rounds won. Live-tweet the event with updates and photos (you could even consider making a video), and include links to the your crowdfunding campaign to encourage those following to donate. This works best if you build up hype not only on your campaign page, but within your community as well. Publicize it as a fun social event for a cause.

  5. Reach Out for Help

    On average, campaigns run by a group make 38 percent more than those run by one person. If you're crowdfunding as an individual, consider enlisting friends and family to give you advice or participate in your campaign. By pooling their expertise and time, you emerge with a more effective strategy, not to mention access to their social networks.

Ready to Build Buzz?

Crowdfunding is the most effective model for individuals looking to fundraise from scratch. It's quick, it's simple, and it works. But that doesn't mean you can skimp on effort and creativity. To get results, create awareness early, capitalize on social media and utilize the ideas above and other creative options. If you haven't already begun your crowdfunding campaign, launch a fundraiser today.