High School Band Fundraising

With education budgets being tight at the majority of schools these days, high school band clubs are usually at the top of the list when it comes to funds being affected. High school bands are often in need of funds to support competitions and concerts, musical programs and travel costs for band trips, and to pay for instruments, uniforms and training tools. Pulling together a team of students and parents to create an online fundraiser for your school band would be an efficient and simple way to receive the financial support your band needs.

High School Band Fundraising

Why Fundraise for the Band?

Crowdfunding to support your band is vital to keeping your school’s band program going strong. Music bands are very important for high school, as music helps to enrich students’ lives and education. High school bands are part of a school spirit and contribute to making many unforgettable moments, such as performing during football games, getting students excited at pep rallies and events, and playing at the many school band concerts that entertain students, parents and the administration. Fundraising for the band will teach students valuable lessons. 

  • Students will learn leadership skills by taking charge to raise money for their high school band programs and needs.
  • Working with other students to create and effectively run a fundraiser campaign will give them valuable team-building skills.
  • Students will learn the the value of raising money, handling the funds, and how to apply it to their band's necessities by using it wisely.

Five Great High School Band Fundraising Ideas 

  1. Fundraising Concert

    Fundraising Concert

    This idea is a no brainer since you already have a band that’s ready to play! Have your high school band throw a fundraising concert at the school with the cost of the admission being donated directly to your online fundraiser. Have the band play several fun songs, add refreshments and treats, and invite students, parents, faculty and local community members and businesses to come and join in the festivities.

  2. Community Yard Sale

    Community Yard Sale

    Ask students to reach out to other students, parents and neighbors. Ask if they can clean out their garages and closets for items they’d be willing to donate to your band fundraiser. Gather everything up and hold your yard sale at a community center, at the school or at someone’s house if they have the space. All payments for the goods at the yard sale can be made as donations to your online fundraiser.

  3. Benefit Picnic

    Putting together a benefit picnic is a fun way for you and your supporters to relax and enjoy having a nice meal while raising funds for your band’s campaign at the same time. Each band member can be in charge of bringing an item to the picnic, with the help of parents and any participating faculty members, and then sell tickets to the picnic as donations.

  4. Movie Night

    Movie Night

    Everybody likes going to the movies! Have all of the school band members and teacher hold a movie night in the school gymnasium or auditorium, or use a large outdoor screen and invite students, siblings and parents to attend. Sell the movie tickets for a set price on your fundraiser and have all of the donations for the admission be made directly to your online fundraiser. Set up stand with drinks, popcorn and candy to sell for donations to your campaign as well.

  5. Community Sports Event

    Community Sports Event

    What better way to bring your community together for a good cause than to hold a community-wide sports event? Baseball or basketball tournaments are good choices. Have the band form a team and then pass out flyers at the school, to the local community center and business promoting your fundraiser. Tickets can be sold for admission directly on your fundraiser, as well as the donation required to join in the event. Ask a local business to donate a prize to be given to the winning team as well.

Ready to Get Started?

Whatever you decide on for your high school band fundraiser, be sure to promote it through the use of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and email directly from your YouCaring campaign. Be sure to promote your fundraiser to your local community as well by adding your fundraiser URL and event info to community calendars and bulletin boards, and including announcements on your school or band web site.

For more great suggestions, check out our Fundraising ideas page. 
If you haven't already started a fundraiser, create one and begin collecting donations for your band's necessities.